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Lungu’s acceptance to attend Malembe’s launch praised

Headlines Lungu’s acceptance to attend Malembe’s launch praised

Kings Mumbi (Malembe Malembe) during the Bread of Life's Girl Child programme Fundraising Dinner in Lusakal on Sunday, December 20,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Kings Mumbi (Malembe Malembe) during the Bread of Life’s Girl Child programme Fundraising Dinner in Lusaka on Sunday, December 20,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

The Zambia Association of Musicians has expressed happiness that President Edgar Lungu has accepted an invite to be Guest of Honour at Kings Mumbi aka Malembe Malembe’s Double Album launch marking the artiste’s decade in performing arts.

Speaking at the National Arts Council offices this morning, Association President, Tivo Shikapwasha said it is the first in the history to have a Zambian President attend an album launch.

Shikapwasha said this is an indication of great things to come for the music industry in Zambia and called on audiences to come and witness the event.

And National Arts Council Director, Maanka Chipindi said the council perceives it as an endorsement for the sector as an emblem that the sector is ready to grow forward.

He said the sector is not ably about music and dance but a job-creating avenue that needs to be supported and impacting people in a passive way.

Chipindi said the interest shown by President Lungu is great momentum that needs to be appreciated.

Meanwhile, Malembe a gospel singer, has vowed to impress his audience by not only doing praises, but also adding a spice of International Afro-lyrics that should excite all sphere of music lovers.

This is contained in a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Ministry of Tourism Public Relations Officer, Sakabilo Kalembwe.

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  1. Ba Edgar also attended Koffi Mumba Olomide’ concert as guest of honor.
    Bu president bwashino nshinku?
    15% voters.

    • These are the sort of events Lungu enjoys attending. We have seen this all too often.

      Throw a party that involves alcohol, and Lungu will be there faster than a bullet.

      This is, indeed, his domain, easily. No one, and nothing will stop him from such events.

      There is zero substance to this man called Lungu.

    • And that is why he is gaining the ground and becoming even more popular than never before..! Our beloved president, HEECL..!

    • Malembe has always supported the president, so it’s time the president supported him too! It’s pay-back and nothing else.
      They are both PF officials!

  2. What kind of sh.it is this? Zambian president going as a guest honour at the music concert by a fake Gospel Artist Malembemalembe! And Tivo Shikapwasha thinks great and the first in the Zambia history – our country has been hit by total shi.t and is beyond redemption.
    Lungu is going there to celebrate the huge amounts of money he has stolen from Zambians at the devil’s concert and the illuminati monkey Shikapwasha thinks it is great. Zambia is totally finished and in the hands of the devil.

    • Why isolate oneself when even the Son of Man and King of Kings himself used to socialize with people from every class in society? His first public appearance was a wedding function where he produced 700 litres of wine from water. (The Gospel)

    • My friend nine chale you can’t compare Lungu a mere mortal to the saviour of the world. You better get right with God and repent my friend for you don’t know when you’ll be in his presence on judgement day.

  3. “Speaking at the National Arts Council offices this morning, Association President, Tivo Shikapwasha said it is the first in the history to have a Zambian President attend an album launch.”

    This is folly of the highest order…the office of the President has truly gone to the dogs

    • I think if their be a dog I have seen on social media — its you Jay Jay Jay.

      Get some life and stop insulting the president each time you buy aka k2 bundle.

      Man look at this you so broke no influence and nothing to offer. Even if you died today it is of no significance to us.

      But if he died today oooh man his a hero

  4. Does not the music industry in Zambia make any significant contribution to the GDP?

    Is not the music fraternity one of the strongest sources of influence in the nation, in addition to education, cultural establishments such as the annual ceremonies?

    Don’t underestimate the value and influence of the arts. Do so to your own peril.

  5. You Zambian musicians learn to sing in other Zambian languages as well. It is foolishness to only specialize in one tribe. Look at the late P.K. Chishala, Amayenge and others. That’s is why you have little impact at home unless the politicians use you and yet you claim to do it for God.

  6. It is not wrong for the president to support gospel music and other good things done by zambians , he belongs to every one in the country music industry has done alot of good for zambians and do provide jobs to people which is good .
    Music is good it promots the wellness to the listeners and gives companionship to those who are lonely. Gladness to the heart the worship indeed brings joy to the soul .

  7. There is no problem for the President attending a launch of an Album if such is classified under events or functions that a head of state should associate with. There is a policy manual that accommodates both public and private events. However, for an event like this one with pure private interest, the President can attend but not as Guest of Honour. What happens when Pilato also launches a double album and invites the President to launch it? What criteria did Cabinet Office or State House use to classify this one as an event suitable for presidential endorsement?

  8. This is a waste of time and resources. Lungu should be thinking how to dig Zambia out of the debt his PF has sank the country into. There is no economic advantage of attending a music festival.

  9. Comrades,
    It take simple men for a man to seat in The highest office in the Land and that’s what CHAQUA LUNGU understand.
    Pride doesn’t help let the Presdent socialise why do you people criticise him all the way is it our fought that with all the hypocrisy your father amounted to nothing!

  10. Oooh how shallow minded some human beings can be!!! SO empty in the mind with no substance oooh shame!!!!

    Malembe is a Zambian artist – Doesn’t he need our Support?

    First of all EL is human before he is a president, doesn’t he has rights to attend events?

    Secondly he his a Christian, can’t he attend such events that will promote unity and encourage Artists to work hard?

    Thirdly he is the president whether you hang yourself or Not, whether you do or don’t like him; its not his fault that you are broke , you Dad and uncles are broke so yah – So your insults on social media has not effects on him infact, while you all wasting air insulting him on social media him zingena chee- his working and you, and your insults????????????????????????you becoming more broke????

    Bottom line – you die his…

  11. There is nothing wrong with the President attending an event that seeks to bring unity among the general citizenry.
    Gospel music cuts across the political divide of PF,NAREP, UPP,UPND,FDD etc .In short despite our political beliefs, we all pray to the same God as Christians.And music with prayer is just good.

  12. what do you expect from your enemy? Its all negative. Chaqwa mwandi kabiye kashaneko. Permission granted kabili nifwe twamusalile. Kabiye yewe kafwenkuleko mwandi. Tekwasha kulaba iyamutulo!!! No twakukafyako munda palya Mumbi aleimba.

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