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Blood moon lunar eclipse today 27th July

General News Blood moon lunar eclipse today 27th July

The lunar eclipse that will take place on July 27, is the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century

There won’t be an eclipse like this for another 100 years!

Weather permitting, there will be a beautiful celestial sight on Friday 27 July, when a total lunar eclipse will be visible from almost all parts of the world.

All you need is a clear view of the night sky. Your eyes are the best instrument to soak up the sight. If you happen to have a pair of binoculars to hand you can use them to range across the craters of the moon but that’s just icing on the cake.

Best of all, you don’t need to wear special filters or protective glasses to view a lunar eclipse. Unlike a total solar eclipse, where it is dangerous to look at the sun, the moon never gets bright enough to cause a danger to your eyes.

The following are the times the Eclipse will be viewed in Lusaka.

Time Phase
19:14 Penumbral Eclipse begins
Fri,27 Jul The earths penumbra start touching the moons face
20:24 Partial Eclipse begins
Fri,27 Jul Partial moon eclipse starts-moon is getting red
21:30 Total Eclipse begins
Fri,27 Total moon eclipse starts-completely red moon
22.21 Maximum Eclipse
Fri,27 Jul Moon is closest to the center of the shadow
23:13 Total Eclipse ends
Fri,27 Jul Total moon eclipse ends
0:19 Partial Eclipse ends
Sat,28 Jul Partial moon eclipse ends
1:28 Penumbral Eclipse ends
Sat,28 Jul The Earths penumbra ends

Source: Timeanddate.com

Why does the moon turn red?

A total lunar eclipse happens when the sun, Earth and the moon perfectly line up. The most spectacular part about a total lunar eclipse is that when the moon is fully in Earth’s shadow it turns red. This has earned the phenomenon the nickname of blood moon.

The red colour happens because sunlight is deflected through Earth’s atmosphere. The process is called refraction and it bends red light from the sun like a lens into the space behind Earth – and so on to the surface of the eclipsed moon.

The precise colour of the moon depends on the atmospheric conditions in Earth’s atmosphere. The clearer the atmosphere, the brighter and lighter the red colour appears to be.

If Earth had no atmosphere then the totally eclipsed moon would be black.


  1. “There won’t be an eclipse like this for another 100 years!”.Bum! Blood moon is RED which means UPND and will take another 100 years for UPND to form government.The phenomenon occurs only every 100 years and it will be visible in its entirety from Southern Province across the Victoria Falls to Dundumwezi. Dundumwezi will be able to view the lunar eclipse.The lunar eclipse will coincide with a supermoon – also known as a UPND moon as it coincides the Lusaka mayoral elections defeat in a Tonga calendar month.

  2. Stop blaming the sun and the moon for everything. There’s no relationship between celestial movements and man-made events taking place in your world. Just eat vegetables and think right.

  3. I beg to differ with you Mr chale. As a matter of fact we’re all the time influenced in both thought, emotion and physical action by celestial movements. Consciousness is subjective to movement; rotation, evolutions create time and therefore growth. It explains why women have to ‘take seat’ every month, if you know what I mean.

  4. In Zambia, the born again zealots will interpret it as a sign that God is blessing PF for winning mayoral elections

  5. #8 Mfecane, ….kikikikiki…..I suggest you can confirm that with Lazy jj before you proceed with such jokes. He could be thinking that the PF bribed the moon to make the tribal god to inflict electoral pain on upnd and directionless leader.

  6. I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD.…

  7. Bad mannars why making funs with the UPND ? don’t mix politics with nature yacita nzi UPND ponya awa. Basa katukomena mumizezo.

  8. This is awesome . right now the moon just a dim shadow of itself only supported by the more vibrant planet Mars. Do people have hobbies in this country other than politics, drink and sex?

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