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Ndola woman gets 3 years simple imprisonment for trafficking in Heroin

General News Ndola woman gets 3 years simple imprisonment for trafficking in Heroin

Ndola Magistrate Court has sentenced a 38 year old woman of Ndola to three years simple imprisonment for trafficking in Heroin weighing 3.97 kilograms.

Magistrate Bubala Sikalunda convicted and sentenced Franciscar Kaluba of house number 20, Ndeke Township, a hair dresser after she admitted to the offence of one count of trafficking in Narcotics substance contrary to the laws of Zambia.

According to facts read before the court, by Senior Public Prosecutor Juliet Mwengani, the convict was intercepted at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport on June 24, 2018.

Ms. Kaluba was carrying the drugs in transit to New Delhi, India.

Acting on a tip off, an officer from the Drug Enforcement Commission, Sunday Kambalame based at the airport verified the report and identified the convict who was about to board an Ethiopian Airline.

The suitcase in Kaluba’s possession was searched and two parcels wrapped in silver foil paper were discovered hidden in the suitcase lining.

A further search revealed that the foil contained brownish powder and after being subjected to chemical analysis at the Food and Drug Control laboratory it was confirmed to be heroin.

When questioned about the product found on her, Ms. Kaluba said it was a courier for drugs to India.

And in mitigation, Ms. Kaluba asked the court for leniency stating that she is a cervical cancer patient.


  1. Three years simple imprisonment, and seven spirits spend about a year for being wrongly accused as a drug trafficker!!!!
    People get three years with hard just being found with one ball of weed what more 3.97 kg of heroin?

    • Mushota lucky to get away again. Was going to make a massive joint with Nick in Glasgow! Ala wapusuka!

    • The DPP should appeal so that this woman can go in for a minimum of 10 years. Drugs damages people’s lives and can lead to death by drug users. We are talking about 4 kilos with a street value of more than half a million Kwacha .

  2. She should thank her Gods that she was caught in Zambia and not India- 3 years for 4Kg of heroine!
    Do these people ever learn what happens to drug traffickers out there?

  3. Indians are the biggest drug dealers in Zambia using poor impoverished Zambian mules …..indians are also the biggest corruptores of the immigration depatment in Zambia …..just see how many Indians are roaming Zambia with fake papers while the immigration concentrate on black African brothers…..looks like the chief immigration officer is under pay of the Indian mafia.

  4. This magistrate! Three years for such a serious offence! I’m coming back to Zambia to be a drug pusher

  5. She must be well connected.
    What of thati tall mukaladi philip who was caught with a very small amount but still languishes in remand coming close to a year..?

  6. This whole case stinks. Conviction in less than a month after being arrested?…. On such a serious offense? ….. Hello?

  7. Three years simple imprisonment for trafficking almost 4kgs of heroin? She must have oiled somebody, because with that quantity she’s supposed to go in for a longer period with hard labour…

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