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Government to probe over staffing in schools


Minister of General Education David Mabumba
Minister of General Education David Mabumba

Government says it has instituted investigations concerning allegations of over staffing of teachers per establishment in certain schools in Lusaka.

Last week, Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo, said that some schools in Lusaka had more teachers than they required at the expense of schools in other areas in the country.

Meanwhile, Minister of Higher Education David Mabumba said in an interview with ZANIS today that his Ministry had instituted background checks to establish the facts on the ground.

He said that various stake holders like the Teacher’s Service Commission and Management Development Division will be going round the whole country taking stock of teacher student ratios in the country.

Mr. Mabumba said it will be prudent to get the facts on the ground not only for Lusaka but the country as a whole.

The Minister however, highlighted that Lusaka and the Copperbelt Province will be first priority.

He also stated that it is important to know that there are shortages of class room space in schools in Lusaka leading to some teachers not having classes.

Mr. Mabumba noted that it is important to note that Lusaka has a huge population hence, the possibility of schools being perceived to be having more staff.

The Minister said that the country will be put in clear light after investigations are completed.


  1. In Lusaka and Copperbelt, its normal to have more teachers because women when they get married, they move in to join husbands, unless govt intends to dishonour marriages and put couples assunder.

  2. Why even waste money hiring investigators? Why not just ask head teachers to call in numbers? We don’t have money to play with.

  3. School monthly returns on staffing if well done will save this govt money and time to do the so called investigation.

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