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Chinese nationals arrested after shooting a 16 year old collecting firewood near their mine

General News Chinese nationals arrested after shooting a 16 year old collecting firewood near...

Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga
Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga

A 16-YEAR old boy is battling for his life at the Kitwe Teaching Hospital nursing gunshot wounds after Chinese investors running Bolo Mine in Chambishi shot him after they found him collecting firewood close to their mine.

The Chinese nationals then bolted for their compound and locked themselves inside and unleashed dogs on state security who had gone to investigate the shooting.

Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga yesterday told the Daily Nation in an interview that the boy, identified as John Mumba of Kalusale area, had gone to fetch firewood when the Chinese shot him before running away and locking themselves at their premises.

She said after the incident, the Chinese ran to their compound, locked up the gate and doors to their houses but that the police managed to fish them out.

“Following the shooting incident, police made a follow-up and established that he was shot by the Chinese. We went to the company where all of them hid and they were fished out and arrested.

“All the 10 involved in running Bolo Mine were taken to Chambishi police station. Eight were given bond but the other two are still in custody for causing grievous bodily harm (GBH),” she said.

A source present at the time of the arrest of the Chinese said the assailants had had initially released their guard dogs after locking the gate to their premises to prevent anyone from entering the compound and repel the police from going in to arrest the shooter. The source said the arrest was initially temporarily suspended following “a stalemate between the vicious dogs and the police” but that reinforcement was quickly called for and that officers believed to have been from the anti-robbery squad forced their way into the compound and according to eye witnesses, police had to call for reinforcement to gain entry and arrest the suspects.

Ms. Katanga said the bullet lodged from John’s back and tore its way to the front part of the body, and the victim was rushed to Chambishi Government hospital where he was admitted before being referred to Kitwe Teaching Hospital

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  1. They will shoot you down like monkeys…you have even given them firearms licenses you go to China and try doing that you will be skinned alive.
    All 10 will be released soon after a call to State House

      If that’s the bottom you can get to that story, identify the shooter and charge and prosecute the choncholi lunatics. Let them serve their sentences here once found guilty and deport those Chans. Life is sacred I hope they don’t pay their nose out’a this mess. Merciless hooligans.

    • The behaviour of these Chinese individuals in this incident is shameful on their country, and humanity.

      Remember that these Chinese are only behaving this way because they know it is within scope of parameters availed to them by Lungu.

      I applaud the police in their action to arrest, and report this matter to the media. Now the public is aware. This gives me hope that there are good elements within this corrupt country.

      However, we all know that Lungu will sweep this under the carpet, and the culprits will be back at work on Monday.

      Zambians deserve much better.

    • When those of us in the know say Zambians do not know the Chinese, we speak with authority because we have accessed appropriate literature. It’s not classified, you know. What threat did that poor boy pose to the Chinese? And the PF govt think they can negotiate rescheduling of debt owed to China! My foot, they are coming for us.

    • Murder! No police force on earth should fail to prosecute such a clear case. Tukomfwe ati acquittal!!

    • They have been concentrating on HH and GBM instead of running the country properly. Now look what is happening. To get HH , they tear-gassed their way, destroyed property, urinated on his bed, stole food from freezers and what not. ZP for you. Now they have formed a tribal army through their ZNS recruitment.

    • I am shocked. Not at the shooting but at a China man who has dogs for a pet! Normally for Chinese dog meat is braii!

    • Why don’t Zambians understand that these people don’t respect black Africans? The Chinese are racist, disobey laws in Africa, and want to follow their own rules. Send these trigger happy, cold blooded shooters to prison and when they come out DEPORT THEM. Don’t allow them to stay in the country. If a Zambian did this in China he would be lynched, or sentenced to death in court. An African American called Wendell Brown will be spending a total of 6 years in prison simply for defending himself in a bar fight in China. Shut this stup1d mine down, send everyone out of the country. If you keep treating them with kid gloves, more Zambians will suffer at the hands of these organized gangs posing as investors. Please shut them down and kick them out of the country so others know that…

  2. How did those chinese even manage to get a fire arm license. im still speechless how some one at ZP would authorise the issuance of a license. Heads need to start rolling enough is enough

    • The shot him for trespassing …not even ZAF would shoot you for that; the system is rotten we are asking the wrong questions!!

    If that’s the bottom you can get to that story, identify the shooter and charge and prosecute the choncholi lunatics. Let them serve their sentences here once found guilty and deport those Chans. Life is sacred I hope they don’t pay their nose out’a this mess. Merciless hooligans.

  4. Chinese are so adamant to learn the laws of the land. They always want short cuts. I watch a film on Australia Border Security and 90% of people trying to enter Australia on forged passports or wrong visas are usually Chinese or related nationals. We have to be very careful with this vermin.

  5. “The Chinese nationals then bolted for their compound and locked themselves inside and unleashed dogs on state security who had gone to investigate the shooting.” The way Chinese think awe sure .Can dogs prevent Police from entering the yard if Zawa can manage to contain Lions?

  6. That short girl Charity Katanga will soon receive a telephone call like in the photo from Lusaka to release the Chinks!!

  7. I hope someone slapped the life out of these little clowns. Then shoot their feet too for injuring our country’s child.

    • No chance of Justice for the poor 16 year old, as the Police will be busy falling over one another, trying to elicit bribes, & favours from the perpetrators.
      Had this been Zambians in China shooting their own, by now we would be talking about the Zambian consulate being asked to come to the mortuary & remove their cargo for repatriation back to “The Dark Continent”
      However like some have said, Kachasu man will make a call from State House, & these thugs will be released with NO CHARGE, & they know it, hence their behaviour.

  8. Lawlessness is what happens when you allow everyone into the country without screening. China has been offloading convicted criminals to Africa as a clean up exercise in their backyard. Our corrupt governments only see brown envelops and stamp their visas without screening or ignore what they see after screening. They will only feel what the ordinary poor people have been living with when those unruly Chinese put a bullet in one of the politician’s children. Yes, my assertion is not far fetched, it will happen. Remember karma? She’s a very beautiful b!tch.

  9. The Chinese are the not problem. It is us Zambian’s that are the problem as we treat and worship foreigners like small gods.

    Zambians worship presidents and foreigners. We are indeed children of a lesser god by our own creation and deeds.

    Shame on us

  10. Our government should protect us from any foreign who comes to do business in zambia.The chinese are too much in terms of their behaviour towards the zambians am pretty sure a zmbian cant do that in china and go scout free or can a zambian own land in china like the chinese are doing in zambia some thing must be put in place to stop this nonsense from continuing

    • @Pedros, the solution is a patriotic Zambian to be voted into office in Zambia in 2021. The new president should promise to help pass a law that’ll forbid foreigners from owning land in Zambia, and the law to be applied retroactively, so land can be taken back from all these invaders. Right now we have clueless, corrupt leaders running the country. They have no clue how the Chinese operate. And the Chinese know this. Let’s just hope and pray that by the time 2021 comes around, the whole country will not have been sold to the Chinese. Remember the Chinese agenda for Africa is to eventually to take over the whole continent. Wake up!

  11. Charity my dearest, what’s your problem? Just give them an instant justice mob to deal with them, with enough rocks and heavy sticks and look the other way.

    Make sure you do that before you receive a call from Lusaka or before they prepare a brown envelope for the politicians.

    I have no time for any criminal chinks. I will donate a hole to bury them all in.

  12. i don’t know what has brought a curse upon Zambia; we have useless leadership; Sata was right; I work with Chinese and they respect me; but in Zambia we fear them because of corruption and the debt PF owes them; these Chinese should be deported;

  13. Lawlessness starts with our people – the Zambians! We are still living like wild animals who think they can trespass in someone’s property anyhow! The chap who was shot is also guilty of Criminal trespass! How do you stray in someone’s yard and start cutting trees and collecting them as firewood? Those who know the pain farmers have to endure with criminal trespassers understand the pain these Chinese had to endure! Let us teach all Negros the importance of respecting other people’s yards and Compounds! Criminal trespass is a serious crime for which you can be shot! This case is wash out! Don’t demonize the China man!

    • Iwe id1ot Constantinople..shut your stup1d mouth. Trespassers are just supposed to be arrested for trespassing, unless they’re armed and posing a danger. The young man was merely picking up firewood. Why didn’t the Chinese guy call the police to have the boy arrested for trespassing? It’s stup1d people like you that give foreigners power to harm the Zambians . What if this was your relative, how would you feel? Go to YouTUbe and and look for the story of Wendell Brown an African American, and learn how he was treated in China. If a Zambian in China did what this Chinese shooter did, they would kill the Zambia on sight. But because foo1s like you think black African lives don’t matter, So it’s okay if one is harmed. You’re a pathetic self hating negro.

    • Lie Defecator – We understand your emotional outbursts. Maybe you are too young to understand how blacks have always been shot for literally breaking entry into someone’s premises! We shoot those who don’t have brains or who have no use for their brains invading the privacy of others! My Lie Defecator – instead of ranting Sh!t here, go and educate your primitive relatives to learn common courtesy! A criminal trespasser who jumps a fence to enter someone’s premises is a thief until proven otherwise – waumfwa Chi Colour!

  14. Paul kagame not Zambia president said Zambia is safe heaven for foreigners.we need strong leadership that of Donald trump to flash out undocumented foreigners.

  15. Only in Zambia such nonsense is tolerated from some chines shooting our people with impunity. Anyway even if some policewoman confirmed their arrest, as we are talking they may be home. They shoot at will because they are protected by state house. Kaizer Zulu allows those chines criminals to do what they want because they are untouchable in Lungu’s government. Believe you me that issue will die a natural death and we will either lose that life or the victim will have a disability.

  16. These Chinese feel comfortable shooting people with impunity because they are protected by the government. This is sad.

  17. Perhaps what we should be saying is that the youth should have been apprehended and taken to court instead of shooting him I would understand because he committed an of fence too.

  18. Do not release the peps yet because if the boy passes away, the charge would be murder. We need to be tough on these Chinese, they don’t respect our politicians and certainly do not like black people. Go live in China if you think I’m lying.

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