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Stanbic unveils massive double bill for 2018 music festival


Local artists to be joined by US mega stars for extravaganza

US mega-stars Brian McKnight and Joe Thomas will headline this year’s Stanbic Music Festival in Lusaka on October 5 and 6, 2018.
The two Grammy award-winning nominees will perform alongside local artists AfroPop rising star Kiki, the queen of Zambian R&B Salma Sky, gospel sensation Esther Chungu and the Zambian song bird, Wezi.

Now in its fifth year, the Stanbic Music Festival is one of the country’s biggest music event, and in keeping with the event’s tradition of moving forward and upward, this year’s showpiece is set to be bigger and better than the last.

Stanbic Bank Zambia Head of Public Relations Chanda Katongo said the music festival was a growing social event that not only displayed Zambia’s unique culture to the rest of the world but also gave local musicians a platform to grow their influence beyond the country’s borders.

“We always say that Zambia is our home and having been here for over 60 years, the Zambian spirit and culture are deeply embedded in Stanbic Bank’s sustainability strategy. We have helped drive the growth of many sectors of our economy including mining, energy, infrastructure, agriculture as well as arts, investing millions of dollars in the process.

“Zambians are a happy and friendly people. We love making new friends, we love our music and we certainly love to dance. What better way to celebrate all this and embrace the essence of our cultural diversity than a mega concert with a rich mix of great local and international talents from different genres and cultures.”

Brian McKnight is an American R&B singer-songwriter, producer, and musician; A multi-instrumentalist who plays eight instruments including piano, guitar, bass guitar, percussion, trombone, tuba, flugelhorn and trumpet. He has 16 Grammy Awards nominations for hits including AnytimeLove Is, and Win.

Joe Thomas is an American singer, songwriter and record producer, born in Columbus, Georgia, the son of Evangelist preachers and the man behind the platinum selling song, All That I Am.

“Our goal is to give the public something to look forward to each year in the most Zambian way we know how; which is good music, friendship, dance and an all-round good time. Social and cultural events like the Stanbic Music Festival bring people together and promote the spirit of oneness. They help us focus on what unites us even through our diversity – which is the spirit of Ubuntu,” said Ms Katongo.
The National Arts Council (NAC) and the Zambia Association of Musicans (ZAM) have endorsed the Stanbic Music Festival.

NAC director Adrian Maaka Chipindi said: “We are very grateful and excited for this festival. It’s an opportunity to create jobs for the sector. We also see it as a platform to enjoy and see some of the best artists in Zambia. Government supports this initiative and we hope that many more Zambians will support it.”

ZAM President Tivo Shikapwasha said: “We are very, very excited to be supporting this as ZAM. The Zambia Association of Musicians would like to commend Stanbic Bank for their continued efforts in bridging the gap between the world renown musicians and our extremely talented Zambian musicians.”

The Stanbic Music Festival has so far been headlined by internationally acclaimed artists like Hugh Masekela, Oliver Mtukudzi, Mi Casa, Earl Klugh, Zonke, UB40 and the iconic R&B group Boyz II Men just last year. The foreign acts always share the stage with some of Zambia’s best performers including K’milian, Wezi, Chef 187, Abel Chungu and many more.

Over 10,000 people attended the 2017 Stanbic Music Festival, with some fans travelling from as far as Uganda, Kenya, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Stanbic Bank Head of Corporate and Investment Banking, Helen Lubamba, Head of Marketikng Perry Siame and Head of Public Relations Chanda Katongo, with 2018 Stanbic Music Festival performers Wezi, Esther Chungu, Kiki and Salma Sky, National Arts Council director Adrian Maaka Chipindi and Zambia Association of Musicans President Tivo Shikapwasha.



  1. US mega stars?????? Not anymore even in their prime time they were never mega stars here in the US…now they’re broke and finished thats when they want to come to Africa

  2. US mega stars???? Not anymore even in their prime time they were never mega stars.Now they’re broke and finished thats when they want to come to Africa

    • They have 2 Grammy awards each to their names and are popular worldwide. Is that not how you measure stars in the US.

    • Even your internet connection tried to stop you from talking with a foot in your mouth until you pressed twice to post! yaba let us mature ones who were there enjoy. Yashani?

    • The problem is that when you go to the states you all want to be gangsters and think that Rap musicians are mega stars.

    • But Jay Z, Dr.Dre, Eminem, Snoop and many others gangster rappers are megastars and Stanbic can’t afford them so they end up bringing these tired and finished musicians

    • Obatala who would pay a hard earned K500.00 to watch Dr. Dre Sing? They may have followers but they cant afford to pay for the show. Rap music apply to just a certain group of people. You certainly cant take your parents to concert for Snoop Dog or Eminem

  3. Stanbic is behaving like an OLD LION (without muscle strength) which preys on people because it can’t manage to hunt for impalas, Zebras, Buffaloes, pukus & kudus.Bring on Chris Brown, Rihanna, Future , Cardi B, Rick Ross, The Weekend, Florida, Camilla, Ty Dollar Sign, Drake, Ariana Grande, and French Montana, so we see the “muscle strength” of Stanbic.

    • The last time I heard about those two was during Chiluba’s third term debate and have never appeared on bill board Top 100 for the past 20 years.

  4. it all depends on your music genre.
    I went to joe’s concert a couple of months ago, it was intimate and awesome. the behavior at rap concerts have turned me off. they get on stage, lose they minds and start acting a fool. hell no, not with my money you won’t throw water at me . who the f uck you think you is
    r & b music is like wine, it gets better with age. can’t say the same with rap due to it’s musicality
    I am old school. I want to go to a show with my lady and have a mightily great time. not be subjected to these lil groids, pants down grabbing the crotch as if it’d drop down to the floor if he didn’t

  5. Legendary soul brothers, Joe thomas albums have been bangers from 1997 All I am to 2014 Bridges.If you are deep in music will appreciate these brothers and if you are still in your music diaper go listen to beyounce and them clown artist who cant write but sample old songs.Rather be on Algreens music and brothers like music soul child, dem brothers like Anthony hamilton, Maxwell, Dwelle.

  6. They are good if you come from that generation that listened to them. I will be attending definitely, they are good singers.

  7. Well sorry Mr **** you don’t know your music Joe Thomas is one the most amazing R&B singers you can ever listen to. Music is never too old!!

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