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Musician Petersen joins Lusaka Mayoral race


Popular musician Mukubesa Mundia popularly known as Petersen has filed in his nomination papers for the vacant position of Lusaka Mayor.

Petersen is standing on the People’s Alliance for Change ticket.

Speaking shortly after filling in his papers, Petersen said he is coming on the political scene to change the way Zambians do politics.

He said once elected Lusaka Mayor, he will work towards offering hope for Lusaka residents by bringing efficiency in council operations.

And Mr PF Lusaka Mayoral candidate Miles Sampa also successfully filed in his nomination papers.

Mr Sampa said he will use the PF vision to run Lusaka city affairs if elected.

Others that successfully filed in their papers include Saboi Imboela of NDC and Leslie Chikuse of the Republican Progressive Party.

Petersen during the filling in of nomination papers, flanked by PAC leadership.
Miles Sampa files in his nomination papers


  1. This is hot election, bring it ON!!
    Am now confused… Petersen would be exiting.
    But my money is on Saboi… Hotty!!
    Miles is behaving like Mbesuma, playing in 3rd division.

  2. “I will introduce high rise Cemeteries if elected Lusaka Mayor-Miles Sampa”
    Why not find ways of reducing deaths or maybe opting for cremation??
    Sampa has surely exceeded his expiry date.

  3. This is where we drop the ball in Zambia. everytime some has some fame or money we rush into politics. No wonder we dont have serious business men or serious activists. Peterzen was a great activist now has just reduced himself to a rug. soon he will be jumping from political party to political party

    • @ Abazana Chindo’s…… “No wonder we dont have serious business men or serious activists…… is my take for the day if one has to seriously make an in-depth analysis of the current crop of contestants vying for elective office!

  4. The guy tries by all means to seek attention.After his political biased songs failed to shake the masses and never got popular he is now trying to be quasi hero.Zagaze suffers with identity crisis. Zagaze thinks that seeking attention and causing controversy will make him popular praising him.Of course there is an element of Daga (marijuana) which is also stimulating him to have some “Jesus” courage.In this context, I would like to say one thing,Zagaze hardly knows about himself that’s why todays he tries to be a political analyser and the other day he is a musican!.This might sound quite absurd. But it’s true for Zagaze.

  5. My young Brother Miles, from MP to councillor , where are we going as a nation? To say the least this is retrogressive. You mature from councillor or Mayor whatever to MP.
    Gentlemen let’s be serious.
    This is why you can even talk about new cemeteries instead of more health facilities and recreation centers

    • I hope you realize that the Mayoral election covers all the constituencies in Lusaka …. and thus technically with a bigger geographic and constituents coverage the Mayoral position is higher than MP. It has been trivialized by the fact that the PF as a party have made the mayor a stooge and thus people like you Josef have failed to appreciate the magnitude that comes with this position.

  6. Miles Sampa for mayor to show HH that he needs to start from a lower level not this idea of climbing a tree from the leaves


  8. Great decision, the very best, do your part, nothing should stop you. Great candidate. This is the way to go.

  9. May the best candidate win. Am still scratching my head over the high rise Cemeteries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is garbage: UPND will Cary the day…PF has done enough damage
    There is no money in the circulation
    Everyone is broke. I am not making this up if you run into a financial problem you are on your on.
    You can call all your family members starting from your grandma to your in laws..they will give you the same story. Vintu vavuta..the only people voting for PF are the brainless with no moral grounds.

  11. @Chimutengo. It is called falling from grace. But it is possible to rise again. lol. Is this a race of ‘zed’ celebrities ? Saboi(Shatel), Petersen (zagaze), Pastor (kabanana), Miles (Once presidential candidate dribbled by KPF and Tutwa)…etc

  12. Big up Mr petersen all the best and make us proud it all starts from somewhere and will definitely support for you for.

  13. Both their ties are green with some black dots in color, are they trying to communicate the same language or coming from the same political party? Is my observation wrong???

  14. Comment: Petersen indeed it z yo tym fresh brain will make a difference. zagaze ba pumuleko makolo balema, it z yo tym just lky u said in yo song.

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