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Boy commits suicide after being chased from class for not paying school fees

Rural News Boy commits suicide after being chased from class for not paying...

Zambia Police

An 18-year-old Grade Seven Pupil of Mafwasa Basic School in Kapiri Mposhi district has committed suicide after being chased from class for not paying school fees.

Kapiri Mposhi Police Commanding Officer, Munembo Mubita, who identified the deceased as Benson Mwitwa confirmed the incident to ZANIS today.

Mr. Mubita said the deceased took his life on Friday last week around 14:30 hours by drinking a pesticide known as doom.

“The report was brought to police by the grandfather of the deceased that his grandson had drunk a pesticide after he was chased from school for not paying school fee,” Mr. Munembo said.

The Police Commander said the deceased was rushed to Kapiri Mposhi District Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The remains of the boy have since been buried.


  1. PF pro poor…….MHSRIP

    The worst tradegy is when a kid wants to desperately go to school but can not afford to do so…

    • @Sharon:
      No one is interested in marking the words of a Hoe like you. See how PF have caused the death of a young citizen through your huge thefts and mismanagement of resources. Lungu steals everything – we dont want to mark whoes like you Saron – Kankote ka mu Diaspora with no salvage value!

  2. Sad! It is HaMazing how Hatribes tries Hard in every case to find fault with government and support Childish in every case. If Childish were headteacher, he would not ask for fees? Answer from Hatribes – “He wouldn’t!” Yes because he has a lot he had stolen from Zambians!

    • Ichi Chi PF huLe chilibe manyanzi sure! Mufana commits suicide because of no hope for education, but chihule is talking about politics. HH is already rich and you have nothing…you will die with your jealousy.

    • So who is to blame for not affording fees ? The parents who refused to take up one of the 500k jobs lungu promised ?


  4. I’m sure you were working hard at school so as to help your poor family in future now killing yourself wasn’t an answer all coz now your family will suffer more than they would if you were around

  5. Arsonists United has caused more deaths of people than any government. Especially those who own Three Mansions.

  6. Huh! Is the suicide because he was sent away from school or the manner in which he was sent away? Sending away somebody would not generate so much anger or depression as to choose to kill oneself! Our current leaders are fake for they are full of rhetoric than action! Getting an education is a right for no one has to be left behind! Its a pity a life has been cut and going by the age to be still in Grade 7, there is a lot more struggle in the young man’s efforts to get an education! MHSRIP.

    Instead of bickering and trading insults at the expense of reaching out to each other to share ideas through dialogue, politicians must be held culpable to such losses of life!

  7. …I expected further action from police…the headmaster has been summoned to police for interrogations and possible homicide charge….or ..the head teacher of the school has been arrested to help the police with the investigation….or simply…the headteacher is in police custody

  8. School authorities shouldn’t be overzealous.The fees are for the government not for the school hence chasing pupils is retrogressive.

    • Are you daft, naive or just plain stupid! The school fees are used by the heartless headmaster and DEBS to pay themselves allowances.

  9. Unbelievable!!! I never expected that this day would reach. My wedding ceremony was last month and still now it looks like am dreaming. After all my relationship went through, I never thought this day would come. Those of you who knew me and my fiance before, and those of you who have been at my home you know very well that I had everything a lady wishes for in life. Life was so good but it is hard to explain how things changed for the worse so quickly. I first heard rumors that my man is seeing another woman. In a short time I found out that it was true. When I confronted him, he instead chose the other woman over me and in fact he later moved out and left the kids with me to suffer. I must admit life became so hard that I visited priests & healers for help. My life was in a mess that I…

  10. It’s time government introduced total free education at primary level, Note all can afford school fees because some are orphans whose sole support come from aged grandparents who just want the best for their grandchildren.
    These children are depressed already at the fact they don’t have parents to care for them. So any slight challenge leaves them with no option but to think of taking their life.
    Time the Social Welfare took to ground and do their homework

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