Koffi Olomide arrives in Lusaka

Congolese Rhumba maestro Koffi Olomide has arrived in the country for shows billed for Lusaka and Kitwe.

The Kenyan Airways flight carrying Koffi, real names Antoine Christopher Agbepa Mumba, touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport just after midnight.

He was met by promoter Anthony Chisola Likayi.

He is scheduled to perform at a VVIP show at the Government Complex this Friday and at Kitwe’s Mindolo Dam on Saturday.

Koffi is scheduled to pay a courtesy call on Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo at his office at 10:00 Hours before laying wreaths at Embassy Parrk and thereafter visit Matero Old People’s Home where he will make a donation.

The Ministry of Home Affairs and the Zambia Police Service have cleared Koffi to perform in Zambia.

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  1. Welcome. And great job on your charity work. Jesus is always pleased with givers. No man is perfect as that was the plan of GOD.


    • This is a sad state of our country think about this :
      Zodwa barred from our country because she doesn’t wear knickers!
      Seer 1 was barred for knicking cash from believers by overcharging onva business forum!
      Koffi kicked our own zambian reporter and his own dancing queen he is also wanted in Europe!
      Yet in zambia the NGO’s, minister for religious affairs and the so called morally upright christian nation is quite.
      It shows you how corrupt and morally bankrupt our country has become.


    • I deleted all Kofi music. He is so styupid like MOST, not all but most PF. Think of anyone playing at PF rallies.


    • I can not see the dancing queen, I have looked in the picture and I can not see them.

      Where are they people?

      Koffi without the dancing queens is a lot like having a sandwich but without any bread.

      Send him back now please.


  2. Where is that foooool of a minister who likes to pick on small musicians like Zodwa who are not connected; there was no law stopping her as well


    • The problem with you Jay jay is that you refuse to use your brain in these matters. For example take your mother to dance at a kitchen part without a panty…is that moral? Kicking a paparazzi is justifiable they irritate. Think next time before you yap


    • The writer of this is the fuu itself but he is looking somewhere to see one but can’t see itself.


  3. Congolese Rhumba maestro Koffi Olomide, looking like Nevers Mumba or Katele Kalumba.
    I like some of his old songs, they remind me of my old friends in Zambia.


  4. The church has failed again, just like it did when Chiluba made that useless proclamation. He was busy stealing while our women were getting banged by Ausatian dogs



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