Young people encouraged to take up communication skills


Toastmasters Zambia Executive Director Nene Bathily says communication plays an important role in all aspects of life hence, the need for young professionals to ensure they possess the art of good communication.

Ms. Bathily said good communication ensures good leadership skills which are paramount in any democratic nation and good governance processes.

Speaking during the CIMA Zambia Toastmasters club meeting in Lusaka last evening, Ms. Bathily explained that with Zambia comprising of young people, it is important that they take advantage of clubs such as toastmasters for them to improve on their communication skills.

She stated that the toastmasters club contributes effectively to discovering one’s potential in communication.

Speaking at the same event, CIMA Toastmasters immediate past President, Kennedy Mwila explained that the tenets of good leadership are enshrined in the toastmasters programme.

Mr. Mwila encouraged the young professionals to take up communication skills regardless of the qualification they possess as that is what sets them apart.

He stated that the toastmasters club molds professionals into better competent leaders and communicators.

The Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organisation that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs.


  1. This is a good idea. It is important to develop these skills early on in life.

    KK was an excellent communicator. Chiluba was good, as was King Cobra. Levy was also good before black ops tried to eliminate him. RB was ok.

    Now we have Lungu, who is a bad orator. He waffles a lot, is inaudible at times, and the part that can be heard is often gobbledygook.

    So yes, by all means, please equip the next generation with the necessary tools to be leaders of our beautiful country.

    Compared to other countries in our region, Zambia definitely drew the short straw when picking their leader.

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