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Swansea on the brink of signing Emmanuel Banda

Sports Swansea on the brink of signing Emmanuel Banda

Emmanuel Banda
Emmanuel Banda

An immediate return to the Premier League is absolutely vital for Swansea City after they suffered the ignominy of relegation last season and, if reports are to be believed, new manager Graham Potter is going hell for leather to assemble a squad capable of achieving exactly that.

A vast array of names have been linked with moves to the Liberty Stadium in recent weeks, with KV Oostende’s Zinho Gano one to catch many headlines in recent days.

Both the Swans and Stoke City were believed to be in talks with the Belgian Pro League side over a potential transfer for their forward, but it now appears that the Swans were, in fact, targeting his teammate, Emmanuel Banda.

The 20-year-old Zambian central midfielder only joined the club from Portuguese side S.C. Esmoriz in 2017, but it has now been reported that he could already be set for a big move and a big step up in south Wales.

Banda played in just 16 of his side’s 38 league fixtures last season, but it’s remarkable to note what an impact he was able to make at such a young age.

A traditional box-to-box midfielder with a sweet left foot, Banda has the ability to contribute at both ends of the field.

His record of 3 goals and 2 assists in so few games was strong anyway but looks even better when considering just how much defensive work he also gets through.

While many Swansea fans may want tried and tested signings that are guaranteed to thrive in the Championship, it can often be the lesser-known signings that are most thrilling to watch prosper.

Banda is almost custom-built for the English game and, should he join, has every chance of becoming a huge fans’ favourite at the Liberty in the coming years.


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  1. If you go to Swansea don’t forget to pick that telegraphic letter KK wrote to Leicester City Football Club.

    • Shame he is NOT Bemba

      I wish him well though

      The best Team in Europe is 7 miles from my house and its called Celtic Football Club.

      They won the all cups last season and Nick saw them play two matches with Rangers



    • @ Mushota
      Bembas are specialists in stealing,and bewitching .According to Genesis 4:1–16, Cain treacherously murdered his brother Abel. BEMBAS are descendants of Cain , a CURSED “fugitive ,thief and wanderer”.

  2. So all Zambians will now start supporting Swansea like they did supporting Portsmouth because of Mbesuma

  3. @****: Just because one bemba stole it doesn’t mean that all bembas are thieves. You’re even quoting the bible. Let us stop this habit. We’re one Zambia one nation.

  4. At this time of the year there are too many speculations in the press often fed by agents to create interest from competitors…its a good strategy to start a bidding war.

  5. “Banda is almost custom-built for the English game and, should he join, has every chance of becoming a huge fans’ favourite at the Liberty in the coming years.”

    Emmannel Mayuka is another one that was built for the English game on paper but look how he turned out…useless!!

  6. @mushota and ******* ****, both of u are stinking *****s and imbeciles who does not belong to this world, u belong to the devil who rules in your dirty hearts. There is no tribe in Zambia which is inferior to the other , and there is no superior tribe , and will never be. Iwe ****, u must be either Tonga or lozi, your hatred for bembas is ignorance at its best. And u mushota, u must an ignorant educated person from the copper belt and not even close to bemba, u are a daughter of a demon busy writing nonsense everyday on this forum. Again u are both dogs.

  7. This is absolutely, nice and great development. For it is one of the things that I was waiting for, for so many years to watch the players from my country participating in big clubs like Swansea. But remember my brother Banda, make sure you do your level best. You’re not playing for your own benefit, but for the Nation, Zambia and the entire Africa.
    We love you bro and all the best.

  8. After watching alot of Liverpool transfers, you feel left out and start a story that will never be a reality. A Zambian Of Malawian or Zulu blood to play in English league? When a Zambian of Conglee blood which has good test abroad, Great Kalu, failed. I will subscribe DSTV for 3 years in advance! Kkkkk

  9. HH is another “leader” who was built to become the savior of Zambia! Look at what he turned out to be ! Uzeress!

  10. You people who calls other people as useless how do you feel to be insulting your fellow human being & using bad words such as useless especially on social media you people I don’t think so whether you do think properly anyway it’s becouse you have devilish thinking in your hearts but still more you should learn to have good manners ala batila amano tempulilwa nindiminwa so watch yourself ( uyicebe)


  12. In this day and age we still have Zambians who are tribal? Will this country ever develop if we can’t be one people.
    Sad, we are still colonized.

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