Mufulira’s Buteko Market gutted

Buteko market
Buteko market

Buteko market in Mufulira has been burnt to ashes destroying goods worth millions of Kwacha.

The fire swept through the market around 01:00 hours this morning and destroyed goods worth millions of Kwacha.

Mufulira Mayor Gift Mushinge confirmed the development in an interview but said the cause of the fire has not been established.

Ms Tembo who could not quantify the loss, said the fire brigade and Mopani Mines Fire Fighters had rushed to the scene and were only able to contain the inferno around 04:00 Hours.

Buteko market


    • The one million Dollar transformers fire engine failed to fly to Mufulira and put out the fire we sincerely apologise to the people of Mufulira we would have diverted the Money from the City Market donations but alas we already did that … Be patient once we talk to the Chinese and renegotiate the loans we shall then borrow more for a 2 million dollar fire engine while u trade in dirt I am travelling a lot to better your lives and before u known it 2021 will be upon us … Yours ECL

    • These market fires only started since Lungu became President. Coincidence? No.

      These same markets have existed since even before 1964. We have never ever had such fires completely gutting an entire market. Never.

      Like the markets in Lusaka, and Ndola (which was blamed on an innocent poor soul), the real culprits will never be disclosed. But we know that this government is so corrupt and greedy they will burn even more markets and infrastructure just so that they keep getting those thick brown envelopes.

      Now mark my words….

      The next thing you will hear is that this market will be redeveloped by the Chinese.

      I am not racist, but the Chinese are the Undertakers of Africa. They need to be sent back to China now, peacefully, unless they resist.

      Africa is truly on fire…

    • @Numbian,
      I missed you. But you come back worse than no one can imagine. If you continue commenting like Dora, then I will stop loving you.

  1. A sad thing to happen, especially that we do not insure against fire in zambia mostly! Thousands lost Yes! millions I doubt?

  2. Market committees should incorporate security committees to supervise the safety of markets especially at night in the cold seasons.

  3. where are the illegally purchased fire engines ba panga family.Criminals beka beka under this pf government…lol

  4. #1.2 HaIndigoTyrol, the correct position is that “..These market fires only started since Ha h.h lost the 2016 elections together with the petition, and declared Harmaggedon…”

  5. Comment:wht is happened in this country God come and jag one by one me I’m starting waiting for u right now even today come plz come

  6. This is the Armageddon UPND spoke about just before 2016 general elections and it has come to pass. We do understand that perpetual loosing is painful and we do sympathize with them but they shouldn’t let the poor people suffer more. This has never happened until these hungry for power people came on the scene.

  7. #5 jj, “…. Insanity is doing the same thing yet expecting different results..”. Wakandapo ifya mano for the first time. That is what has happened to h.h, arson at Soweto did not take him to state house, but now he is doing the same things and expecting to win elections.

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