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Kambwili and Musenge’s NDC to Recognise Taiwan as a sovereign state


NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili

The opposition National Democratic Congress has announced that it recognizes Taiwan as a sovereign state.

The party has since declared that it does not recognize the One China Policy.

In a statement released on a Thursday evening, NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge says the party is extremely disappointed with the action by the Chinese communist party who have openly thrown their political weight behind the governing PF government.

Mr Musenge said that it is now evident that the Chinese Government is indirectly supporting the PF thus interfering in our internal political space.

“In this regard, the NDC wants to make it clear that we do not as a party recognize the one china policy. To this effect, the NDC recognizes Taiwan as a sovereign state,” Mr Musenge said.

He said the NDC leadership will in due course travel to Lilongwe, Malawi to formalize it’s ties with that country.

“Instead if pursuing economic diplomacy, China is directly interfering in our political affairs as an independent state. The NDC leadership will henceforth write a diplomatic protest letter on the continued undue interference in our domestic affairs,” he said.

Mr Musenge said the Chinese communist party and its Government has clearly crossed the red line by associating and supporting the pf.

“As NDC, we thus urge China to stop its interference in Zambia’s internal politics. The NDC in Government will open a mission in Taipei as a way of recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign state.”

Officials from the Chinese Communist Party at the PF Secretariat
Officials from the Chinese Communist Party at the PF Secretariat
Officials from the Chinese Communist Party at the PF Secretariat
Officials from the Chinese Communist Party at the PF Secretariat


    • Kambwili and Musenge are now running out of ideas….dealing with UPND is not helping…no chance of winning any election in Zambia

    • M. Sata used this same trick to hoodwink dull PF voters. $200,000 of Taiwanese money was confiscated from Sata at O.R.Tambo airport.

      When he came into power, he back-peddled after a huuuge Chinese bribe & began the process of selling the country to tu ma Chinese whilst indebting us with $-Billions of Chinese & Euro-Bond loans.

      Today even marketeers, cross-border traders, poultry farmers, labourers, etc. are complaining of Chinese taking their jobs.

    • So if Cuba assists the youth in the Meembe’s socialist party who would be the first to complain? The same dingbats okay with China training PF …

    • Jay Jay
      The youths in Mmembe’ party are being indoctrinated to believe in homosexuality and atheism. Lets not just support things which will mess up our society

  1. With the looming trade war which Donald Trump has started, political assassinations will start with Kambwili and Musenge being the first victims

  2. Why don’t they just leave China and Taiwan alone to sort out their own squabbles? No country can do without China in this world, not even USA and who are you NDC?

    • @Country men u are such a big lier,ur useless chinese have made inroads in Zambia because of people like u who condone corruptions & cheap/substandard items from chinese

  3. Desperation coupled with strong desires breeds hatred and consequently murder. Kambwili and his disciple Musenga are political charlatans bent on doing everything possible to achieve their ill conceived objective.

  4. Only upnd and hh visits foregn nations for the purpose of meeting an opposition party which is an under5 like them. China understands foreign politics. You align yourselves with the ruling party not opposition party. Did kambwili expect those people to meet them. Kiki. Politics of under5s.

    • Oval head ,

      markets are burning in Zambia while your corrupt theiving GRZ does nothing…..all they look for is tenders. All day looking to steal.
      After deliberately starting the first round of fires to get paid for 42/42 , lungu and kapoyongo felt comfortable now fate has come to bite them on their backsides…

    • Spaka always off topic. ..why? Fires are not entirely uncommon during this cold season. For your information the weather is extremely cold out here so someone careless may just fail to ensure safe use of braziers.

    • Ndanji
      Ati fires are not uncommon ? Common , we have been having fires in public places for the past 4 years and nothing is been done …….so in your thinking we expect cholera to ravage Zambia come the rainy season ?

      This is the mediocre thinking that drags Africans back…..expect and demand lungu and his GRZ fix things.

    • Spaka you talk like you’re not a Zambian. Have you been to our markets to see how careless people are with mbabula? Government can’t be there 24/7 to supervise marketeers on fire prevention. These people are supposed to be responsible.

    • Grz is there to solve problems, educate and enhance our living and working conditions.

      If these marketers are careless , why are they not educated about fire safety ? You mean GRZ have not seen the poor standards in markets ?

      Again mediocre thinking passing on the blame.

    • Ndanji Another thing is those markets cost millions in destroyed goods and people’s lively hoods , we can not be so casual ati fires happen ? Since 4 years ago markets burning ati fires happen ??

      I expect more from you.

    • The main purpose of Fire brigade or department is to prevent fire, these marketers misusing imbaula can be educated or trained or a policy can be put concerning the use its. If they are fires then the fire brigade is idle and not working or they do is wait for fire to erupt.
      We need to be proactive not reactive!!!

  5. These two with big tummies full of fart ( ifisushi) and worms ( iminyambo) don’t have brains. Chilufya Tayali alilanda ati POLITICS TEYABANA. What is it that you will achieve by recognizing Taiwan? Even Sata at first took the same confrontational stance against China. What did he achieve? Nothing and the Chinese are still pushing those wheelbarrows he was talking about and driving fimazembe.

    • Sata had promised us that within 90 days he would chase the infestors out of the country. What happened is the opposite. …he brought in more Chinese infestors in 3 years than Levy and Rupiah combined.

  6. Kkkkkkkkk the fo0ls are feeling the heat now!!Kambwili and Musenge thought they can dismantle PF before 2021,but reality has caught up with them!!PF is Mighty baba.DID YOU SEE A MAMMOTH PF RALLY IN ZINGALUME-MATERO YESTERDAY?MUZAMUZIBA YESU BA KAMBWILI IN 2021!!!
    China is so powerful today such that no country on Earth can do minus chinese money!!!PF is luck for having warm relations with chinese govnt and it must expect proper funding from a rich chinese govnt!!!

  7. What do they know about international relations? Kambwili served as Minister of Foreign Affairs for less than one year, and in that time he knew nothing about international relations. If I may ask, do they have an adviser on international relations? I doubt, but if they do, they may have picked on a wrong character who may be equally ignorant.

  8. Copy-and-paste politics, that was the Cobra’s brag and Mantra, the West took the bait hook and sinker…the Jo’burg briefcase cash confiscation from one MCS arose from such Taiwan “red-herring statements”. On one thing they are right CCP-PF Meetings MUST NOT be spread like GRZ-CCP team-ups! The zambian government, the People MUST VEHEMENTLY repulse this chinalisation of our Country…the Country is almost gone!!! WAKE UP ZAMBIA !!!!

  9. The opportunism that characterises these Katangese baboons stinks! Kambwili will stoop as low as is conceivable to have his palms oiled with a quick buck, this obese skank knows no levesl of gutlessness. No wonder, any human being who bears such a cunning semblence to a gorilla gives much credence to be belief that humas are descended from apes. His behaviour crowns it all, mutu ki siNjoko!

  10. We’ve seen it before..huff puff to get Taiwan to donate and China to pay you to hush.. Huff puff which I’m afraid might yield zero coin this time round as the Chinese have Zambia by the ma bola

  11. If the entire mighty West don’t recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state who are these Baboons kidding. Besides the ordinary Zambian knows only China and anyone who looks like Mao is Chinese doesn’t matter where they come from.

  12. Kambwili is an oversized fool whose idiocy knows no bounds. The fat man has become so desperate that at this rate he will go insane soon. His head must be filling up with cholesterol

  13. Ha ha ha M Sata also tried this approach, when he lost the first election he even wanted the Taiwanese ambassodor invited to his inaurguation, but when PF won he sent Kaunda to apologise. You can not ignore China in this day and age.

  14. Markets are burning in Zambia due to Animo Farm. Kambwili registered and is now a holder of an Animo Farm card since demons came into him.

  15. Am I the only one who finds this odd?
    The U.S. government for decades has backed away from recognizing Taiwan as an independent state and almost 96% of countries on earth have no diplomatic relations with Taiwan which China considers as a break away province just like Tibet and has promised to take military action against the Taiwan should it declare itself independent. With that threat of military action against any major power (U.S.inclusive). Countries have backed off from recognizing Taiwan’s independence and now its political parties straight outta zed not evening in power want to recognize it as independent? With what chance of success?
    zed politics sure, some people is trying to make a joke out of themselves..

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