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Bwale alleges Burundi U20 are using madala’s


Under 20 National Soccer Team
Under 20 National Soccer Team
Burundi are not playing fair and have overage players, Zambia Under-20 coach Charles Bwale has alleged.

Zambia overcame their physically imposing guests Burundi on Saturday at Nkoloma Stadium in Lusaka to record a 1-0 home win in their 2019 U20 AFCON final round, first leg qualifier.

“I am a little disappointed with Burundi. Although I may not have the facts but when I look at the players they brought here, I can tell that they are not under -20,” Bwale said.

The defeat was Burundi’s first in the qualifiers after they blitz through the qualifiers unbeaten following a 2-0 away and 1-0 home win over Ethiopia in the first round and a 1-1 home draw and 2-0 away victory over Sudan in the second round.

“So maybe I may take this opportunity to ask CAF to look at the Burundi side. I had heard complaints from the Sudanese that they featured guys were old,” Bwale said.

“Just by looking you can tell to say that some are not genuine Under 20 that is why my boys found it difficult to do damage.

“Just look at their goalkeeper himself, I think it is not fair for African football.”

But a calm Burundi coach Burundi coach Jocylin Bifubusa dismissed Bwale’s allegations.

“These are player’s real ages, the problem is the majority of Burundi people look older than their age,” “Bifubusa said.


  1. You can’t cheat these days….They use MRI scan into bone.Changing your ID does not work anymore….

  2. Bwale understand that outward appearance does not determine someone’s age. I am 55 but many people put my age as 35 what is the fiasco Bwale, get facts before you comment

  3. Atase, with all the malnutrition caused by genocide trigerring stuntted growth they should be looking younger not old. Someone who attended the match said some of them look like KK’s brothers, how can they be under 20, ba mnyamulenge!

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