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Zambians should be proud of President Lungu-Katumbi


Moise Katumbi being welcomed by his supporters at Kasumbalesa border post
Moise Katumbi being welcomed by his supporters at Kasumbalesa border post
Democratic Republic of Congo -DRC Presidential Aspirant Moise Katumbi says Zambians should be proud that they have a president who is focused on development.

Mr. Katumbi says the unprecedented development taking place in Zambia can only be achieved with a leadership that is centered on serving its people.

He says President Edgar Lungu has a vision to develop Zambia judging by the infrastructure development taking place in the country.

Mr. Katumbi says a focused leadership, coupled with peace, stability and democracy will see Zambia’s economy growing even further.

He says having been a Governor for Katanga Province in the DRC, he is aware of the amounts of money involved in road construction, and other infrastructure.

In an Interview in Kitwe, Mr. Katumbi said there are a lot of lessons that the DRC can learn from Zambia’s economic progress.

Mr. Katumbi also advised the opposition in Zambia to appreciate the works of the government, adding that criticism is normal in a democracy, but that it should be constructive.

He said the peace and rule of law that exist in Zambia is the envy for many African countries.

Mr. Katumbi said Zambia’s democracy has grown over the years, as the opposition are free to criticize government without fear.

Mr. Katumbi is in Kitwe after being denied entry into the DRC and has until Wednesday to file his nomination papers ahead of the anticipated democratic polls in the neighbouring country.


  1. Last I heard, Katumbi left Zambia for Belgium. LT you need to update that. I had a chance meeting with one Congolese here in the USA, apparently they think Katumbi doesn’t qualify to be president because he is Zambian!

    • So the players at TP Mazembe didn’t tell him that Ba Lungu stopped all development projects?
      Kusema ni ku taka… .

    • Got great respect for Moses Katumbi but you’re missing some infor about Changwa, he will unemployed very soon.

    • There is something dodgy about this Katumbi.

      Something is NOT right, even this statement it should treated carefully.

      I cant put my finger quiet on it, but I dont like this man at all and I am astonished we are entertaining him to start with



    • So is Kabila who’s Rwandan. At least Katumbi’s father is Congolese. Having said this Katumbi knows what he’s talking about. As development in my town all sewer lines and manholes have been replaced. It may not look that important for those who don’t know how for many years we suffered the effluent from blocked sewers.

    • Katumbi is crooked he worked with chiluba and chungu on questionable deals these guys stole big time.
      Whrn he arrived in zambia he was just a businessman them mathani the bigger crook helped him through finance bank.
      He has nothing to say because if he says otherwise he will be booted out of Zambia.
      Now wait until the DRC government complains to Zambia!

    • Lungu supports Kabila’s illegal extended stay in office, so I don’t know how katumbi can be praising Lungu.

      These congolese crooks propped up fellow kassai FTJ as he stole & destroyed the economy. Who can forget crooks like katebe katoto, Xavier chungu etc? Just last month it was kassai Xavier chungu who was praising Lungu.

    • HH is draining in his pants! “How dare you say the positive things about my HEnemy?” Even Larry Mweetwa is foaming at the mouth! BoSpakata almost diarrhea!

    • Lazy bum illiterate tribal hooligan bully and son of a tribal polygamist father cum TRIBAL organisation online strategist almost got his pants soiled to hear someone speak the truth about our hard-working president! Truth hurts sometimes! Childish!

  2. Yes the amount of money involved in building roads is a lot & thats why its being priortised so that there is lots of windfall. All other sectors of the economy, like citizen empowerment, are not priortized bacause there is no windfall to them. We know katumbi. We know

    • If Katumbi becomes president of DRC the economy of Congo will improve greatly and Zambia with benefit with the whole region. Katumbi unlike HH has the political experience after running Katanga province

  3. We understand Katumbi -the badly faded and patchy grass is greener on the Zambian side…but only bcuz the grass in DRC is on life support.Thanks for your backhanded compliment.

  4. There is no peace katumbi… people are silently suffering, you just look from afar and you think there is peace..

    • Those suffering are fools who will be punished by God for letting wealth slip through their fingers in a rich country like Zambia while foreigners are easily getting rich.
      As HH how he got rich so quick

    • Imagine someone complaining about the price of mealie meal at K82 x 25kg but spends K150 on Castle Lagers. I see this everyday at my outlets.

  5. Katumbi do know the amounts of money Zambia owes for those roads you see ? Zambia back as a highly indebted nation.
    And what peace ? Zambia has never seen the political violence and tribal divisions we see today……

    And lungu supports his fellow wanna be tin pot dictator kabila….who refuses to leave power…

  6. Katumbi my young man; i have always respected you but there’s no freedom in Zambia under Lungu; the roads you’re talking about are in select places; have you ever travelled on Kafue Mazabuka road?

    • My Aussie mate mazabuka constituency has an area mp who walks out of parliament instead of negotiating for road development in his area. Just tell you tribesmen to vote for pf mps and you’ll see how the roads will change.


    • Hatribes Hanegatives lying H-under its breath! “I like you BUT …. You can always predict a TTnga and an Hatribes United comment …! It always has a BUT!!!

    • @FEDUP of Childish behavior too! HaTribes! Want the road to be done but hate the person who should do it! Ask Paramount Chief of the Namwala people to do the road!

  7. From what I have heard about this man when he was Katanga Governor he took over almost everything. Government contracts were only his, even simple items like charcoal he used to be the sole supplier. He is very much likened to our own GBM.Some people are better off to remain business people. They enter politics to destroy

  8. To hell iwe chi katumbi. You cannot give an objective view on tbe situation in zambia because you are at the mercy of lungus government. Your own country has disowned you so you are a desperate man willing to lick zambian boots

    • Hagain – Wina camubaba Hagain! He must be a striker for Monze Sallows or a player for Hatribes United Football Club.

  9. WE wish KATUMBI Good luck in DRC Elections, should he win Zambia stands to BENEFIT ALOT because the man grew up in Zambia SPEAKS bemba (Language for thieves and thugs) beside our footballers trade at his CLUB though they have become ifisonso , MK is the man and a true friend to CHILUBA, MWANAWASA AND RB he doesnt know LUNGU

    • @ANYOKO breaking down Hatribes’ beliefs without hiding it in the code languages! “We hate Thieves – Bembas!” GBM is a decoy! It will be interesting come 2021! Watch this space!

  10. Katumbis first wife is Zambia , lulu who he has 2 children with…he is only bootlicking as he holds a Zambian passport…..and the dictator wanna bes protect each other……lungu will back kabila any day against democracy…

    I told of the SADC unwritten code…

    ” don’t condemn me if I decide to stay on in power after my term…..tomorrow you also might do so…..”

    Only Ian khama is the exception…

  11. There you go mate; this is what i have been talking about you PF cadres; anyone critising PF bad polices is considered a Tonga; What if am Bemba or Tumbuka? Do you see me critising PF for their plans to reintroduce QZ? Even if am Tonga; Kafue Mazabuka Road has been neglected because it is in Tongaland where Lungu was rejected; yet Lungu and all PF cadres are happy to drink tea with Sugar from Nakambala; the area MP’s hands are tied because of Lungu and PF’s hatred for the people of the area; yet you mate know that Australian prime ministers or Premiers always take development even in places where people did not vote for them;

  12. Katumbi,you have now learnt how to speak English…i remember when you had issues with the Zambian govt you would always come to court with an interpreter as you claimed to only speak french.Really laughable

    • All Hatribes getting the laughter gas disease! It is contagious! You guys your hearts are full of vile and hate! I wonder how your wives put up with you! Oh, sorry they must have come from the same club too! Monze Swallows!

  13. Truth be told I voted for our president and at the present choice I’d still vote for him. Please don’t insult me it’s my choice and am sure every one has his own choice. No hard feelings

  14. Many Zambians have eyes just like Moise Katumbi,hence ever voting for PF since 2011!!Truth be told,PF Govnt has changed the face of Zambia and our opposition will struggle to remove PF from power especially in 2021.Yes they are free to criticize PF Govnt but that must be contructive.Bitterness,tribalism,etc wont remove PF from power anytime soon as long as they continue developing mother Zambia because REAL VOTERS have eyes and are able to judge!!!Plus they say “seeing is believing”.So voters see massive projects being done by PF therefore, they cannot easily buy into (fake) promises from our opposition!!!

  15. Why would anyone take advice from this crook? Does he think we have forgotten about his corrupt activities with the Chiluba administration?

    • That’s what Mwanawasa made you believe. …just like FTJ wanted to erase anything to do with KK so did Mwanawasa not want anything to do with FTJ. By the way do you know that Mwanawasa had to swallow his pride and returned everything to Katumbi?

    • Ndanji

      PLM had to return everything because katumbi used lubumbashi like his back yard, blocking trucks entry from Zambia.
      Nothing was done legally he took advantage of the lawlessness in DRC.. …….katumbi and FJT were enriching them selves….

    • Oh then your Mwanawasa was not a principled person. KK never backed down no matter the pressure. One thing that made your Mwanawasa look clean is he intimidated everyone. If you’re old enough you’ll remember at least one example of abuse of power like he did to that poor highcourt judge who had ruled against the state. Of course your mind is set in concrete to remember or acknowledge such abuses.


    …_They sold the soul to the devil: it’s now deliver the country or your soul_

    By Mweemba Habazoka

    The United Party for National Development (UPND) was formed in December 1998. The Party turns 20 years old in December 2018. Today its desperation has reached an all-time high because time is running out for them to either deliver the country or their soul. The patience of their 20-year-old-financiers have continued to wear thin and thin by the failure of the party to deliver as per their promise despite the financiers’ unwavering financial commitments that resulted in its leaders’ immense wealth which they stand to lose as per deal they signed almost 22 years ago in the run up to infamous privatisation exercise in Zambia. The UPND is fixed…

  17. If Lungu is so great, we will be happy to lend him to DRC.

    Here we have corruption on the rise because of Lungu.

    Mukula, fire tenders, ambulances, debt acquisition, road contracts, local suppliers contracts, medical and military procurements and the list goes on.

    There is corruption almost everywhere. Do year come and get him and bring him back after 50 years.

  18. What Katumbi is saying is peace is prerequisite to national development. Congo DR is stagnant because of incenssant wars which never seem to end anytime soon. The Lord Our God in heaven by His sovereign will has held this country together as one. We’re not any lot better than our neighbours in Congo who have been subjected to numerous wars before and after independence.
    We praise you the Almighty God for thr love of this country.

  19. This man crooked Chiluba and gave him all the fish in Luapula through Chani Fisheries and was the arms deal guy for FTJ. As governor of Katanga Province in DRC, he allowed no one to mine there buy only those European companies that paid loyalties to him. His criminal activities in Zambia came to a halt when Mwanawasa stopped corruption perpetuated by FTJ. Now Katumbi wants us to believe his crooked mouth? Zambia cannot trust Lungu and Katumbi together. They are hardcore criminals.

    • Are aware Mwanawasa gave back everything back to Katumbi. Mwanawasa never fought corruption if he did how do you explain the Kapoko case? Mwanawasa fought his enemies. There’s a family that should have been prosecuted but because one of them had helped Mwanawasa during his school days, the family was left out of the reports. How do you explain Mmembe’s free access to the DBZ and acquisition of Zambian Airways. There are many examples but let’s leave it at this.

    • Mwanawasa was very corrupt. How do you explain, Kapoko, Bulaya and Miti’s involvement at Ministry of Health during Mwanawasa’s time? What about his friends who was at CEEC who sypmhoned money from the organistaion?
      What about DBZ , Zambian Airways etc in which corruption was happening under his nose?
      Do not make people believehe was a saint . HE WAS NOT!!!!

    • I personally know moise and his brother katebe ….these are big time crooks…….the brother katebe owns a massive fleet of refrigerated trucks he claims are for fish only there is almost no fish producing industry in DRC…..many congolees have speculated what those trucks actually transport.

  20. Your friends in Zimbabwe celebrated the downfall of Mugabe but right now they are fighting running battles with troops of the very man who “liberated ” them from Mugabe’s jaws.

  21. There is no development in Zambia, there’s only borrowing. Go to DRC and fight to file your nomination. The one you’re praising is not going to help you. There is taxes and toll gate in Zambia money for Emeralds and Cobalt we don’t know where it goes. Your analysis for Zambia will make lose elections in DRC.

  22. If zambians should be proud to have Lungú then Congolese should also be proud to have kabila who prevented a crook like Kalumbi from coming to power and thereby saving the country’s resources.

  23. Good point Monsieur Moise Katumbi Chapwe, you have more money than Hichilema, you pay your workers very well and show them respect unlike Hichilema who doesn’t pay his workers and GBM who insults them 24/7. It’s not up to Joseph Kabila to decide who should contest elections in DR Congo and who shouldn’t. Let the Congolese decide. The contest will be between you and Jean Paul Biemba, you need to mobilize the people, however regionalism will take center stage

    • And sponsors one of the most successful teams in Africa. Surprisingly these Upnd were yesterday insulting the SADC states for failing to assist Katumbi get into DRC but today are insulting him for speaking what they loathe to hear.

    • Ndanji
      Supporting a football team does not mean you will be a good leader and an individual being corrupt does not mean a state denies him natural justice or his freedoms to enter his country of birth.

      We are people of good governance not you lot who think like congolees…..

  24. When kabila visited Zambia , he probably bribed lungu to ignore katumbi…..its dictators looking after each other…

  25. I hope Pierre Bemba takes it. I don’t think this guy is right to lead his country mwe. Bemba has been released for a good reason.

  26. Katumbi is the favoured candidate by majority Congolese. Kabila doesn’t want Katumbi to ascend to power because he knows Katumbi will show empirically by changing the face of DRC through major infrastructure development, something Kabila has failed to do during his lengthy tenure.

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