Judiciary signs MoU with USA for case management


The Judiciary has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Centre for State Courts of the United States of America (USA) which will enable them acquire software for case management system.

Speaking during the signing Ceremony in Lusaka today, Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima said the case management system is a system which will aid judges in their day to day functions, thereby making justice delivery not only more efficient but also more accessible to the members of the public.

Justice Mambilima said the system will not only remind Judges of their calendar of cases but will prompt Judges to undertake tasks they have omitted to take in the long course to trial.

She said the system will also identify the strengths of each judge and allocate matters to judges according to their strengths.

Justice Mambilima explained that the introduction of administrative time lines for disposal of cases and segregation of case types will improve service delivery.

She said the time lines have made Court proceedings predictable as parties will know when their matters will be disposed of.

Justice Mambilima said the programme will include segregation of matters that are in severe backlog and the introduction of a task force of six judges dedicated solely to dismantling the backlog starting in Lusaka.

She pointed out that in its continued quest to innovate and identify methods to enable it achieve its mandate afforested, the Judiciary has today reached a milestone.

Speaking at the same event National Centre for State Courts Vice President Jeff Apperson said the programme is aimed at developing programmes of cooperation in areas of mutual interest.

Mr. Apperson said Zambia now has an opportunity to have a unique relationship that will change the management of cases in the country.

He said the programme will also include knowledge transfer and improve in the administration of justice.


    • I am surprised that the other hidden motive does not seem to be clear here. The far-sighted have already seen it.

  1. This is brilliant because the corrupt judges will now be exposed for delivering faulty and un lawful judgenents.

    Corrupt judges be warned . Your work will be under the American microscope.

    I hope this will stop Lungu from killing Zamhians stealing money and votes.

  2. Can this be used for the 2016 presidential petition that was not closed and pending proper judgement. Madam hopefully you will also innovate the integrity of your subordinates so they become conduct themeselves as judges of international standard not carders and comprised individuals. Point is no body trusts the Zambian judiciary anyways. A new system will not change the rotten system.

  3. We Africans seem to be mentally colonised be it with Lawyers, engineering graduates, Doctors etc., etc. Just look at these so-called judges with vima wigs the colonial masters left behind, we’re still at it iyeeee…

  4. Administrative time lines in the disposal of cases…. This madam CJ must be implemented and ensure that it is practical. In as much as there are directions from these judges in which to do this and that, there is still too much time for the judge to finally try these cases. Your judges dont respect their own schedules and dates. They are ever looking for the slightest of excuses to adjourn matters and that madam CJ is the greatest problem in your system. Parties in a matter maybe ready but the judges takes more than a year to sit the matter for trial!

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