Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Chikupi New Apostolic Church gutted


Fire has swept through Chikupi New Apostolic Church in Kafue district in Lusaka province destroying property worth thousands of kwacha.

The fire which started around midnight destroyed church furniture, door frames and roofing sheets for the church.

And Kafue District Commissioner Joseph Kamana, who rushed to the scene around 02:00 hours expressed shock, saying that it is unfortunate that fire have continued to destroy property in the country.

Mr. Kamana has since appealed to members of the church and residents of Kafue to remain calm as the police continue to investigate the cause of the fire.

Kafue fire brigade managed to extinguish the fire around 01:30 hours.


  1. h.h during campaign visit to Comesa Market: “It is important that safety measures are put in place during the planning and construction phases of markets in order to prevent incidences such as this one”.
    Replace “market” with “church”, what is h.h saying now, that the church was not planned with safwty measures in mind? J.j mutuumbu, what do you say?

    • Just bring on the fires we have USD 42 million invested in fire fighting twachepa utumililo utu… and how people keep bringing HH into this is simply mind boggling and probably a twisted effort to appeal to the simple minds like those that travel to Nigeria for healing

  2. And the Cotton plant in Magoye was not well planned.
    But don’t be hoodwinked brothers and sisters, they are just covering up. Or maybe their arsonists have turned against their sponsors, just perhaps?

  3. HH surely will pay for this because you cannot attack the Church unless he repents his evil sins of being a sadist his tricks will continue to be exposed and will continue losing

  4. One day someone will even blame the fire on his brazier on HH. Let’s learn to analyse issues objectively. What we don’t realise when we demonize HH or ECL is that we are spreading hatred among our people. If this our objective for contributing on this forum, then it’s time we found something else to do.

  5. @ amano ,I salute you! Iam a pure Bemba and I wonder why most people hate mr HH.He is a fellow zambian and there z no need fo us to be putting blames on him with watever happens in da country.someone is killed ati hh,fire somewhere hh,thieves somewhere hh and so on …..,bane stop accusing yo brother/uncle/ father.remember da bible says judgement shud be left for da almight God.And those of u mwebatemwa ukulanda ati He is a satanist,just work hard and u will hear some people calling a satanist as well

  6. UPND is a Terrorist Horganisation and a Tribal Horganisation. Animo Farm must be caged before he does more harm to this nation. I think the security wings are inert.

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