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Botswana’s Choppies opens outlet in Kapiri Mposhi

General News Botswana's Choppies opens outlet in Kapiri Mposhi

BOTSWANA’s leading supermarket, Choppies
BOTSWANA’s leading supermarket, Choppies

Botswana’s leading supermarket, Choppies, has opened its 18th outlet in Zambia with the latest branch opening its doors to the public in Kapiri Mposhi District.

Choppies Operations Director, Jyothish Canhiradan says Zambia’s favorable investment climate has made it possible for the chain store to swiftly stretch its business to other parts of the country.

Mr. Canhiradan says the supermarket will be sourcing almost 80 percent of its goods that include poultry products, fruits and vegetables from local farmers.

And Government has commended the role private investors and businesses are playing in improving the living standards of the local people.

Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner Peter Mwiinde noted that the district has continued to receive private investments in various sectors that have resulted in the provision of employment opportunities and improvement of people’s living standards.

Mr. Mwiinde commended Choppies Supermaket for thinking about the local people through provision of ready market for their farm produce.

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  1. Nubian princes ebukopo ubo. people have been employed and given jobs. kapiri has blessed to have a mordern outlet especially for travellers. so if you dont like them then dont go there no one is forcing you

  2. That is what boys from Zambia fail to do but all they do is to remain HaNegative on computer all day long.

    • We had Fred M’membe. He was running a successful newspaper employing many people. Our own institutions chose to bring him down. But they have entered into negotiations with FQM for a sin similar to M’membe’s. If it was a govt headed by a Tonga, goodness knows what would have been the story now.

    • @Chanchima, you never followed Meembe/Post Newspaper saga, did you? Because you sound so uninformed concerning that case. Go back and review what went on in that case before you keep showing your ignorance in public.

      WTF is wrong with some Zambians and their affinity to be revisionists of facts? Meembe was a Tax Cheat and he deserved every bit of what he got!

  3. Who owns Choppies? In Zambia we were told that government has no business being in business. Now a country with a population the size of our capital wants to teach us business

    • This is a sad time for Zambia. Are we this sleepy that we do not have a single Zambian chain store sure…. I am not happy BUT very sad! There is money being taken out of the country again….WE have lost and sold our country….Poor leadership!

    • Shu Shu Shu: Choppies is owned by a Pakistani citizen who migrated to Botswana with very little money. He started out in Botswana and has been building his business slowly. It was all revealed in the financial magazine FORBES which is now sold in Zambia. Hope this satisfies your curiosity.

  4. that’s all Zambians know, consumption.
    jobs, what jobs, security guards and cashiers
    what is Zambia exporting to Botswana?
    they lie that “almost 80%” produce will be sourced from local farmers. if local farmers can supply this store with 80% of the products, what’s the point of having a Botswana store set up? why don’t consumers eliminate the store and buy direct from the local farmers. Zambians are so naïve and gullible, that’s why these fo ols keep on doing what they are doing.
    why can’t the govt set up shop and source products from local farmers and those around can go purchase. why do they need a foreigner to come and do that.
    jobs my a ss. have pride and long term objectives. don’t just look to feed your tummies. you’ll remain where you are

    • @mukolwe: And there in lies the problem! You always want Govt to get involved in everything. Why don’t you yourself start that kind of business (Wholesale business) buying from Farmers and then selling to these Super Market chains?

      Do you realize that Choppies is a private business all be it started in Bostwana? So why can’t you do the same and be a middle man between these Super Market Chains and farmers, and make money? Why does it have to be the Govt?

      What you should be advocating is CHEAPER LOANS (in terms of interest rates) for Zambians to start businesses. Not Govt involvement in what clearly should be the endeavors of business-savvy private citizens.

    • By allowing such businesses/enterprises in the Countr, Govt is creating MARKETS for you. It is the same with Malls. Be creative and start creating/making products that are of international quality and then negotiate supply contracts with these Chains. If you have the products and the quality, these establishiments will have no excuse to keep bringing in goods from outside. And you will have a legitimate reason to complain at that point. And Govt will surely see it fit to intervene.

  5. Meanwhile Zambian businesses like Melissa’s and Kamwala shops who have been in the country for years instead of expanding are only interested in keeping money to themselves and abusing our ladies.

    • I have to agree with you Jay Jay. Even when you have been very pro HH lately, even when he is preaching violence. Good points though.

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