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Police block Kambwili’s public meeting in Luapula

Headlines Police block Kambwili’s public meeting in Luapula

Police trying to reason with NDC officials
Police trying to reason with NDC officials

The police service in the newly created Chifunabuli District have refused NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili from holding a public meeting in the area.

This is ahead of this Thursdays Council chairperson local government elections.

Police have told Mr. Kambwili that they have received specific instructions to bar him from interacting with the electorate in Chifunabuli.

There was a near riot in the newly created district as residents refused to be dispersed by police at the venue for the rally ground.

Hundreds of Chifunabuli residents had initially given the NDC leader a thunderous welcome as he entered the area.

Given Chola is the NDC candidate in this Thursdays polls.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu will today be in Luapula Province for a one day working visit.

Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa has confirmed that President Lungu is expected to touch down at Mansa Airport at about 08:30 hours.

The Head of State will later proceed to the newly created Chifunabuli district after addressing Mansa residents who will be at the airport to welcome him.

While in Chifunabuli, President Lungu will interact with PF officials before addressing a rally in Mwewa to drum up support for PF candidate in the forthcoming Chifunabuli Council Chairperson’s elections.

The President will later depart for Lubwe where he will pay a courtesy call at Their Royal Highnesses, the Chiefs before proceeding to Mashitolo where he is scheduled to address a public rally.

President Lungu will leave Mashitolo back to Lubwe enroute to Mansa.

“His Excellency, the President will leave Mansa for Lusaka later the afternoon after his tour of duty. I wish to invite all Mansa residents to join us as we welcome our Republican President. Luapula will forever remain grateful to President Lungu for having placed a high premium on the development of this Province, ” Mr. Chilangwa said.

Police ensuring that the NDC meeting does not take off
Police ensuring that the NDC meeting does not take off

Police trying to reason with NDC officials
Police trying to reason with NDC officials

Police trying to reason with NDC officials
Police trying to reason with NDC officials

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    • Kambwili and Musenge never saw it fit to question this sort of thing when it was being done to others when they were in the PF govt. Sata was doing it routinely against the UPND. In fact arrest of HH should have started when Sata himself was still around. It’s just that a cool head used to talk Sata out of it. HH will never know this of course.

    • This is wrong and all well meaning Zambians should condemn such barbaric and cowardly acts from Edgar. Freedom of association is a basic human right

    • So Kambwili cannot survive without Politics..i thought this guy was a serious businessman. Trying very hard to remain on Zambian political scene…tough life. Kambwili what you doing in Luapula i thought you should be drinking tea in London.

    • Moderator – Yes, that’s the new district Lazy Lungu is declaring and it will soon have a DC with a jeep..busy wasting taxpayers money instead of saving money.
      Why can’t you leave BUFFOON CK alone people know he is a a loudmouth

    • Go Kambwili go. These guys are just plain baggers. PF is finished. You can be the next man to deliver.

      I take it CK was waiting for this conflict in this area. Come on CK, you were in Govt and you understand how this works out.

  1. This is a dictatorship. It is not what Zambia is. Lungu is somehow trying to provoke the people of Zambia by denying them the opportunity to choose their leaders. This might seem small or inconsequential but it is wrong and can lead to bigger problems in the country. Congo did not set on the path they are on by choice. Their greedy and visionless leaders did it by trying to marginalize others from the national pie. It is on its way to Zambia. And we should all blame PF and Lungu.

  2. Kambwili is still a PF member and this meeting didn’t have the blessing of Secretariat. If he wants to hold meeting for NDC let him resign from PF . Nothing wrong here

    • Kambwili is a PF MP. Advise him to resign. Why double standards? One can not belong to two parties. Let him quit and recontest the seat.

    • Nonsense. If it is an internal PF party matter, what is police doing there? The blindness to people in Zambia to what is headed their direction is astounding and probably only people in Zambia see what us in diaspora don’t see. But 90% of them are living in abject poverty. Does poverty affect thinking and cause artificial blindness? They can look and eyes functional but can’t see. Why? What makes them feel they are living a normal life? They don’t even know where they will find the meal. But will fight back those trying to save them. Why? Denial?

    • They get K100,000 per month? Hmmmml……no wonder they refuse to resign. Ours are politics of poverty, not service

    • Sorry Mr/Ms Mambwe (Serial 3.0). The meeting was for NDC and was arranged by the Secretary General Musenge of NDC and local Leaders of NDC. Kambwili must just have been one of the speakers. In any case, the Police did not just stop Kambwili, they stopped an NDC election meeting. Holding rallies is a right which a political party is supposed to enjoy especially during elections. It is not the job of the police to stop a PF Party member from attending meetings of other parties. Police are not PF employees. This is abuse of police authority during elections and the Electoral commission should take note. Further, when that election is duly petitioned in the courts of law, the Court should nullify the election.

    • Stay focused my brother.

      Sharp dress codes in obsolete. Look at how Lungu dresses in expensive suits, yet nothing good has come out of his governance.

      You can not judge a book by its cover.

      Even though in this case, that book (Imbwili) is in tatters.


    • Is PF under dictator ship ? Is it only lungu who can meet PF supporters ? Maybe ck wants to contest the PF presidency

    • This shows the mentality of the so called paid up PF cadres. Why should there be a resignation to be contest on national coffers and make Zambia more and more poor. Its not about PF or any other party but lets see that we help our country stand on its feet from the ruthless corruption which has killed the economy.

  4. A popular leader fears no opposition….but lungus claim to be popular by the elected vote are bogus as seen from his fear of the opponents to hold free meetings ….

  5. Police are working so hard to block opposition meetings because they have been warned that if any meeting goes on by the opposition in your area surely you will be fired. So what do you expect from poor policemen.

  6. Alafenta uyo, see what is happening to you Kambwili? Exactly what you used to do to others, a taste of your own medicine. This Lungu is up to no good, you were busy campaigning for him on the copper belt now see the monster that you created? Can you finish him before he sends you to jail kkkkk.

  7. In Zambia we foolishly vote for a party instead of a candidate. Nechisoso Lungu kumusangusha umuntu. Take the same Lungu put him in MMD, he is not Lungu any more. People in Zambia have empowered parties but weakened institutions and the constitution. The day Zambia will be voting for people, you will see the change in quality and real development. PF is a party. It does not think. You put is chaff, you should not expect genius ideas out of PF. Stop voting for parties. Vote for people.

  8. Zambia we fooooolishly vote for a party instead of a candidate. Nechisoso Lungu kumusangusha umuntu. Take the same Lungu put him in MMD, he is not Lungu any more. People in Zambia have empowered parties but weakened institutions and the constitution. The day Zambia will be voting for people, you will see the change in quality and real development. PF is a party. It does not think. You put is chaff, you should not expect genius ideas out of PF. Stop voting for parties. Vote for people.

    • You contradict yourself. A party consists of people therefore you cannot seprate one from the other.

    • Shallow comment, you sound like an extremely worked out spoiled foreigner
      kid not registered as a nationalist and a voter. Your leader-stooges don’t win because they don’t have a plan and strategy. Facts are very stubborn. Come back to Zambia and help your hopeless goons campaign. They are not formidable opponents. No alternative leadership. So we roll with the available.

  9. Banine Chale, kwena you are shallow. So in your shallow mindedness you you think BMW bantu? A corporation is not a human being. It has no feelings. A party is not a human being. A cup is not water we chipuba we. A party is a vessel wechungwa chamuntu iwe. It is not people. Bushe amasukulu muyako tabamifunda ukutontonya. Bushe chinshi chashupapo kuli bakamushi imwe? NAREP is a party. BA Miyanda has his party. Bantu nshi babamo. How did you people bagroup 3 and 4 find yourselves even in Germany? Institutions cannot be humanized. That’s why ku Zambia things have failed to work.

    • No need to get personal ba Kalo2020. Just lay down your arguments.

      My point is that there’s no party without people, because it is people who give the party the structure. Unless you’re talking about independent or non-partisan politicians, of which I’ve seen none in Zambia.
      Even the corporations you have mentioned have their guidelines, set by people by which members comply. Political parties and people go hand in hand and it is futile to try and seperate them.

  10. It is standard protocol. if the Head of state is holding a rally you can only have one after he is done and mostly he is out of town. This is a no contest here. Lets not even debate or politicise this. CK knows and he was merely stirling a hornet s nest. utterly childish on his part. seeking low grade political mileage

  11. Awe naimwe ba Lungu , please live the peace you are preaching. Leave Kambwili to campaign as well….. why are you preventing him? Am PF but I can not support this backwardness. It is democracy , so let every person have an equal opportunity of campaigning.

  12. I was in chifunabuli with my fellow ndc members.What the deputy commisioner insisted was that,we did notify them whilst our aspiring candidate wrote them she pointed a police officer whom she gave the letter & when he was asked,he kept quaete.Dr Ck called ECZ(CHIMANSE)in the presence of the police & she said that the meeting should go ahead but they denied us.POA is suspended during elections

  13. He is wasting time. He must relinquish the MP position and join Hatribes United Football CLub or Monze Swallows Football Club before demons come Hagain in him.

  14. Firstly must say I DON’T feel sorry for Big K -Kambwili, as he was part & parcel creating, & enjoying this intimidating opposition s.h!t before Jona kicked him out, so he should enjoy the fruits of what he sowed.
    However this goes to show despite the sham truce between P.F & UPND, promising to be democratic, & make campaning NON VIOLENT, & a level playing field, P.F ONLY HAS DICTATORIAL TENDENCIES IN ITS GENETIC MAKEUP, so they can NEVER Change, so Panga’s violence & intimidation will continue as ever.
    Anyway “majority of Zambians” vote for, & sanction this nonsense, therefore enjoy!!

  15. According to S, Freud in psychology, projection refers to a defense mechanism where you project your own negative image on others. For example calling your friend a dictator when your actions are evident of that character or telling your friends that they have a poor reading culture and yet you are the one who has a poor reading culture.

  16. Jail fainter thick CK never learns. Truth be told he misled Kalaba. Kalaba is now soliciting for a party so he could be adopted as Presidential candidate. How silly these half-baked leaders think. No logic for CK to cling to a party he is busy running about decampaigning. “Chimbwi alifwile intangalale.” If it is strategy, I am dead with laughter. If it’s gratuity, just how selfish. If it’s fear of losing the seat, that’s typical. Extremely propestorus.

  17. What a load of b.ull! It doesn’t matter whether you like/support Kambwili. This is about values, rights and democracy. Kambwili is blocked from campaigning for his candidate while Lungu does so – it’s even called a ‘working visit’. Some dull bloggers even allude to ‘protocol’. What an atrocious belittlement of humanity by this PF nonsense. The worst part is that they are allowed to get away by a timid population, an impotent opposition and pseudo intellectuals. An ‘entire’ ‘leader’ also ignores serious national matters to go and campaign for a council chairperson candidate. What a circus of governance.

  18. The tradition has always been the same, you can’t hold public meetings in a place where the President is present or is soon expected. The President’s advance party is usually in the area days before he arrives, Kambwili and Musenge know this because they just left govt. Maybe Hichilema can be forgiven because he has never been anywhere. Kambwili is practicing shallow politics

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