Government to upgrade a Monze health facility at a cost of 1.3 million US dollars


Government has embarked on a project to upgrade Banakaila Health Centre in Monze district to a zonal health facility at a cost of 1.3 million U.S dollars.

ZANIS reports that the project which has been funded by Build It International is meant to increase the capacity of the rural health centre which currently services communities around the kafue river and its islands beyond banakaila.

This came to light when Southern Province Permanent Secretary (PS), Mwangala Liomba handed over the site to the contractor Perfect Finishes investments in banakaila.

The PS said the development is evidence of government’s desire to improve the livelihoods of all Zambians.

“It was only last week when we awarded contracts for the construction of markets and bus stations in the province. Monze is getting about k4 million for a bus station. With this project, Southern province is seeing unprecedented development.” Mr. Liomba said.

He further urged the contractor to ensure the locals benefit from the project by empowering them with jobs.

Acting In-charge at Banakaila Health Centre, Beene Hachoonda said the upgrade of the facility will eliminate patient accommodation challenges that are currently faced.

“We have to refer patients to Monze and Keemba due to lack of accommodation. The coming facility will enable us to provide the necessary services to our clients” Mr. Hachoonda said.

Meanwhile the people of Banakaila are grateful to government for the gesture.

Senior Headman Chizuni Hambotu said news of such development has cheered the traditional leadership and all the people in the area.

Mr. Hambotu said he is aware that such services are the cry of people countrywide and so people in the area are happy to benefit.

“This is a clear indication that our president is for all Zambians. We hope to see him in this area one day. We are very grateful.” The headman said.

And Gift Kapata, a contractor from perfect finishes has said the project which consists of 5 staff houses two wards, a mortuary, an ablution block, external water reticulation will be done within 8 months.

Mr. Kapata added that the company will ensure quality works in order to redeem the reputation of local contractors.

“We wouldn’t want to bring our name into disrepute by doing shoddy works. We are very committed to ensure we put up structures of high quality” he said.



  1. The government has embarked on a project to upgrade Banakaila Health Centre in Monze district to a zonal health facility at a cost of 1.3 million U.S dollars???

    ZANIS reports that the project which has been funded by Build It International !!!
    Is Build it international a govt.agent or an NGO? So who is funding this project and if it is Build it international, why is government claiming it is their project?


  2. 1.3 million dollars? remind me how much was one fire tender? Therefore, work out how many health facilities would have been upgraded. Zambia is a welfare nation. People are so poor and you spend the little resources wisely.


  3. I personally find this language of upgrading health facilities misleading and misinforming the public. In public health we have levels of care and no one level is better than the other. the way levels of care are determined is by disease prevalence. the World Health Organization structures are community, Health posts , Health centres , first level Hospitals and other levels of care depending on the complexity of the illness and the skills mix. when you improve services at a level it does not mean you have upgraded that level. levels of care are tied to catchment populations. for example in rural areas 500 household will be attended to at a health post, 10000 population will be served by one health centre and a population of 80000 to 200000 will be served by one first level hospital. under…


  4. The government should do more to build maternal homes in rural areas..we have high maternal mortality in kalomo, mansa, nyimba and lundazi..expectant mothers walk long distances for health care some deliver from home others on their way to the health centre it’s so sad..if martenal homes are built or upgraded the expectant mothers can stay there as they wait for their EDD and health personel will be checking on them regularly since the same maternal homes are just within the vicinity of the health a lady and medical person it feels bad what I saw during my visits to these areas..being a gynaecologist I was taught that if I cared for a pregnant woman I cared for two the woman and unborn baby #iseetwo..instead of fire tenders the govt could have done better cz right now it’s…


  5. it’s Africare in partnership with zcahrd under the help of Boston and Michigan universities who have built some maternal homes for our expectant mothers yet our own govt lacks priorities..


  6. You are right these people should be left without development they’re so ungrateful humans



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