Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Music Show at PF Political Rally



  1. Am very sure that is Finance Minister Mrs Mwanakatwe doing her thing in this video. I might be wrong, but correct me. However, if am correct, this is what I have to say:

    No wonder the economy is on the downward slide, I expect the entire Minister of Finance to be hard at work trying to fix this, in the light of announcements coming from the IMF this week, but alas , looks like our Finance Minister was a Chief Dancing Queen at a Political rally, looking like all is well and our economy is on a trajectory to the planet Mars, I mean this is during a working day in a week

    • Its business as usual even after a main trading market and lifeline of many suffering Zambians was gutted

    • What a mess on stage, so disorganised.
      Except Margaret & Miles they have moves. Let’s see Mumbi Phiri, she just came late.

    • That indeed is Mrs Mwanakatwe—an accomplished woman having fun at a rally. I love her more for this. Tell HH if he acted like someone you can have a drink with rather than one who would castigate you for having one, he would have been president by now. Connecting with the common man is very important in a politician!

    • They have nothing to say because the audience that votes for them are infinitely none receptive to campaigns that espouse long term vision. Let them dance that is what the majority Zambians deserve nothing more …


  3. All prominent Zambian musicians are PF lovers leaving UPND with crazy Pilato who looks like a mad person!!!PF rallies are always joyful and many Zambians love it and it is ever mammoth!!
    Love or hate it,Miles B Sampa is 100% incoming Lusaka mayor because numbers do not lie!!!HH’s UPND has never come out number one in any of the 7 constituencies of Lusaka since 2006!!!Even at HH’s peak in 2016 when he was supported by tested politicians such as Dr.Guy Scott,Maureen Mwanawasa,GBM,Miles Sampa himself,Mulenga Sata,Lupando Mwape,Nevers Mumba,etc still UPND failed to win in any single constituency of lusaka urban!!!Now almost all of those known politicians have dumped HH’s UPND!GBM is broke too hence the current UPND campaigns in Lusaka are boring or not visible at all!!So Miles Sampa will…

  4. God why us? Gee, unbelievable! This is where we are. This is how we spend time and money. 90% of the people under 30 attending an event they do not understand at all. The pictures tell the state of the nation. We are in deep sh#t!

  5. Rallies are paid for musical concerts by they ruling party.
    Such a sad reality we are living in, that rallies are no longer platforms for political messages dispensation.

  6. I could not watch the clip to the end.i wanted the people attending the rally,l doubt if the rally was mammoth as reported in other media. Please comment who have an idea how big the rally was

  7. Nji by you are still in the past Zambian will vote otherwise .we no longer deal in Miles we have gone metric…kilometers now

  8. I have just seen people rejoicing and dancing to their own impending downfall.
    That’s really appalling!

  9. They are having a blast, more like a party. So we can conclude that the Lusaka Mayor will be Miles Sampa. Mukose ba Lusaka, 100 days of change #Icant

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