Vinkubala being packaged in the U.K


Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament for Bwana Mkubwa Constituency Dr. Jonas Chanda has urged Government to support local Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and protect them from foreign competition, hence ensuring their growth into tomorrow’s Multinational Corporations (MNCs).

Debating in Parliament, Dr Chanda said according to the Infant Industry Theory, local MSMEs, like newborn babies in the Labour Ward, must be nurtured, protected and grown into mature companies before being fully exposed to aggressive competition with foreign companies. He emphasized that world-over, MSMEs are the engine for economic growth and development because they created more jobs than big MNCs. He has therefore urged government NOT to allow local MSMEs to be suffocated by big foreign MNCs.

The Lawmaker has further urged government to ensure joint ventures or partnerships between big foreign companies and local MSMEs to ensure financial skills and intellectual transfer which will grow the MSMEs and eventually make foreign MNCs irrelevant in future. He cited the recent signing of Joint Partnership Agreements between the Chinese-owned AVIC International and 16 local contractors in Lusaka for the L400 Road Project as a good starting point.

Meanwhile, Dr Chanda has urged Government to urgently develop and implement the National Trade Policy which will protect Zambia from being a dumping ground for cheap foreign imports that kill local industry and jobs. He stated that advanced countries viewed TRADE as WAR, and so there should be no Laissez-faire attitude towards international trade.

He cited examples of imported Toothpicks from China, Zambian caterpillars (Finkubala/Vinkubala) being packaged in the UK as organic “Mopani Worms” for UK and foreign exports, and the huge Trade Imbalance Zambia suffers against South Africa (over $2 billion USD) as some of the key issues the National Trade Policy must address.


  1. Anyone who eats these, need their heads serious examined.

    I doubt our dog would eat these worms



  2. Next is African Polony Chikanda.We can improve our local produce and process them to an international stand like avocados, pineapples, rats, inswa, impwa, nthunguza, army worms, chisense, dried leaves for pumpkins/beans, and shonkonono.Not excluding the Ks;(kalembula, katapa, kanunka,katolo,kapenta & kakeya)…

    • You are crazy to eat those things

      Ever head of Sausages, hot dogs, Mince meat, dumplings, whats wrong with you?



    • Inshota, waonekela!
      It’s minced meat.
      Mince meat takwaba, elyo takwakabe!
      Say it right, Mushota, say it right.

    • @ Mushota…Those things I have mentioned are for Bembas like yourself.And the junk food you have mentioned above I don’t give a damn about those things considering the health effects.I have stayed at a serviced apartment (like a hotel) for a whooping 12 years because am on a work schedule of FIFO(Fly-in Fly-out).So I am just laughing at your ignorance with my white friend from the next apartment and I have promised to hook for him Mushota for a d!CK/butt lick.

    • Musonda: Just your little dirty mouth you fool…a white wanna be with nothing to show for…all those years you wasted in that country won’t be given back to you.
      Bank of governance…I feel sorry for your extended family back home.

  3. Mushota l have been your admirer for a long time but for you to call and compare people who eat vinkubara to dogs l think you have gone over board. Some us are over 60 years then to be insulted this way its not right. Slow down please.

    • Why on earth would one admire a mentally sick & derranged single cell amoeba like kamushota sure??
      What the hell is wrong with Zambians kansi??
      Is this the reason the majority of you vote overwhelmingly for a P.F Government that is in office solely to plunder, & leave the country broke, when they are eventually evicted?
      Something inherently wrong with the Zambian mindset, & cannot work it out myself, no matter how hard I try.

  4. Ubufontini! Even non-Bembas enjoy finkubala! Very nutritious food! That’s why the current generattion is stunted because they dont want to eat some food after connecting to tribe, but instead prefer to eat tinned dogs from China! Sad! Tribalists!

  5. These guys sell everything on their webpage ants,scorpions, spiders, worms etc….the problem we have with Zambians is that the do not invest in packaging and do not think Global…all these guys need is just get 100kgs of the stuff and package it in UK sell 30g for £3.45….they also package insuwa for that price.
    Additionally Banks in Zambia make it difficult for SME to grow.. surely how would you compete with 35% APR loan rates and on top of that you are hit with all kinds of charges for a business account…this is what MPs should be debating about.

  6. The headline is something else. The story is something else. MPs should urge government to improve journalism schools. Misinformation can create chaos

  7. Health foods are not well recognized. As I was trying to reduce my weight, my instructor who is purely Scandinavian asked me to use mopani worms coz they contain pure proteins.

    Happy with it .. Once eaten no no unnecessary hunger attack. Vikubala makes u feel full all the time, hence u are free from stuffing yourself with carbohydrates.

    • If you are after protein buy Hemp protein powder which derived from variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species that is grown specifically for the industrial uses of its derived products.

  8. That thing on the picture is not CHINKUBALA. that thing CHISHIMU. Vinkubala are a bit yellow in colour and have no spurs!

  9. Hands off our Vinkubala! You can have the black, thorny ones pictured on the package but please leave the brown, nutritious ones for us.

    We need regulations to protect our food stuffs because if we’re not careful, we will end up importing them from the UK.

  10. What is wrong with exporting vincubala ?

    The story put the export of a local delicacy in the context of other wrongs…

  11. You know we have suffered enough to this army worms I suggest we start eating them they will surely disappear from our maize field.

  12. Congrats to the Zambian business community for cracking this market in the northern hemisphere.
    ‘The Savannah’ have been selling mopnai worms from SA for some time but I miss the well-preserved caterpillars with ash/salt from Zambia.

  13. “Ever head of Sausages, hot dogs, Mince meat, dumplings, whats wrong with you”
    do you know what’s in all that crap you’re describing as food? they grind up all the stuff that’s left after real meat is extracted. mushota why would you think that’s better than vinkubala, I can’t stomach vinkubala, but they are way nutritious than the processed bones, ground up vimbombo, snouts, ears….

    in Zambia it’s so hard to do anything, so much red tape. new ideas and entrepreneur minds receive no support. it’s like we’ve given up and look else where rather than look within

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