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Maintain peaceful campaigns and co-existence, says President Lungu as he heads to Turkey


President Edgar Lungu confers with Vice President Inonge Wina before departure for Turkey at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
President Edgar Lungu confers with Vice President Inonge Wina before departure for Turkey at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport

President Edgar Lungu says he is convinced that Zambians can never vote into power politicians who glorify political violence.

President Lungu said Zambians have no time to entertain political parties that believe in violence as the route to state leadership.

ZANIS reports that the Head of State said this at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) shortly before his departure for Turkey.

President Lungu said Zambians will judge harshly the perpetrators of violence in the fourth coming Lusaka Mayoral poll and other Council elections.

“We all want peace. The majority of Zambians who form the bulk of our voters all want peace. They will never vote for a political party that is violent,” Said President Lungu.

The President further said that those trying to intimidate people will be vanquish on July 26.

He urged Zambians to continue desisting from violence and maintain peaceful campaigns and co-existence.

And President Lungu said he will use his trip to Turkey to cement the exiting bilateral relations and development cooperation between the two countries for the mutual benefit of Zambians.

He said Turkey has been a great ally of Zambia as it has continued to warm up to Zambia’s development needs.

President Lungu said he is hopeful that the constitutional changes that have taken place in Turkey will hold and serve the best interests of the Turkish people.

The President said each country determines its own governance system and political order.

President Lungu is expected to attend the inauguration of the new Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who will be sworn in for the first time under the new executive presidential system on Monday, July 9.

Turkey’s governing system is changing from a parliamentary system to an executive presidency, which abolishes the office of the Prime Minister and changes parliament’s responsibilities.

As the new executive presidential system will fully go into effect with the inauguration of President Erdo?an on July 9, it will mark a turning point in Turkey’s political system.

President Lungu, who departed for Turkey at about 08:30 hours was seen off by Vice President Inonge Wina, Several Cabinet Ministers, Service Chiefs, Senior Government Officials and PF cadres that braved the early morning chill.

President Edgar Lungu confers with Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo before departure for Turkey at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
President Edgar Lungu confers with Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo before departure for Turkey at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport


    • His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu commander in commander in chief of the armed forces.

    • Thorn in the flesh – that’s all Lazy Lungu has titles other than that he is merely an empty suit!!

    • Physicists like referencing some infinite time to something like “light years away”
      Light years away is “a unit of length in astronomy equal to the distance that light travels in one year in a vacuum or about 5.88 trillion miles (9.46 trillion kilometers)” But be light years away means to be very far away. Usually said of something that is unlikely to happen in the near future.
      So the double hh presidential advancement is like many light years away. Get over it ECL is president of the state of Zambia. Thanks.

    • Thorn in the flesh – Yes you are right…Lazy Lungu is the President of Zambia unfortunately to him that’s where it ends a title!!

    • Can someone explain to this Lazy Bum Edgar what austerity measures mean….please wake up Maggie from her drunkard stupor!!

    • Okay now, forget about who’s going to Turkey and who’s going to Chawama; every serious and proud country must win something – however small.
      Just look how the so-called bid nations were booted out of the Russia FIFA 2018 WC. We have every reason to take AFCON seriously coz that’s all we currently have access to!!! Let’s prepare seriously for AFCON 2019 and go there with the aim of winning it.

    • Lungu’s admiration for Tin-pot dictators should be worrying to every Zambian. Lungu has consolidated his dictatorship by State Capture of cadre speaker & rubber-stamp parliament, rotten/corrupt Judiciary & compromised constitutional court.
      List of Lungu’s best friends:-

      Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza
      Oppressive Ethiopian Ex-PM Hailemariam Desalegn Boshe
      Corrupt Jacob Zuma
      Gabon’s Ali Bongo Ondimba
      King Mswati

      Now he’s gone international to befriend Asian dictatorships. Erdoggan has just turned himself into a full fledged dictator by turning his country from a parliamentary system to executive presidency. Is this system he admires & wishes was implemented Zambia?

      Just remember Saviour Chishimba’s words: “Dictators get killed in small holes…

    • How can president Lungu talk issues of non violence when he was talking to Lusambo whose career is fighting. Nowonder no one can take the president serious because he does not mean what he says.

  1. There he goes the Lazy Lungu, doing what he does best …he has more pressing issues to attend to in Ankara like inauguration of a dictator. Bowman adores Lazy Lungu so much that he too has got himself a Snow Winter over-coat!!

    • Lazy bum insolent online hooligan and bully chief of the tribal Horganisation and son of a tribal polygamist father using all he can on the computer to make my country ungovernable but only succeeding in making the SANE in understanding that Hatribes United Football Club is a tribal Horganisation.

  2. Its Sunday and they have all driven to KKIA including the useless old hen Bo Inonge to see off Lazy Lungu …imagine them telling their kids that “I am going to the Airport to escort the President”

  3. Enough of Lungu speaking in parables. It is fact that PF leadership & its cadres are extremely violent. As a leader,Lungu has failed to address many issues that affect the people, but defends PF anarchy when it suits him.
    The PF violence has spilled to the opposition, esp UPND & NDC who now vows an eye for eye as a mechanism for self defence. Mr Lungu has powers to act & stop this PF vs opposition violence, but chooses not to do so.
    Where are the jobs for the youths? Dialogue, commonwealth , FIC, Con~Court, presidential petition, 3rd term for Lungu, ECZ, poverty, hunger economy are among the most important things that needs to be resolved with agency.
    When Lungu returns from trotting, for once let him do the right thing by stopping violence & leave PFolice to be police~independent…

    • The lazy man has nothing to do in his office hence the reason to travel ..just look at the month of June every weekend was spent away…I wonder why he chose to be a President: even he has never come out and assented any policy. How anyone can have ambitions to stand again in 2021 is just laughable…I mean what do you propose to do!!

    • ….
      Action is louder than cheap talk. Ni shinga ubunga ba PF? Where is New City Market, Kavindele na North Western province railway construction, Lungu & 1 million jobs?
      People are tired of political violence. Violence is a cancer & PF should know that this generation of children or youths is harvesting violence & will be passed on to the next generation. Time for ending political violence is now Mr Lungu.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Skeleton – when has Lazy Lungu ever taken responsibility for anything…if it was Mwanawasa he would have invited Sata for talks specifically on ending violence but Lazy Lungu is a tool a puppet ..

  4. Lungu knows and directs the political violence in Zambia together with kapoyongo…….the police are powerless to stop violent PF caders just like how RATSA is powerless to PF caders making their own numberplates……

    Lungu , we all know of the PF thugs who attacked NDC with pangas at central police …..we all know of the PF thugs that have been smashing radio stations hosting the opposition and you know them as well…

    We say this again , lungu will struggle in any election without the support of violence and intimidation ……we only pray the British HC has set the standard of what is expected with his tweets….


    • What do you really want to hear? You want someone to tell you how important it is for Lazy Lungu to attend the inauguration of the “new” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and why its important for him to travel to Turkey to cement ties….really laughable… I am sure RB is in Ankara …remember that MMD deal Sata rubbished for KKIA.

    • Indeed , you want to hear new bloggers saying $17 billion debt is ok and paying $1million for a fake scania conversion that should cost $150k is good bussiness ?


  7. “President Lungu said he is hopeful that the constitutional changes that have taken place in Turkey will hold and serve the best interests of the Turkish people.”

    “The President said each country determines its own governance system and political order.”

    “Turkey’s governing system is changing from a parliamentary system to an executive presidency, which abolishes the office of the Prime Minister and changes parliament’s responsibilities.”

    “The Trump administration is turning a blind eye as President Tayyip Erdogan consolidates his dictatorship. Appeasing Turkey will backfire. Appeasement will embolden Erdogan’s crackdown on human rights, undermine the U.S.-led fight against ISIS, while pushing Russia and Turkey closer together.”
    By David L. Phillips / Independent Media…

  8. Mr Chisenga you are 100% right!!Comments from those anti -ECL are very boring and do not add any value here!!!HOW CAN YOU BE THE ONLY FEW TONGAS COMPLAINING WHEN MAJORITY ZAMBIANS APPRECIATE PF WORKS SINCE 2011?PF has turned Zambia into a constrction site since 2011!!!AS YOU GUYS CAMPED IN A TRIBAL PARTY UPND COMPLAIN,US WE ARE SEEING MASSIVE DEVELOPMENTS ACROSS ZAMBIA.Yes,PF still needs to do more to improve our economy.But generally PF is on a right tract!!!HENCE,ON 26/07/2018 WE WILL VOTE FOR HON.MILES SAMPA SO YOUR KABANANA FILM GUY KANGWA CHILESHE CAN HUNG!!WORK WELL YOUR H.E EDGAR LUNGU IN TURKEY!!!

  9. 7.1Jay Jay, in responding to #7 Chisenga at least you have confirmed that you are from the 3.5 provinces. In fact you are from the one province.
    Ba jj, even without me exposing you others have obviously observed. And now no one really cares what you say, since we know who you are. Unfortunately your comments for every word that you utter are taking your h.h another 20 light years from the possibility of state house. What a wasted life!!

  10. Travel well Your Excellency, you can rest assured that together with the Acting President Inonge Wina we shall keep Zambia safe from h.h, GBV, Kakoma and other obnoxious individuals. Jay Jay and the like we have already sorted out, everybody now knows them as tired upnd bores.

  11. Bwana Lungu feed your focus and starve your distraction -the constant travels and constant politicking are starving Zambia of real meaningful development.

  12. Absolutely no need for this visit. Not convincing of the need at all. ECL talked of austerity not long ago and ‘banned unnecessary travel’. Is an inauguration priority? Bilateral talks (probably a long shot at trying to legitimize this latest expedition) with a country like Turkey, whose own population has no confidence in what is going on, can be completed at the diplomatic official level.

    In the last few weeks ECL has hardly been at his desk. Touring internally, going to Kenya on a ‘private visit’ etc. How about sitting down and answering some questions about where Zambia is, is going and what exactly is going on over the mines, land issues, employment, education, health insurance etc.?

  13. Austerity measures my foot! Someone shunning the AU summit in Mauritania(where the main topic was corruption)only to go and attend a one-day inauguration ceremony all the way to Turkey! What are ambassadors for?

    • Lazy Lungu has hired a 20 seater Gulf Stream Jet P4-BFY to fly to Ankara from Lusaka for a pointless ceremony…do you seriously think this man cares about austerity? He knows he will retire abroad thats why he likes dictators.

  14. I like the speech about Zambians not voting for violence-inclined leaders. which reminds me of the violence leading up to the nominations of presidential candidate for PF in 2015. Pangas and machetes and raising of hands as a shortcut to actual voting of a preferred candidate! And on a lighter note, last time I checked, when our government paid an official visit to Saudi Arabia, they came back promising us subsidised fuel at less than K5 per litre. I can’t recall if this happened. Now with this Turkey visit, should we expect cheap sources of turkey birds(kalukuluku) for sale during Christmas period? Just wondering…

  15. Insolent lazy bum tribal online chief hooligan and bully of the tribal gathering posing as a political party and son of a polygamist father with no manners and class! Satanist like his buddy? Yes, antiJesus!

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