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Zambia is is happy with the support the Chinese Government has continued to render-Dora Siliya

General News Zambia is is happy with the support the Chinese Government has...

Hon Dora Siliya and Special Assistant to the President Amos Chanda outside the Chinese Great Hall government complex where they met top ranking Chinese Party and government officials
Hon Dora Siliya and Special Assistant to the President Amos Chanda outside the Chinese Great Hall government complex where they met top ranking Chinese Party and government officials

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya says Government is happy with the support the Chinese Government has continued to render to its development programmes and projects.

Ms. Siliya says the support in sectors such as infrastructure development, health and the economy in general are a clear indication of the warm bilateral relations that have existed between the two countries for a long time now.

Speaking when she called on the Minister of National Radio and Television Administration of China, NIE Chenxi at the Sunrise Kempiski Hotel in Beijing, Ms. Siliya said China has remained one of Zambia’s reliable development partners.

She said Government is happy that China has extended its cooperation and support to the media sector.

Ms. Siliya cited the digital migration project currently being implemented in the country and one of the many examples of support to the media industry.

The Minister said the support to the country’s media sector resonated with Government’s desire to ensure that as many people as possible have access to information, a prerequisite for sustainable national development.

“Information is power. Any efforts directed towards media development are key in achieving our desire of a well-informed citizenry,” she said.
And Ms. Siliya has appealed to the Chinese Government to consider supporting the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) and the Zambia News and Information Services with equipment and human resource training to enable the two institutions meet the demands that will come with digital Migration.

She said the two institutions are key strategic public institutions on which citizens depend for information critical to national development.
She explained that Government had decided to make ZANIS a 24-hours Television channel and that this demanded that the institution produces enough and quality content to fill the broadcasting time.

Ms. Siliya noted that Government was determined to ensure that its desires and those of the Zambian people succeeded without hindrances.
“We will need your support in terms of training for our staff at ZANIS and ZNBC to bring them up to speed with the new digital environment they are going into. They will also require support in terms of equipment and transport. We will appreciate this support if given,” she said.

And speaking earlier Mr. NIE who is also the Deputy Head of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China said his Government will endevour to find to areas of cooperation with Zambia to further cement the already existing cordial relations.

He said apart from support to the media in general, the Chinese Government will also strengthen its cooperation with Zambia in the area of new media.

Mr. NIE said this would help the country to provide smart media services as demanded by the ever changing technology.

He assured Ms. Siliya that the Chinese Government would do everything possible to support the Zambian Government in its quest to develop the public media by providing the necessary support.

The Information Minister is in China to attend the 4th Forum on China-Africa Media Cooperation and the 8th African Digital Television Development Seminar being held in Huairou District in Beijing.

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    • Nothing wrong with Dora shoes, is just a wrong in totality!! She is mess.
      She castigated that Amos Chanda for taking care of cabinet meetings.
      And there she posses jecking off Amos.

    • she is trying to impress the chines by putting on there fake shoes! Amos too, coz every one has a bag, me too!!

  1. “Hon Dora Siliya and Special Assistant to the President Amos Chanda outside the Chinese Great Hall government complex where they met top ranking Chinese Party and government officials”.That pic posed reminds me of monkeys in the maize field and rats in the “Buckingham Palace”.

  2. Mwaice Chanda walafwa, emo watampa ukwingila umo. I am just wondering how Mrs Chanda will react to this photo. It may be a case of…OOOoo there must be a lot that you did where you went. She even posed with you with her hand on your shoulder. Ba Chanda mwalafwa, tekanyeni. Ulya ninyela. Litonsha, ilya kamamo namenshi.

  3. Of course they are happy to give you fooools Exim Bank loans for overpriced contracts of which 70% comes back…and you docile tins have to pay them back with interest.

  4. Not even dead bodies are dressed up like the way Silit CloDiris is dressed up! And Chanda, is he gay, why is he carrying a bag like a girlie one! I wonder whose back groin he is grinding!

  5. Is Dora’s arm over Chanda’s shoulder? Are they on official duties together? How ? Was Lungu there? Chanda is Lungu’s press secretary. He has no ministry. There goes the rot!

  6. Good job Dora, I am also happy. Whoever is not happy should wait until their president comes to power in HaDreams and HaDream Land.

  7. Dorah the explorer forget the Chinese .We’re not happy with the non support GRZ has continued to show in Misisi,Chilbolya and kalingalinga

  8. The bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive. Dont just be a receiver but be able to do or achieve your own achievements.
    The more you recieve the lazy you become I would rather produce my own than be a perpetual recipient from any one , I am happier to succeed for myself than continue looking to my neighbour.

  9. Why did they pose like a couple? Weird!

    Dora looking ugly! Obese! Put down the folk Dora; eat less, lose weight!

  10. The most corrupt people on earth are chinese.They will make sure they bribe ka president before they rip ur natural resources apart.

  11. You can always tell from Dora Siliya’s facial asymmetry that she has come to habitually feel one thing & say another, or keeps the truth in. There is clearly a disconnect between her limbic brain, if she has any, where emotions are, and the neocortex, or the thinking brain — “where she should be able to consciously control thoughts & words & create lies. The asymmetry, as often presented to us, is these two parts of Dora’s brain battling it out on ZNBC. Mwana wa kwitu kuMawa ndithu ni chizende!

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