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Two die over too much love for the other


Zambia Police
A 20 year old woman of Mumba village in Chieftainess Chungu of Luwingu district in Northern Province was yesterday axed to death by her brother in law for accepting marriage with another man.

Both Luwingu District Commissioner Alick Kampamba and Northern Province, Deputy Police commissioner Edwin Bwanga confirmed the development to Zambia News and Information services (ZANIS) in luwingu.

Mr Bwanga said that Rabecca Mulenga was murdered by her brother in law Gilbert Mwape who is married to her elder sister.

This is after Rabecca accepted marriage with another man who approached her parents to start process of marriage arrangements.

Mr. Bwanga said this annoyed Gilbert who wanted to maintain both his wife and her young sister in the marriage.

He explained that after committing murder Gilbert later ran into a nearby bush where he went to commit suicide by hanging himself on a tree.

Mr Bwanga said Police in luwingu rushed to the area and retrieved the dead bodies of both Rabecca Mulenga and Gilbert Mwape and took them to luwingu district hospital mortuary.


    • There is nothing disgusting here or pathetic, you seem not to understand what those words mean, or you have used them in a wrong context here.

      Its a shame they have lost their lives, not sure this is the whole truth here I m afraid.

      No excuse though in axing anyone to death



    • Mushota can you have your husband marry your young sister and not call that disgusting?

      What understanding have you got?

      Thank you

  1. Mwebantu sure, uletomba pabili, paikulu neinono? This is unfortunate. Worse still death by axing. Very painful death. God help us.

    • Kikikikiki……………you made my day. Some deaths sure! Why do we allow the devil to take over our lives in this way kanshi? What we have not been told is whether this Gilbert was married to both sisters.Afwile aletombakofye kuli sister wamukashi wakwe.Pakumfwa ati alefwaya ukupwa elo nomba chamukalipa to an extent of killing her and later killing himself.Lesa twafweni!!

  2. It’s really sad news…this man loved the in-law than the wife (widow) to an extent of killing himself awe kwena he was selfish…R.I.P Rebecca.. what a disgusting man he was????

  3. I have a complaint over the title attributed to the story. The murdered woman must be turning in the grave. She agreed to marry someone else because clearly she did not love her brother in law. This is a clear case involving gender abuse. Even if there was sex involved it does not mean there was consent. There is NO justification in the world for taking another’s life. Fire the blood Lusaka Times Editor. Sexist, incompetence, insolent , rude etc

    • I totally agree. I like your reasoning Kanyama. The editorial skills are extremely poor to say the least.

  4. The quality of the Zambian citizenry is extremely compromising. What a reason for committing homicide.

  5. In Judaism marrying of sisters by one man was normal. Think of Jacob. The unfortunate thing is to murder someone when he tell you that he does not love you.Also terminating someone’s life is sin.

    • “Was normal” you say and that does not make it okay now you dummy. its 2018 now and we are under a New Covenant.

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