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ZDDM President wants to contest Kasenangwa seat on PF ticket

Headlines ZDDM President wants to contest Kasenangwa seat on PF ticket

FILE: UPND president Hakainde Hichilema with his counterparts from Nevers Mumba from MMD and Edwin Sakala (R)from Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (left).

Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) president Edwin Sakala says he is going to apply to stand on the Patriotic Front (PF) ticket during the Kasenengwa Constituency by election.

Speaking during a walk in interview with ZANIS in Chipata today, Mr Sakala said he will apply for adoption on the PF ticket as he wants to finish all the developmental projects left by late Victoria Kalima.

He said he hails from the constituency and is fully aware of the challenges which the people of Kasenengwa are currently facing such as bad roads and lack of bridges among other needs.

Mr Sakala said he has chosen to apply on the PF ticket so as to assist President Edgar Lungu deliver development to the people.

He said President Lungu is very hardworking and committed hence the need to support him if his dreams to develop Zambia are to be realized.

Mr Sakala said he understands the PF manifesto very well and is hopeful that the PF party will adopt him.

The Kasenengwa seat fell vacant after the demise of Ms Kalima last month.

And United Party for National Development (UPND) Shikombwe Ward Councillor in Kaoma’s Mangango constituency has resigned to join the Ruling Patriotic Front (PF)

Acting PF District Chairman Alick Kalimbwe confirmed David Kalenga’s resignation in a letter addressed to Kaoma Council Chairperson dated June 28 and made available to ZANIS.

Mr Kalimbwe further disclosed that five people have since applied to contest on the ruling party ticket.

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  1. This is dangerous now as everyone only wants to stand on PF!!we better even come up with one party state!!!just 2 weeks ago,more than 32 prominent politicians applied to be adopted on PF in the Lusaka mayoral by election and only unknown creature (only one) applied to be adopted by UPND(Kangwa Chileshe).Other opposition parties ended up adopting its own presidents such as Saviour Chishimba,Tayali as nobody applied to be adopted on those parties!!!
    What this Mr Sakala is confirming here to all dull tribalists camped in UPND is that EVEN A FROG ON PF SHALL WIN IN KASENENGWA!!!2021 is not far away and we still cant see wind of change in Zambia-it is terrible for UPND!!

    • The only reason these people are applying to stand on PF ticket is the availability of resources which happen to be abused govt resources…I mean you have a President who has a degree in Law is happy to bang on to villagers that if you don’t vote for PF no development will come your way…surely this is unacceptable. And what this Sakala is saying is baseless he is simply a hungry hyena, Victoria Kalima had held that seat on MMD ticket before 2016, then PF …if he truly wants to carry on with her plans he can stand on his own Party’s ticket.

    • @Njimbu tell your bululu to vote for the frog, then they will eat the same frog. They eat rodents already.

    • The only problem Zed has is tha foo.ls like @ Njimbu out number the wise by far, the country is in free fall and all you see is the evil in UPND and the guys in Power like EL who have made the country into a lawless paradise, as he saying goes, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF FOO.LS IN LARGE NUMBERS.

    • The only problem Zed has is tha foo.ls like @ Njimbu out number the wise by far, the country is in free fall and all you see is the evil in UPND and NOT in the guys in Power like EL who have made the country into a lawless paradise, as he saying goes, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF FOO.LS IN LARGE NUMBERS.


  3. Really laughable…this generation of Politicians is very scary indeed…morally bankrupt who have no understanding of multi-party politics: I think we pay our MPs just too much money!!

  4. ” ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Ackson sejani. Mr. Sakala the president of ZDDM wants to stand on the PF ticket!!!!!! wow this confirms the attractiveness and popularity of PF because the party is not tribal like UPND where TONGAS have an upper hand over NON TONGAS. Another councilor David Kalenga resigns from the tribal grouping to join the all inclusive PF. Political analysts have forewarned UPND that it risks losing its political fortunes as long as tribalist HH remains at the helm of this party. The political landscape of UPND will be worse than it is now soon after losing the impending Mayoral and council elections to be held across the country. UPND has NO VISION,NO LEADERSHIP, NO DIRECTION AND NO STRATEGY

  5. At the pace we are moving,it wont be long before HH also applies to be adopted on PF ticket at ward level in Monze or GBM doing the same in Mungwi District as they say “if you cant beat them,join them!!” PF is a winning team in Zambia!!!
    Look,politics like football is about good momentum!!!when a football team is on peak,it wins almost all games much to the amazement of the opponents.PF is becoming strong each day!!!

  6. Just look at Sakala in that photo …he can not even fit in that shirt and suit; that’s how hungry he is like Lazy Lungu used to look…he looks hungry!!

  7. Edwin Sakala ni sakala or kawalala chabe! It is in their family DNA like his convicted young brother. By the way does this prospecting MP Sakala have soap and washing powder at home? Surely aka kamudala does not bath and his clothes need serious washing! Kamudala takakwata nensoni going around nefiko!!

  8. Comment: P.F may not be a good party but UPND is the worst! I hear H.H has resigned from UPND and wants to join P.F

  9. Multi partism is slowly tilting to mono partism.We should not let party die because of egocentric behavior.The culture of moving from one party to another,especially the ruling party,will push the country to one-party-dictatorial regime.
    The problem that we have is that parties have thrown their ideologies in a pit of political expedience.They have lost the principles on which they were founded.It does not mean PF will remain forever in power.Opposition parties should devise mechanism of repositioning themselves as ruling parties in waiting.
    The have become like prostitutes who have no direction in attracting their clients.

  10. It is very sad when people think they can only have a better standard of living if they are inclined to the ruling party. Very discouraging to note so many selfish men and women in the political realm in Zambia today. What is happening now has nothing to do with having a ”heart” to serve the less privileged but simply selfish motives to have a comfortable life that comes with these constitution offices. How I wish we could change some laws and get strict with who can be allowed to aspire for which office, it seems the current laws and rules are just weak. It is just ridiculous that even those leading political parties can sink so low that they can ditch their party at every opportunity. Why can’t that man stand on his political party ticket or simply support the PF candidate if he…

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  12. Why forming a party if you want to go and stand on another party’s ticket. This is one confused character like his brother the ex convict Richard sakala.

  13. I think people that are eating public funds forget easily, this happened when the might MMD was in power no sit was taken by the opposition during bye elections, but what happened in 2011 is something that no one in the. mighty MMD though could happen,. Think what you can think say what you can say but remember one thing, Zambians are the ones voteing and time is coming when others will have nowhere to hide. God is watching

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