Three people burnt to death in motor vehicle accident


Three people were yesterday burnt to ashes Monday following a head on collision along Kafue – Chirundu road near Nanduba area in Chikankata district of Southern Province.

And a rush by ZANIS to the scene of the accident yesterday found two unidentified bodies retrieved by the fire brigade while the other body which was burnt beyond recognition was still trapped by 15:00 hrs.

One eye witness interviewed by ZANIS, said the accident happened on Monday at 14:00 hours involving an oil tanker vehicle registration number A CQ 9307 while a corolla vehicle believed to have been carrying four people were burnt to ashes without anyone surviving.

Ms Kalubwe said the driver of the corolla vehicle is believed to have been drunk and that the driver of the oil tanker survived the fatal road accident.

An effort to get a comment from police found guarding the two bodies yesterday proved futile by press time as they referred all queries to Kafue Police Station Officer in Charge who could not be reached by press time.

Another eye witness Charity Njobwe said efforts to save life proved futile because the vehicles burst into flames just after the collision.

Ms Njobwe also said she was disappointed with the Fire Brigade for failure to retrieved other bodies which were still trapped by 17:00 hours yesterday.

She further praised the Zambia Police for keeping vigil at the scene of the accident.


  1. This is sad news.
    A drunk driver during working hours and you blame it on government, really?
    We need to change our behaviour, developments begins with our altitude towards it – we owe it to ourselves. Governments will come and go but we will still be here.

    No one should bring it politics here, the driver was drunk!

  2. GOD deserves to go to hell. In a sense, we’re all on death row. According to Christians, violating any of the ten commandments means that a person DESERVES to go to hell. Through God’s great forgiveness, man is allowed entry to heaven despite deserving eternal damnation. If violating any of the commandments means that someone DESERVES to go to hell, then that means that GOD deserves to go to hell. Most notable in my mind are these: “Thou shalt not kill. Because the Pharaoh wouldn’t release the Jews, God slays every first-born in Egypt. NOTE: he doesn’t slay the Pharaoh; just the first-born. Killing them was pretty clearly murder.

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