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Suspected dysentery outbreak at Rufunsa Girls Technical School contained


The suspected dysentery outbreak reported at Rufunsa Girls Technical School in Rufunsa district, Lusaka Province has been contained.

Rufunsa district Medical Officer, Chola Chongo disclosed that the suspected outbreak was contained and recommendations to prevent further outbreaks at the institution have been availed to the school management and the DEBS office.

Dr. Chongo said the cause of the suspected dysentery outbreak at the institution could have been as a result of the erratic water supply, due to the rationing of electricity, adding that he has recommended that the school management acquire a small gen-set for pumping of water.

Meanwhile Dr Chongo has revealed that there is also a suspected outbreak of bilharzia in Lukwipa area where people draw water from streams.

Dr. Chongo said so far seventeen (17) cases have been recorded and the District Office was on the ground to screen and sensitize communities in the affected and surrounding areas to desist from drawing water from the infected streams.

And Rufunsa District Commissioner, Judith Chama has implored the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) to embark on massive sensitization campaigns in learning institutions on how to maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene to avoid outbreaks of diseases in schools.

Speaking during an epidemic preparedness meeting held in her office yesterday, Mrs. Chama called on the DEBS office to ensure that high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained in schools following an outbreak of suspected dysentery where eighty- four (84) cases were recorded forcing the School to temporally close last week.

Meanwhile District Education Board Secretary, Stephen Katuta said all the recommendations made by the District Health Office has been taken care of and that the school will open on July 4, 2018.

Mr. Katuta further said the Office has set up a health committee at the school and that this will be extended to all schools in the district to ensure that cleanliness and hygiene is maintained in learning institutions to avoid future outbreaks.


  1. HH can go and clean up the ablution blocks. That will be community service he should have gotten. A little hygiene can do the trick. All the best girls.

    • Teti utumeko the cleaner, Lungu? Isn’t that his specialty? It is in his job description because he can’t do any other Presidential duties. He failed on the fire trucks, on the ambulances, $150 million for his daughter from ZESCO, signed $500 million instead of $350 million, eyo tabamwele, gave dangerous Jerabos a dangerous mining place without safety measures in place, what has this Lungu boy done that made sense? Even one side of the dual carriage road is in billions, not kwacha, dollars. From cholera to dysentery, what else is next in Zambia under Lungu? Diseases that are extinct still found in Zambia under Lungu. Mambala went to state house na kwashiorkor, katwishi ngani marasmus kakwete, ukuya fenta mubantu.

  2. I suggest prayer to do the trick. There is not enough religious observance by the girls. If they vote PF next time all will be well.

    In the meantime, a message to Rufunsa Girls school, -just DUNUNA & enjoy ku pol0m.ya! You voted wisely after all.

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