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HH says Government should immediately increase the 2018 maize price to not less than K90

General News HH says Government should immediately increase the 2018 maize price to not...

Hakainde Hichilema
United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has demanded that the Government should immediately increase the 2018 maize price to not less than K90 per 50KG bag.

The UPND leader states that other crop prices should also be increased accordingly as opposed to their usual trickery of offering better crop prices during an election year.

Mr. Hichilema has since described the recently announced Food Reserve Agency (FRA) maize price as a mockery.

The UPND leader says the farmers deserve better prices not this mockery maize price.

Mr. Hichilema says the much anticipated maize price for this year is once again too low, unprofitable and will condemn farmers into deeper poverty and misery.

Mr. Hichilema says it is also a clear indication that the PF leadership has just been playing politics when it comes to issues of economic diversification into Agriculture, Tourism and many other fields that would grow the economy.

He says his party has been very categorical and consistent that the only way to address massive poverty and hunger in the country is by improving the farming sector which constitutes a large part of the population, especially rural households.

He says he knows such lame arguments that the announced price is just ‘indicative’ and that farmers are free to sell at whatever prices they wish, yet in reality it’s very difficult for anyone to sell higher than what is being offered by the government.

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  1. You the same person will be saying look look price of mealie meal is too high. Pf must reduce price

    • Indeed, K90 is a bit too high!Because that will have a direct effect on the cost of “nshima”. And when the politics of that is even worse. The other consideration should be the capacity of Govt to afford that kind of price without worsening further the national deficit and debt. I feel a price between 75 -80 kwacha would be reasonable. The current K65 is definitely not economically sustaining to the farmers.

  2. UPND needs a new leader for them to be a viable opposition. Gary Nkombo would be a very good UPND president. He would even make a great president for Zambia.

  3. Sinkamba of the green party is a better leader, he comments on issues with foresight. Not reactionary quibs like HH and the other communist parties.

  4. ” I WAS USED, CHEATED AND DUMPED BY HH” says Daniel Munkobwe. This tribalist HH is lopsided, what criterion has he used to arrive at K90.00? if the maize price is increased to K90 the price of meali meal will also increase and that will raise the poverty levels in the country as many families will not afford the bag of meali meal although this may be a better price for farmers. FRA must set the price that benefit both the farmer and the consumer, and K90.00 suggested by this tribal man is not that price, HH does not care about the poor but the farmers. PF is a party for the poor and so the balancing act will have to be stricken here.

    • He is a leader of the Mapatizya Formula a tribal organization which said, “ONLY A T MUST BE PRESIDENT OF UPND. SAKWIBA YOU ARE NOT T.” This guy or his leaders have never disavowed those words because they all know it is true.

  5. Loser!!ECL has already told FRA to increase the maize price!!Your politics are very boring and you do not inspire anyone except your tribesmen!!!
    This is creature(Kainde) who has even failed to campaign for UPND’s mayoral candidate like he did in Chilanga last month but Kainde expects Chileshe Kabanana to beat PF’s Miles Sampa who together with senior PF officials have been campaigning seriously in Lusaka and other parts of Zambia,how?STOP DREAMING BWANA KAINDE!!

  6. Comrade HH thanks for your concern but the issue is being addressed already. Much as you’re right please don’t politicize the issue because it’s very tricky situation. …the farmer is heavily subsidized on inputs. Secondly if the floor price is too high it follows that the price of bunga will be very high.

  7. The relevance of HH in politics is diminishing at a faster rate. He doesn’t make sense anymore. A 50kg of maize makes approximately 40kg of mealie meal. My question is, how much is that 40kg going to cost after adding production cost and transport? Nshima shouldn’t be for the rich only mr hh. What is the common Zambian going to eat? Be realistic for once mr opposition. Instead of advocating of addition of K5 to the already announced K65 which makes sense, you’re busy disgracing yourself as clueless leader. Whom are you trying to impress?

  8. Hatribes Organization Commander in Chief. His worshipers won’t sleep tonight! “The god has spoken Hagain!”

  9. You are late badala. You should have reacted way before ECL. That is what providing checks and balances mean. Oh I forgot, you didn’t know because you don’t listen to any govt. controlled media outlet.

  10. This what people say when you have a leader who is not streetwise “Ati takwata amano” HH you are in opposition we know but somethings you need to keep quiet, people will give you a benefit of doubt that you are thinking even when you are not. You do not have to comment on everything simply because you are in opposition. Some problems are easier to solve than others. The issue of maize price is complex and of course the FRA need to strike a balance between compensating the farmers and fuelling inflation. The businessman HH just wakes up and shouts K90.00. He does not even understand the subsidies that Govt pours into farming and how much the Govt must buy back. Rather than just shouting figures explain more Mr Chintombwa.

  11. Lusaka is the dirtiest town in the world . I wish FTJ is alive. The sole called cardles do they think.

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