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Turkish leader Erdogan to visit to Zambia this week

Headlines Turkish leader Erdogan to visit to Zambia this week

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will travel to Zambia on Saturday on an official visit.

According to a statement released by the Turkish presidency last evening, Erdo?an will travel to Lusaka after he attends the 10th BRICS Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa on July 25-27 upon invitation.

As part of his visit to Zambia, President Erdo?an will exchange views on all aspects of relations between the two countries and on regional and international developments with President Edgar Lungu during one-to-one and inter-delegation talks.

This visit is also of historical significance as it is Turkey’s first official visit to this country at the presidential level.

It is anticipated that President Erdo?an’s visit will enable the relations between Turkey and Zambia to further develop and diversify.

President Erdogan will be accompanied by Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak.

President Erdogan has made it a foreign policy priority to establish new ties with emerging economies in Africa.

He has visited 20 African countries since he was elected President in 2014.

President Erdo?an is widely seen as a dictator after he declared himself the winner of a nationwide referendum in 2017 that all but brought Turkish democracy to an end.

The referendum granted him vast new powers over the judiciary, broad powers to make law by decree, the abolition of the office of the Prime Minister and of Turkey’s parliamentary system.


    • – In the 70’s & 80’s, Freedom fighters like Oliver Tambo, , Savimbi, Nujoma trooped to Lusaka
      – In the 90’s, democrats like Festus Mogae, Thabo Mbeki, Namibian president took turns to visit Zambia
      – Nowadays under wannabe Dictator Lungu, it’s Tin-Pot Dictators like Kabila, Museveni, Mugabe, Mswati, Kagame, Omar Bongo, Erdogan takng turns to visit their clueless admirer.

      What a shame!!

    • If you are a Turk, who is a member of opposition living in Zambia…my advise to you is run as cheap Lazy Lungu has sold out and Erdogan wants to crush all forms of opposition and want to use Zambia as a base for their sickening operations given that our President has no principles.

  1. Welcome Mr Presisent. Ww don’t believe your detractors. How come the West has not raised a hullaballoo if indeed you are a dicrator?
    Besides in Zambia ww have our share of dictators such as those who have never been elected by their parties at a convention. You Mr President went throufh a credible election after a credible convention with creduble results reflecting the free will of your people. And you are in Europe not cadre driven Africa!!!! Or tribal driven Mukuni province!!!

    • These global issues are too complicated for your small partisan brain…please just stick to Hakainde, Lazy Lungu and local politics …its evidently clear you are out of your depth here, just drink Chibuku and wait for local news!!

    • UPND Cadre. You are shallow minded, you can’t understand international matters. Jay Jay is right, just stick to the dumbles and streams you are used to.

  2. Article says he will be accompanied by his finance treasury and minister. Clearly Turkish government wants a piece of Zambian governments’ debt appetite!

    • Tule kongola, mule Mona. We have to pay Eurobond at almost the same time of his visit. What a coincidence.

  3. Since 2013, upnd embarked on a tribslistic, murderous and vile campaign to discredit the PF govt and country so they can capture power. Using a vicious media war, they wanted to mislead the world that the country is in political and economic turmoil. This visit by a leader from a global powerhouse, with a huge industrial base, the bridge between Europe and Middle East and Asia, proves that campaign by the upnd is but a total failure as the world has a realistic view of our country. Welcome President Erdogan.

    • Whether we like it or not, there will be people at the airport to welcome him, dancing and scrambling to shake his hand. Welcome Mr. President.

  4. The president of Turkey is a dictator and he faked a coup in his country to impose a state of emergency and to lock up the opposition. What does he want here?

  5. Erdogan, we don’t want you here. Lungu, can you go and meet your fellow dictator in Johannesburg please.

    • If you are a father and your son was offered a scholarship in Turkey, I’m sure you wouldn’t refuse, would you? Don’t be a hypocrite.

  6. Much as Turkey has made significant advances in economic, technological and social development, we SHOULD BE SKEPTICAL or CAREFUL WITH BRING ITS CITIZENS EN MASS INTO OURS COUNTRY! Investment from Turkey and that from other moslem countries should NOT ALWAYS BE PROMOTED, as it comes with twin motives of corruption to compromise institutions and spreading the Islam religion!! I would prefer we stuck to China and Western countries who DON’T come with religious motives but purely business!! HOWEVER, one thing WE COULD HAVE CONSIDERED BEFORE BEING WHERE WE ARE WITH THE NATIONAL AIRLINE IS A PARTNERSHIP WITH TURKISH AIRLINES WHICH HAS A GLOBAL REACH and COULD HAVE HELPED TO BRING US MORE TOURISTS!!

  7. Only UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress are against development. The Turkish President won the election and the opposition leader concended defeat. And who are you LT to question Turkish democracy? The whole Europe is benefiting from Turkish Trade and they trading big time

    • Animo Farm has yet to concede defeat! He doesn’t know which words are used to concede defeat. He must come to America and talk to Senator McCain and Hillary and be taught or learn! It is disgusting!

  8. Misfits come home to roost. Its a shame that we can allow this despot and dictator to set foot in a christian nation. What message are we sending out there? Are we that desperate to associate with the worst form of leadership on this planet? We know the IMF has said no to US1.3 billion, but do we need to sink so low as to beg even from the devil? PF you have lost direction.

    • Dictator according to who??? His own people endorsed him, who are you to insult the choice and intelligence of the Turkish people???

    • Zambian Citizen – you are as thick as two short planks I mean you are the same blogger who justifies a £60,000 Ambulance costing $288,000 surely where would one start explaining to you such complex issues…simply look on the map where target is located… don’t you know that NATO has its ballistic missile defense system in Turkey? Dont you know that Turkey is the gateway to Europe and the first line of defense to stop illegal immigration especially of Islamic terrorist groups. This is why the west has turned a blind eye to Erdogan atrocities.
      Wake up and read don’t be like that lazy thing in State House!!

    • 1d.i.o.ts like you want to appear so knowledgeable and intelligent yet you abandon your country to be a second class citizen in a foreign land. I admire Edgar Lungu as a Zambian success story and will never have respect for you diasporan cowards who hide in foreign comfort zones and hurl insults and look down on your fellow Zambians back home yet those white people there don’t even consider you to be their equal!!

    • Zambian Citizen – Like I stated before these issues are beyond you and your insecure narrow mindedness!

  9. Looking at through the tread and reading some of the comments of those in support of this visit, it evidently most lack the knowledge of the geopolitical atmosphere in that region. No wonder I was not surprised when Govt Spokeswoman Dora tweeted that Turkey is fifth largest economy in the EU.

  10. The Turkish ambassador has been warning Zambia of a likely attack, is this connected to the visit of the Turkish Leader?????

    • Erdogan is just using that excuse to crush Turkish opposition living in Zambia …they know Lazy Lungu is a corrupt fooool who would sell his father for a few silver coins in his pocket.

  11. Turkey is respected by both Russia and USA because of its geographic position. As for the importance of the visit I am not an expert or soothsayer so I will wait for the outcome.


    • And you just read comments? I have been visiting LT since 2010 when you were in primary school …even before PF formed govt, my interests are for the Zambian people if my views are entrenched its because the ruling party’s policies are retrogressive and corrupt. You are better off waiting for the young boy Sharon/Victor to post off topic rubbish about HH and UPND.

  13. We welcome your intended coming. There are some of us who think when the president visits other countries, they go to do their own private jobs and yet not. What they do not know is that even on serious matters one may take a break to refresh. S when you come please accept to visit the falls in Livingstone. It shall always remind you of the visit and the purpose of it.

  14. UPND is a tribal grouping with a tribal HAGENDA in Zambia but that HAGENDA will NEVER come to FRUITION! Little boys and Childish will lose in 2021 Hagain.

  15. I hope one day we will have a real dictator who will smoke out all these kambwangas who insult the President at will. I wonder where the OP and ZICTA are?

  16. Zambia is just a left over food for Turkey’s president after he’s visited all the African countries that really matter …like Kenya,Nigeria ,South Africa etc.

  17. President Erdogan’s arrival in Zambia is much awaited . We are excitedly waiting for him . He is a very kind man with a heart of gold . May the Almighty preserve him and benefit the Nation with his presence.

    He is one leader who does not limit himself to the rich . He mixes freely amongst the poor and he shows no distinction between the rich and the poor.

    Unlike other leaders He does not loot the money of the poor . He has donated to many good causes. May he help establish better schools in our country especially in the rural areas.

    His wisdom , humility,compassion and courage is one of its kind . May God guide the other leaders to follow in his footsteps.
    Welcome to our country dear president!

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