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Chibombo Council to purchase 2,089 hectares of land for building a Central Business District

General News Chibombo Council to purchase 2,089 hectares of land for building a...

Chibombo District Council has commenced the process of purchasing 2,089 hectares of land valued at Thirty Million Kwacha, for its central business district (CBD).

The Local Authority has since written to the Ministry of Local Government to seek guidance and authority to procure the land which has since been identified.

ZANIS reports that Council Chairperson James Ntalasha explains that the council has opted to buy a parcel of land from the private individuals, “ because most of the land surrounding the township is under customary and is already occupied by the indigenous people.”

The land to be purchased will be strictly utilized for the creation of the central business district, the Council Chairperson added.

Currently, the district does not have a CBD where public and private institutions operate from.

As a result, the various social- economic activities in the area take place along the Great North Road..

And some community members have welcomed the decision by the council to purchase a parcel of land for the creation of the central business district.

One of the community members Robby Malindima told ZANIS that the creation of the CBD will help the council enhance revenue collection.

Mr Malindima further said the district will be able attract more investors once it has a well-defined central business centre.


  1. More shopping malls to sell S.A. and Chinese goods ……while the corrupt theif is on a campain trail in chipata …..

    Lungu direct your equally corrupt lazy ministers to lead in the creation of factories and assembly plants

    • The opposition has many seats at this level…yet they can not stand on the podium and state that look at that district we have introduced XX to improve this or to curb that… they are all enjoying themselves

    • If Chibombo Council forces the trading area to move away from the Great North Road, they will probably put those people out of business. They benefit from travellers on the main road who can easily stop by to buy vegetables and fruit, sometimes from the convenience of their vehicles. If they are serious with their project, why not compensate the villagers and then ask them to relocate? They can do it for less than what they want to pay for the land from the rancher near-by.What is wrong with local authorities?

    • Spaka lilo: Please be serious. What power does Lungu have to direct his ministers to build assembly plants? To make what? You cannot just wake up and build assembly plants to make other people’s products. You need a licence and it has to make economic sense to owners of the product.

    • Chanchima

      To get licences to build assembly plants is where GRZ Is to work , do you know how many Zambians can be employed by assembling solar panels in Zambia and using Zambian copper for all cabling ?
      Slapping heavy import duties on imports while giving tax breakers to solar panel manufactures to have them assembled in Zambia….

      The problem with you people is you think the role of lungu and his GRZ is campaigning and borrowing only……every developed western country started off with their government, lead by the leader , taking an active role in establishing local manufacturing….

    • You think Rwanda is where it is today because kigame just borrows money and campains like lungu ? Kigame takes an active role in directing his ministers to establish local industries not just pont.aring and expecting foringners to do the work ati ” role of GRZ is to create an enabling environment ” ……bull.sh.it do real some work.

  2. These councils have funds ..its just that we don’t have leaders with a vision at those levels. If the opposition was serious this is the level were they would galvanize support through effective leadership but they seat as passengers and enjoy the loot.

  3. Go ahead I am in agreement. Make sure there shall be NO short comings which may turn you into a laughing stock.

  4. They are all scam artists..I can guarantee you my teeth they are back channel talks on this one…someone is benefiting something out of this deal.
    I am so tired of these thieves.

    • Dweny mwanba: Good point. K30 million for bare land. This is more than Chibombo Council’s budget I would like to believe, but I stand to be corrected. These people aren’t serious.

  5. These same spaka lilo and JJ used to say Bushe tuzadia ma roads! These are spineless armchair critics.to them as long ad its not hh doing it,its bad.

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