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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan arrives in Zambia for a one day state visit

Headlines Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan arrives in Zambia for a one day...

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has arrived in the country for a one day state visit.

The plane carrying President Erdogan and the First Lady Emine Erdogan touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA), at about 11: 30hrs.

ZANIS reports that President Edgar Lungu who was accompanied by the First Lady Esther Lungu was on hand to receive his visiting counterpart.

Also on hand to receive the visiting Head of State, was Turkish Ambassador to Zambia Sebnem Incesu, Cabinet Ministers, Service Chiefs and other senior government officials.

President Erdogan was accorded full military honours and a 21 gun salute by the 2nd Battalion of the Zambia Army.

The Turkish President is expected to lay wreaths at the Presidential Burial site, hold bilateral talks with his Zambian counterpart, and pay a courtesy call on First Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.

President Lungu will later in the day host a state banquet for his counterpart.

Meanwhile, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has paid his last respects to former Heads of State at the Embassy Park in Lusaka.

Embassy Park is the Presidential Burial Site for Zambia’s Former Heads of State.

President Erdogan who is on a one day State visit following an invitation from his Zambian counterpart, was accompanied by Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji, during the laying of wreaths this afternoon.

The Turkish Head of State is also expected to hold bilateral talks with President Edgar Lungu at State House, before proceeding to a State Banquet which has been prepared in his honour.

He is in Zambia in the company of his wife Emine Erdogan, alongside senior officials from that country.

Turkey and Zambia have shared good relations on the sidelines of enhancing trade in various sectors such as Education, and Energy.

The visiting Head of State is expected to leave the country at about 19:00 hours Zambian time.


    • Probably to avoid the alcohol fuelled parties hosted by Lungu and kaiser. So it is for the best because Mumbi would have interrupted the party to talk more about Edgar.

      That aside, I do not know why Lungu and the Turkish leader are sleeping in the same bed. Come to think of it, Lungu’s bed is full of other dictators.

  1. Turkish dictator’s one day visit is like a hop, skip and jump sporting event and not a real state visit.Just a one day visit coz he knows poor Zambia has nothing to offer in terms of trade or investments.

    • Muslim strategy is to take control the world and eliminate all persons who do not convert to Islam (infidels). According to them anyone who is not a Muslim must be killed.

  2. Like President Trump says “so much winning “. Losers will always criticize everything and continue losing.

  3. When does Zambia get visits by US president ,Japanese PM or German leader? Turkish president is a useless wanker not even visiting a full day.

  4. This is a really hushed up visit, very suspicious indeed. He must have probably brought in ‘suit-cases’ of dollars and to append his signature on some deals/documents. Let’s wait and see

  5. The most embarrassing news is Edgar appealing to Turkey to help him repay the Eurobond, so these were guys borrowing without a repayment plan? I am very disappointed. What were all those assurances that Zambia was still credit worthy? Alexander Chikwanda? UPND is just another bunch of kleptomaniac lunatics waiting for a chance to plunder. Who will redeem Zambia from this malaise?

  6. Unbelievable ,relationships are never smooth i agree,but knowing that you are on the verge of losing this one person you have known for so many years and shared so much with is not easy,we fought constantly with my husband over even the smallest of things,we started growing apart, i had so much resentment because i had found out that he is having an affair and he started even spending weekends apart,i was going to give up but my friend advised me to fight for my relationship because of my kids,tried changing and being a good wife but he didn’t care anymore and started even sleeping out, i visited PROPHETESS MAMA HOPE a ‘powerful healer’ as my last resort,and it has never been the same again,she performed a special spell for me and gave me a love portion muthi,my relationship has never…

  7. Release Pastor Andrew Brunson!
    Turkey is being turned into an islamized dictatorship under the tutelage of this man.sad!

    • but that pastors was spy for america if it were america the would have even sent him to quantanmo bay longtime ago open your eyes you zambians even the so called AMERICAN VOLUNTEERS some of them are spys

  8. So Lungu has placed him bet on securing Kaloba from a Turkish firm to bail us out? Interesting Lungunomics.

    We are in deep trouble folks. Buy dollars.

  9. For once i can now understand that our President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu means well for all Zambians.President Erdogan has taken center stage in fighting western imperialism for all Arab nations and like wise this shows how fare his leadership is though some Zambians can criticize about anything lets try to be objective in our criticism.

  10. The other day people were jumping around that their candidate had won mayoral elections. The PF party secretary general described the wins as overwhelming. In case you forgot, the Miles Sampa was one of the figurehead borrowers of the same Euro bond and now he is the incoming mayor. He just switched from another party in less than couple months, he did not come for the pre-vote debate, still he was voted into office. Were is the accountability, responsibility in him? Politicians in this country can do whatever they like and no consequences follow whatsoever. Zambians take a moment and reflect on what we are doing to our country. On the less than a day visit to Zambia with full honors by Erdogan, uhmm! Soon you will see mosques being build everywhere in our country. To our…

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