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Every Person in Zambia has the Constitutional right to self defence-Charles Kakoma

Headlines Every Person in Zambia has the Constitutional right to self defence-Charles Kakoma

UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma
UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has maintained that has maintained that when attacked by the ruling PF, citizens must stand up and defend both themselves and their rights.

The opposition political party has said that there is nothing wrong for someone to defend himself from unlawful attackers.

UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma said that every person in Zambia has the Constitutional right to defend himself and his property from thugs.

Mr. Kakoma said that Patriotic Front media director Sunday Chanda has continued issuing statements in which he is framing the UPND, who are the victims of their violence, to be violent.

Mr. Kakoma said that the Constitution under the Bill of Rights confers upon citizens the right to defend themselves, quoting Articles 11 (a) and 12 (3) (a) which he said are instructive on the right to self-defence.

Mr Kakoma further said that the Penal Code under section 17 which he said clearly gave power to citizens to defend themselves.

The UPND Spokesperson stated that if PF cadres attack UPND cadres, the UPND members have the right to defend themselves, adding that the PF want to look like saints when they are violent to the core.

Yesterday, PF Media Director Sunday Chanda condemned opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for agitating for violence as self-defense, charging that “UPND was led by desperate thugs who wish to qualify violence for self-defence”.

Mr Chanda said the UPND was a violent party as demonstrated by its long history of violence exhibited through the Mapatizya Formula and panga for panga approaches.

Mr Chanda said that Mr. Hichilema and the UPND leadership have failed to condemn violence and foul language because it’s inherent in them.


      These useless upndeads leaders won’t bail your freaky cadreselves outa trouble, let alone penitentiary. For once allow these bigoted katukas of this world throw the first and last stones.
      I wanna see hh himself in that fight so we see if he can bear the pain from those pangas.
      For a change I wanna see thick gvbm through that aimless punch. In short let all those well meaning youths open their eyes and resist a fight.
      Allow that so called pastor Jason to be the one drinking beer and use that panga himself. Aimless leaders; extremely dangerous merchants of bloodshed. Unbelievable conmen. Kampyongo, I don’t need to remind you of your sworn solemn duty.

    • Janny Sikazwe is fit and cute unlike the typical fat, round face, Zambia man watching the game from the bar sweaty and drunk. Ewwww.

    • Only 727 views and 13 comments….ok now this shows how irrelevant Charles Kakoma is….and this is the man undermining the original Anderson Mazoka’s UPND

    • Mr Kakoma should ignore Sunday Chanda ninkoko sana. If PF comes with stones whats wrong for upnd to pick stones?
      Do unto others what you want them do to you.

    Useless statement.
    Whether you start a fight or play victim, both your erring aszes must end up in custody and finally in court. Good luck with your stance. Kampyongo and Lubinda’s line ministries will have the final say. Guess what? It won’t be nice.

    • Dimba – You are assuming that right now when UPND cadres are attacked, they just smile and receive slaps and beatings. That is so lame. UPND cadres are equally violent. So, the Panga for Panga directive is a call for violence. No normal human being needs to be reminded that you have to defend yourself when attacked – unless you are very stu.pid (stu.pidity is very dangerous).

    • @ abilima, if the HH statement is a call for violence, who is then responsible for last seven years of institutionalized violent criminal acts?


  3. If attacking journalists in Chilanga can referred to as self defense, then I am afraid UPND would be a brutal regime.

  4. HH is feeling the heat from within the UPND. He has to make up sensational pronouncements to maintain the little power he has left among his cohorts. kikikiki.

  5. The real test for UPND is the upcoming mayoral elections in Lusaka and the MP elections in Kasenengwa in Eastern Province. How they perform in these two elections will determine whether they are indeed a government in waiting.

    • How many real tests are you going to subject these perpetual losers to. They have already lost enough for any normal person to judge.

  6. Mr Kakoma, not in the manner HH as a leader puts it. There are certain things leaders such as HH or any opposition leader cannot say. Mr Kakoma you can say anything but your leader cannot use those words because it means something similar to what happened in Namwala after the 2016 elections. Leaders must always show good character and not to tell their followers in the manner the UPND is doing. That is confusing the cadres. We must preach retraint as leaders unless we have no hope like UPND. Ababemba batila “Tufilile munsenga” Which is loosely translated that the one who has lost has nothing more to lose so he or she can ferment confusion so that there is no winer. The Bible story about the two women is very closely related to what HH is telling his cadres to do. The true owner of the…

  7. … The true owner of the child pleaded to the king that the child should live but the one who was not the true owner of the child told the king to split the child in two (meaning kill the baby). Clearly the UPND should not tell us that they do not care about the life of the electorate. Election time is not war time for UPND to tell their thugs to kill people.

  8. Ati upnd spokesperson, just look at his mouth. You can tell by the ugly shape of their mouths.
    What I wonder is whether these upnd leaders consult or talk to each other, today h.h says this next you hear h.h saying something else, in between its Kakoma saying exactly the opposite. Is it confirmation that h.h has a rebellion in his party? Meantime Mr Stephen Katuka not a single comment. Katuipushepo ba Jay Jay abaishiba bwino efyo ba bomba mu upnd.

  9. What ever mr kakoma is saying is tantamount to inciting violence,let both pf and upnd leaders preach restraint from panga for panga.p

    • Yuri, you are 100% right!!!
      Only PF criminals have right to violence and indiscriminate use of panga!!!

  10. Who would let anyone turn his face into a punching bag? It is only logical that if one attacks you, you defend yourself. Those causing violence ought to be arrested and charged but if the police facilitates their violence, self defence remains the only oltion.
    PF is the host of toxic violence and ba sunday(which should have been Monday or perhaps wednesday because Sunday is a holy day which he is not) kwena mu ibwelemo, muleonaula icalo. Icishinka cisuma kanabesa pantu ukushenteka Lesa kulasebanya- ilingi line nipabantu. Epo mpelele!

    • @ Magaba
      Unlike Plunderers Federation who has on offer “90 days”, 2,000,000 + 1,000,000 + 500,000 + 200,000 + 50,000 + Molungushi Textile jobs, unlimited corruption, institutionalized money laundering, thuggery, plundering Nation wealth, disregard of rule of law………….?

  11. UPND is prehistoric in the way they market themselves. The mposamabwe pr-Independence KK approach to politics is long gone. Just sell you CV to the people and tell how you are better than the competitors and let the people vote.Sensible Zambians already know who is violent and they already stay away from violent people.

  12. Lame call; incapacitated reasoning.
    That won’t win you votes. It’s not about fists but policies.
    Ask Raila Odinga of Kenya.

    • Which policies are you crapping about? Cadres in police uniform, Kaizer slapping police woman in public, Endemically Corrupt Leader getting richer by the second, sucking to IMF after robbing the Nation of billions, taxing the air and water, collapse of the Judiciary, appointment of declared sympathizers to the Bench, killing of innocent protesters, ………………………..???
      Just shut-up you d!ck 5ucking and arse l!cking wanker

  13. But this fo.ol Kakoma also, of course everybody has the right to defend themselves, but that is not what we are talking about you idoit. We are talking about stopping political violence by party cadres, specifically upnd and PF cadres.
    This Charles Kakoma, either he is an idoit or he is affected by Novichok.

  14. Unfortunately the police who are supposed to protect everyone regardless of political affiliation are compromised because they also fear the loss of their jobs and will always side with the ruling party. In such situations it means then that individuals or groups have to protect themselves through self defence.

  15. Ask kambwili and the party he consults for when they appeared on 5 FM near Levy park mall. Pf thugs hacked their cars and the police men barely 150 meters away refused to intervene. Ask Miles Sampa what happened when he attempted to campaign for UPND in the north. Ask HH what PF nearly did to him in Ndola when he attempted to appear on some radio station. If you your conscience is not seared you will reflect on Kakoma’s words and see the sense.

  16. Have judged President Lungu on many things like corruption ,theft I try to be honest as much as I can and if you are honest with yourself then you realise that the PF have the police on there side most of the time and the are usually more aggressive but I can’t help and notice HH’s untimely advice we need peace and it was truely reckless of him to issue such a suggestion and its like encouraging is supporters tobe violent

  17. Let HH call for peace also let him be a leader of Zambia not just his party yes we understand no one can just stand and look while they get attacked but it’s an called for to make such statements because it’s like encouraging his supporters to be violent .And Mr Lungu should pull up his socks in terms of stopping political violence he is the president for goodness sake let him show impartiality in dealing with perpetrators of violence and that will solve most of the violence issues

  18. Those who burned houses in Namwala and those who hacked PF members in Monze were simply defending themselves I suppose.

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