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President Edgar Lungu congratulates Mnangagwa on his Victory in Zimbabwe Elections

HeadlinesPresident Edgar Lungu congratulates Mnangagwa on his Victory in Zimbabwe Elections

President Edgar Lungu beads farewell to Newly sworn in Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa during private talks at Sheraton hotel in Harare
President Edgar Lungu beads farewell to Newly sworn in Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa during private talks at Sheraton hotel in Harare

Republican President Edgar Lungu has congratulated his Zimbabwean counterpart Emmerson Mnangagwa on his re-election as President following the July 30th 2018 elections.

In a letter of congratulations yesterday, President Lungu said Mr. Mnangagwa election victory is a true testament of the confidence bestowed in him by the Zimbabwean people to steer the nation on a path of economic, political and social prosperity.

“I wish to convey on behalf of the government and the people of Zambia and indeed on my own behalf, heartfelt congratulations to President Mnangagwa on his election, President Lungu said.

The President says Zambia and Zimbabwe are key members of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and are therefore very crucial to the stability of the region.

“In this regard, I urge you to speedily overcome any past-election skimmers to enable the country quickly return to a peaceful political discourse as an all-inclusive society.

‘On our part as Chair of the SADC Organ Troika on politics, Defence and Security , Zambia stands ever ready to contribute to any progressive efforts to move Zimbabwe forward”, the President added.

The Republican President assured his Zimbabwean counterpart of Zambia’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that the long standing relations and cooperation shared between the two countries continue to flourish for the mutual benefit of the two peoples, the region and the African continent at large.

This is contained in a press statement made available to ZANIS by Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda yesterday.

Meanwhile. President Lungu has urged the Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC ) authorities to ensure that the on-going electoral process was all-inclusive so that the outcome of the December 23, 2018 lections delivers a credible outcome that must unite the country.

As a friendly neighbor and in-coming Chair of the Organ Troika on Politics, Defence and Security, Zambia is working with others in the region to help enhance prospects of a peaceful and credible electoral process in the DRC.

According to the same statement, the Republican President met with the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Executive Secretary Dr. Stergomena Tax yesterday who briefed him on the regional security situation and his role as Chair of the SADC Organ Troika on Politics, Security, and Defence which he assures on August 17, 2018.

The Organ Troika oversees among others election observation missions’ among member states.

Dr. Tax is hopeful that authorities in Zimbabwe would pursue civil means to address any disagreements arising out of the just ended elections.

On the DRC, she stated that SADC is monitoring the electoral process and that President Joseph Kabila has given assurances that he will respect the Constitution which does not allow him to run for another term of office.



    • Look who’s talking. Mugabe will sort these 2 chaps out before he packs his bags on his one way ticket to hell. Mugabe is not very happy with Mnangagwa. Mugabe is convinces the Mnangagwa presidency belongs to a certain Grace Gucci Mugabe. He must be going, ‘How dare does this chap, a Lungu of some sort, congratulate a coup plotter!
      Lungu is a sh!t stirrer.

    • Looks like chamisa is past the under 5 level. Was expecting him to start pushing for petitions and staging motor rage with the presidential motor cade. Well done chamisa.

    • shortage of presidents in Zimbabwe is worse than in Zambia.
      That ka Chamisa akatumpa, HH way better.
      I think this dictator is better for those sleepy Zimbabweans.

    • “In this regard, I urge you to speedily overcome any past-election skimmers to enable the country quickly return to a peaceful political discourse as an all-inclusive society.”

      This is A JOKE OF THE DAY!!!! Was our leader serious to say this ???
      As Zambians, we have not been able to resolve our own ” post-election skimmers to enable the country quickly return to a peaceful political discourse as an all-inclusive society”, but we are busy advising? How can people take our politician seriously?

    • general Kanene – Lazy Lungu is hopeless man who needs to look in the mirror….very soon Zim will surpass these lazy empty tins!!

  2. Not wise to rush it Lungu ,remember Kenya’s recent scenario of pre-mature congratulations plus there’ll probably be a petition too.

    • Lazy is also waiting for elections in DRC so he can wish congratulatory messages instead of him showing leadership now!!

  3. You can tell a zambia opposition supporter by what they say. To them a winning president is not a winner, kano nga panama-investor aka wine. Weldone your excellence on extending a congratulatory mesage. Zimbabweans have suffered too much, they need stability.

    • How can thy get stability from the same regime that massacared thousands ? How can they get stability from a person who was part of the massacre ? How can they get stability from someone who has stolen millions ?
      You can tell a PF supporter by his blind following of the corrupt !

  4. MNANGAGWA WAS NOT ELECTED LAST YEAR SO DONT SAY CONGRATULATIONS ON UR RE ELECTION. The results are being petitioned so better wait for FINAL COURT RULING before congratulating this regional dictator..the crocodile

  5. Nelson has not yet petitioned he has only indicated and like anywhere in the world such petitions usually lack merit. His party indicated that they will not accept a defeat a tactic deployed these days by sponsors more especially the Brenthrust Foundation.

    Congrats ED

  6. Well done President Lungu. South Africa, Tanzania and other progressive democratic states have already done so. There is absolutely no merit in Chamisa’s claims. He is simply a crybaby seeking attention. ZEC’s official results as announced are consistent with findings and projections of international observers and CSOs that monitored the elections. The percent vote for each candidate as officially announced falls within the estimated ranges by other stakeholders, slightly above 50%. The least result could have been a runoff, not what Chamisa is claiming. In fact if he was crying for a re-count of votes for possible re-run, such claim would have been meritorious. Aggrieved parties should seek peaceful redress and exercise restraint. Security forces should also avoid being heavy handed…

    • Listened to a civil society leader who featured on BBC as one of the independent monitors. She was horrified by the ZANU PF campaign tactic in rural areas: ‘We will track your vote by the fingerprint if you vote against the government’. Rural areas believe this. And then older people were seen voting for younger. People and ZEC officials said here was nothing they could do. Ruling parties should win by landslides to really know they have won; not his razor wire margins with all government machinery. ZANU PF lost. That margin was requeezed through

  7. Why I say Chamisa is a crybaby seeking attention. Before elections he claimed the election was rigged. He nonetheless contested in what he claimed was a rigged election. During elections campaigns, including the day of elections, he claimed he had won the election. Since he claimed the election was rigged, and he also claimed he won the elections before counting the votes, so who rigged the elections? He even refused to state whether he was going to accept the results if he lost. What sort of democrat is this chap Chamisa. He is just a kama tinpot dictator who usurped the presidency of MDC when Tsangirai died….the earlier Zimbabwean realize they Chamisa is a kama tinpot dictator and get rid of him from the political field, the better for our neighbor nation

    • @Zambia in the Sun: I could not have said it any better myself! This Chamisa boy is an arrogant, pompous know-it-all brat. He is typically badly behaved boy should not be trusted with running the affairs of a nation. As you have rightly argued, he claimed the election was rigged long before the election without producing evidence. He claimed he had won the elections on elections before counting started. He claimed he had won the elections before counting ended. After declaration of results, he claimed he won elections without producing evidence even for one ward or polling station as proof of rigging. He is lucky Mnangagwa has reformed. He should just be humble and accept the olive branch extended to him by Mnangagwa


  9. Of course lungu will be quick to support a killer and dictator whose election is being contested by the courts and which the international community have labelled as unfair. The same lungus election was marred by similar irregularities as we saw in zimbabwe. In lungus case he knew if the petition was heard he would have lost. So he quickly ensured thr judges he had appointed conveniently before the election, dismissed the petition on technicality

    • …..yaaaaaaawn…mukali ku kamba petishoni, malume??? Kodi simuziba kuti muna luza Chilanga?? Kuti PF ana wina ku western na north western mu ma ward by-elections?? Kuti Miles Sampa ni mayor?? Those are kachasu tales, upnd is cracking right in front of you!!

  10. Zimbabwe’s constitution is also about 50+1% threshold.
    Both Chamisa and ED got less than 50+1%
    and yet Chamimisa’s petition focus is not about 50+1%.

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