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Friday, February 21, 2020

National political dialogue should start immediately-UPND

General News National political dialogue should start immediately-UPND

UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma
UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma

THE United Party for National Development (UPND) has demanded for the national political dialogue to start immediately because it is already long overdue.

Party spokesman Charles Kakoma said yesterday that relevant stakeholders should speed up preparations for the national dialogue because it had already been delayed for too long.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Kakoma expressed concern that the proposed national dialogue had taken too long to be held.

He wondered what was still delaying the dialogue process when the issues that were dragging the smooth flow of the process had been ironed out.

Mr Kakoma claimed that all stakeholders had agreed that the process would be facilitated by the Zambia Centre for Inter Party Dialogue (ZCID) and chaired by the church.

He called on relevant stakeholders to expedite whatever modalities they were putting in place before the actual national dialogue.

Mr Kakoma said that the national dialogue was long overdue as it was now almost a year since the process was initiated.

“We don’t know why the national dialogue is delaying. We all agreed that the church would spearhead the process so why the delays again? National dialogue is now long overdue, it’s almost a year since the process was initiated by the Commonwealth. So we urge the relevant stakeholders to expedite whatever modalities they are putting in place,” he said.

The dialogue process which is envisaged to bring UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and President Edgar Lungu to the table will be firmed up on the thematic areas which include constitutional and institutional reforms.

Other areas of concentration include the separation of powers, judicial independence tolerance, freedom of assembly and civility in politics and electoral reforms.

The stakeholders had also agreed to mandate ZCID to immediately meet with the Church to set the programme for the dialogue process among others

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  1. Please postponed dialogue.
    PF Political Advisor at state house has been ill, as per liars Watch-dogs.
    If Kaiser is indeed have a stroke, then I wish him a quick recovery. Such people need public repeatance, kneeling before Zambia like Miles Sampa.
    Political dialogue in hospital bed ?? I mean that guy need make peace with Mwaliteta and others.

  2. When you lose an election go away! Far away! You are irrelevant! Please disappear and concede! Tribal dinosaurs.

  3. “HH WILL DIE A BITTER MAN” says Tayali. This is a waste of time and resources by this tribal cult UPND. Leave Lungu out of this to develop the country, we are tired of you people. Mr. Kakoma, Zambians want development not this kind of rubbish you are talking about. You supreme god and leader HH has been running about like a headless chicken denting the image of the country outside now you want to dialogue about what and with who? NONSENSE, we have no time for this

    • He will go into retirement in 2021 and the tribal gathering will gladly anoint GBM as their new leader! I think!

    • @ Sharon
      IF you don’t belong to a certain grouping then like, GBM, you are not allowed to lead UPND.
      GBM is wasting his time and money.

  4. “Mr Kakoma claimed that all stakeholders had agreed that the process would be facilitated by the Zambia Centre for Inter Party Dialogue (ZCID) and chaired by the church.” Now that PF and UPND youths are coming together, Kakoma and his bosses are scared. Even supporting ZCID that they hate kikikiki.

  5. Ahhhh is this dialogue between ECL Nd HH,or between all political parties,be inclusive if this process is going to be of great use in future.

  6. National political dialogue should start Dec 2021 ,now its strictly time for serving voters needs and time to focus on Zambia’s development.

  7. heheheheheheheheheh!!!!!!! awiii. Cacine basososa ati umwana ekalishya nga anya. Now you want to dialogue. Kumyesu sosa ati ubukulu bwansumpa tebukali bwabwalwa. Teti mwishibe kabili nimwe bachitongo. listen when people are talking. Bumano ciimanine tabubomba. Anyway ther eis no need for dialogue now.When it was a matter of urgency you ignored it. So you wait. may after 2022. Mwefinkula mwe!!!!

    • He’s in panic mode. He’s wondering how PF which they have scandalized in every which way is winning all by elections everywhere except in the deep South. He’s asking himself what’s going on. Youths from Upnd and PF have depanganized politics and want to work together to foster peace. His HH looks more confused than a rat facing a cat.

  8. Hello there? Is that Kakoma? Please confirm.
    Has he consulted h.h and his chief tribe advisor Lazy jj? Please consult and get back to us.
    Wonders shall never end, looks like h.h is now scared of upnd youths who have ignored him and have forged peace with their counterparts in PF. Clearly h.h has lost control of his party and he is now trying to save face through the dialogue scapegoat which we know he has not supported really.

  9. Detractors at it again!. The PF is working and winning elections what is it that these loosers want now? They have no councilor near them. They rejected to recognise a dully elected republican president. They have just realised too little too late. PF should not talk to terrorists who use violence to try and acheive their aim. Dialogue for what? what is the agenda? who will chair the dialogue? You (UPND) loosers you have tried to paint your own country BLACK because of your selfishness. The majority of the welmeaning Zambians have seen through you that is why you will never ever get what you got in 2016 -Kwamana. Zambians are teaching you a good lesson. They are the real employers in Zambia and not Anglo american.

  10. By the way why is it that the PF has visited the Upnd Secretariat around 5 times but Upnd haven’t paid even a single visit to the PF offices. ?

  11. HH acknowledged today that there’s a likelihood of some of his MPs defecting to the PF. Much as I don’t like Upnd I wouldn’t encourage anyone to do this. Let’s foster our democracy and encourage checks and balances.

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