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Mob kills man in cold blood in Ndola’s Chiwala area

General News Mob kills man in cold blood in Ndola’s Chiwala area

An angry mob in Masaiti district near chief Chiwala’s area on the Copperbelt has killed a man who was suspected to have killed his own daughter last Sunday through alleged practices of witchcraft.

Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga who confirmed the incident said Aaron Mambwe, 59 was allegedly murdered by a mob that accused him of being a wizard who bewitched his own daughter, Lillian Chola (unknown age).

Ms. Katanga added that Ambleto Chola, son to the deceased Mr. Mambwe, reported the murder of his father killing by an unruly mob which accused him of being a wizard.

She said Ms Chola (deceased) was believed to have been suffering from severe chest pains and eventually passed on, on Sunday, July 29,2018.

She said during the burial on Wednesday, a mob of villagers lifted the coffin that contained the body of Ms Chola and began claiming that the coffin was leading them to the wizard who they said had bewitched the late Ms. Chola.

Ms Katanga said after it was alleged that the coffin pointed towards Mr. Mambwe, the mob headed towards him and began to beat him using sticks and metal bars and he died on the spot.

Ms Katanga said police rushed there and found Mr. Mambwe lying on the ground with multiple cuts on the head.

She said the body was picked and taken to Ndola Teaching Hospital (NTH) and is awaiting postmortem.

Ms. Katanga has described the development as unfortunate citing an increase in such occurrences in Masaiti and has called for the intervention of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other stakeholders to help address the trend by sensitizing members of the public against such practices.

The Copperbelt Police Chief has also urged members of the public to come forward and report perpetrators of such vices and and has further warned anyone found wanting that the law will catch up with them .

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  1. this is what happens when you have a party like PF in power which notoriously known for its violence especially against opposition members. Look how HH was mistreated when they illegally arrested him

    • Satan came to kill, steal and destroy! That’s what happens when people consult witch doctors etc! The occult is real and it is strictly forbidden in the Bible. Satan and his agents have killed so many. Really sad, I hope the gentleman man accused accepted our lord and saviour.

    • These ancient primitive beliefs and practices should be condemned in the strongest terms. The government needs to outlaw witch doctors who accuse mostly innocent people of bewitching others. Also this demonic practice of using flying coffins to identify witches should be outlawed with a threat of severe penalties by the government. Uneducated people should be forced to abandon their dangerous ignorant beliefs, and if they refuse, threaten them with prison time. The police should quickly identify the culprits who killed this man and have them arrested. Once these villagers see that, they’ll think twice next time about lynching someone without standard acceptable evidence.

  2. Why are they not condemning witchcraft also? The root cause is witchcraft. Don’t just solve the symptoms, eliminate the root cause

  3. Why have they killed one of their own? Why couldn’t they kill one of the Indians working for Dangote nearby there? Those are the real sources of problems in our country.

  4. Never heard of one killed in hot blood. …it’s always in cold blood. Anyway such killings are not new. They appear to be many because the communication we have nowned a days.

  5. Comment:unza wants to introduce witchcraft and in masaiti they are killed,
    so where should someone do attachments once get a degree in witchcraft???

  6. Kikiki,everything ,its because of PF and Edger Lungu.Ba UNPD,you will run mad one day.Try to be objective in your analysis of issues.

  7. This is utter stupidity!

    Why don’t coffins move on their own? They had already targeted him and led the coffin to him in order to justify killing him.

    The church is responsible for this by encouraging belief in witchcraft.

  8. Comment:
    less educated Africans pretending to assert that witchcraft does not exist.
    Witchcraft is real. That method know as chikondu in lunda is used to catch witches and wizard. It does lie. it’s 100% accurate. In that case its true he bewitched the deceased.

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