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Kitwe-Ndola dual carriageway project is Funded by the Zambian Government

Headlines Kitwe-Ndola dual carriageway project is Funded by the Zambian Government

Contractor China Jiangxi working on the Kitwe-Ndola dual carriageway.

China Jiangxi Corporation says the Kitwe-Ndola dual carriageway is being funded by the Zambian Government.

CJIC Commutations and Public Relations Manager Misheck Wangwe said the project is financed by the Zambian Government through the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA).

Mr Wangwe said that there is no loan agreement from the Chinese Government as suggested by some sections of the media.

He said in a statement that the project commenced on January 30, 2013 and it has taken more than five years to complete owing to additional works issued under numerous Variation Orders.

“The project also had a number of completion time extensions emanating from cash flow constraints. However, the main works of the road maintenance have been completed.

“We wish to advise the public and all stakeholders that the ongoing road maintenance works on the Ndola-Kitwe Dual Carriageway are being carried out in compliance to standard specifications applicable to Southern Africa Transport and Communications Commission (SATCC) and supervised by a professional supervision company,” he said.

The firm says between 2013 and April 2017, there was a serious cash flow constraints and as a mitigation measure, CJIC internally pumped in US $11 million to sustain the works.

“It should be noted that we have continued to attend to various maintenance activities arising from the normal wear and tear as the road has been in use throughout the Project period. Further, the amount of traffic on the Project road has increased during the Project period as the Fisenge Masangano link and the Mufulira Ndola link have deteriorated to such an extent that motorists are no longer using them; hence all traffic has been diverted to the Ndola-Kitwe link.

“Due to the booming economic activities arising from the increased mining operations in North-Western province and throughout the Copperbelt province, Kitwe-Ndola road is the only route that is used to ferry abnormal loads of equipment to the mines and thousands of tonnes of mineral products from the mines on a daily basis,” he said.

Mr Wangwe said China Jiangxi would continue to advise Government for the need to install weigh bridges between Ndola and Kitwe to prevent overloading on the road given that railway transport has significantly been abandoned and the level of activity between the two industrial cities is very high.


  1. Yes, Wastefully funded using tax payer money – a pretext to syphon tax money from the treasury! How on earth can you have a contractor who does the same work a 100 times? Can the nation be told how much money this project has gobbled! Let’s be serious!

  2. From Africa News Agency
    But Lungu won’t suspend activities on the mine dump because Lebanese national Shawi Fawz, who pumped millions into the PF party during the last elections, wants to continue mining there.

  3. When Phoenix Contractors did this portion of the road they never gave any excuses, they didn’t even close any parts to facilitate repairs. They did it while all sorts of traffic used the road, they were fast and it didn’t take them years. Maybe what makes sense is that the contract was awarded to Kamanga at $12M then he sold to the Chinese at $1.0M, hence the $11.0M that’s been talked about. All in all this project is an embarrassment

    • Back then the likes of Phoenix were paid on time …today you have reckless corrupt fooools running the show; its no wonder road construction costs a lot of money because govt does not pay on time!!

  4. “The firm says between 2013 and April 2017, there was a serious cash flow constraints and as a mitigation measure, CJIC internally pumped in US $11 million to sustain the works.”

    Surely no wonder they will never tell you the overall costs of these projects if the selfsame contractor is borrowing to sustain the works as these are seriously high costs that are added on

  5. This road was ok before they started the rehabilitation works back in 2012. This money would have been used elsewhere at the time

  6. Nothing is the truth with lungu and PF , now trying to sweep some foringe debts under the carpet in the name of
    ” funded by GRZ”
    but in the same sentence you have the foringe company borrowing them money ???
    Trying to apply lungu maffamatcs for the PF kaponyas…..

    Just stealing. Do not trust any statement out of PF , 80% of them are liers and theives.

  7. Yes its a dual carriageway afterall .One side carries the heavily burdened Zambian taxpayers while the other side carries the tenderprenuers & GRZ fraudsters.

  8. As usual and as expected from Spaka lilo and his mate in tribe in upnd, comments over nothing. Look here you evil little men, it is clear that President Sinkamba did not do his research well in assuming that the project was funded by a loan from the Chinese government. I forgive green Sinkamba for this little glitch, otherwise he is still on course for President of Zambia 2026. On the other hand the little monkeys from tribal HQ have no shame to try and prop up their tribal god h.hm using thisvd dead stor. Kanshi mwabashani imwe ba upnd naba Spaka jj, h.h will never ever lead this country, do you have ears?

  9. Hazaluza Hagain! 100 likes that HH will NEVER be President in Zambia! I will form a club in Kalomo and I will name it Hatribes Utd.

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