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RTSA suspends driving licenses for Chinese national


RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga
RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga

The Livingstone High Court has suspended the Driver License for a Chinese national and five Zambians for causing death by dangerous driving contrary to the Road Traffic Act No.11 of 2002.

Particulars of the offence are that Mr. You Wenzeng on June 5th 2018 in Monze district in Southern Province did cause the death of Innocent Moono by driving on a public road in a dangerous manner.

Others convicted for causing death by dangerous driving were Ephraim Siame, Sitali Mubiana, Morton Bwalya, Nalishebo Simunji, and Muyuba Chingulu.

According to the notice of convictions, the six were convicted and sentenced to various fines and their licenses suspended for a period of one year.

To this effect, the RTSA has effected the order for the suspension of the Driver Licenses and will remain vigilant to enforce the law in a bid to reduce bad road user behavior on public roads.

RTSA hopes that the move by the court will act as a deterrent measure to would-be road traffic offenders and send a strong self-control signal to all motorist not to flout road traffic regulations with impunity.

This is according to a press statement issued to media by RTSA Public Relations Head Frederick Mubanga.


  1. This RTSA group are a distaste.

    They have done nothing to prevent accidents me thinks



    • These hooligans need to be charged with manslaughter. And all you can do is suspend their licenses? Is this not a mockery of justice? And you think by merely suspending their licenses without any other serious consequences such as jail time will deter others from overspeeding? What a joke.

  2. If it was a Zambian he could have been arrested and jailed. But now he is a friend to State house that is why he can’t be jailed. That is Zambia for you.

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