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Lusambo very disappointed with the level of service delivery at RTSA offices

General News Lusambo very disappointed with the level of service delivery at RTSA offices

Lusaka Province Minister Hon Bowman Lusambo
Lusaka Province Minister Hon Bowman Lusambo at RTSA offices

Lusaka Province Minister Hon Bowman Lusambo says he is very disappointed with the level of service delivery at the Road Transport and Safety Agency -RTSA- offices.

And Hon Lusambo says it is unfortunate that only one service counter is operating at the Lumumba RTSA offices to cater for hundreds of people requiring services such as renewal of motor vehicle licenses, registration of motor vehicles and renewal of driver licenses.

Meanwhile, the Lusaka province minister has commended the department of national registration for, “operating efficiently and attending to the public.”

Speaking yesterday when he undertook yet another impromptu visit to strategic public institutions in his quest to check on the quality of service delivery, Hon Lusambo who is also Kabushi member of parliament observed that the long queues at the RTSA offices do not offer confidence to Zambians and may be a breeding ground for corruption.

“In response to the calls from Zambians, I toured the Department of National Registration Office in Lusaka and RTSA Lumumba and Dedan Kimathi Offices.

“And contrary to some publicly held view, I found that the NRC office was infact operating efficiently and attending to the public. I was however disappointed with what I found at both RTSA offices I toured.

“The level of service delivery at RTSA offices leave much to be desired. The long queues do not offer confidence to our people and may be a breeding ground for corruption,” said Hon Lusambo.

He has called on the public to report any public institution or department that need improvement.

“Our people expect better service delivery and I will ensure that Lusaka Province sets an example on how public institutions should operate. If you are aware of any public institutions or departments that need to improve, do not hesitate to alert my office. Let us work together for a better Lusaka.”

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    RTSA doesn’t fall under this man’s jurisdiction.

    He is needs to stay in his lane. I am NOT supporting RTSA though.



    • RTSA is that the department who have that thug Zikala Soko? The former UTTA member?
      Just the close the shiit out, the ZP does the job anyway. What’s RTSA for anyway, its just same as having RDA at state house.

  2. Thanks for the observation Honorable, but you should also stop inconveniencing us on the road, especially Munali road leading to mutmbi as you heard towards your home, sometimes you stop just in the middle of the road with the cadres insulting the other motorists who want to pass,.This is is not animal farm. I can sight an example of how you blocked us at the junction of kaunda square on the same road as you where heading to your home, you really caused a traffic jam with your cadres and who ever hooted was insulted by the cadres who surrounded you car…yuo did that with impunity SIR!!

  3. Thank you Bowman! True to your words RTSA in its current set up does not generate any confidence to the public. The head shoul be chopped off and be replaced with another. Zindaba Soko has overstayed in that position and has forgetten his mandate as CEO.

  4. Has RATSA got a general manager ?

    Who is incharge of RATSA ?

    That is the problem with these corrupt theives lead by lungu…..they never hold people accountable always beating around the bush with proverbs…….just call out the people incharge of RATSA and make the accountable…..

  5. Bowman, while this is good way to improve service delivery, PLEASE CONFER WITH YOUR COUNTER PART at MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATION! Talking, grandstanding will NOT change what has gone wrong in public service BUT ACTION WILL!! The CEO of RTSA may even be feeling untouchable due to a number of wrong things going on with blessing from high levels;dubious contracts!! RTSA needs deep reforms, but there is no courage to do that as its current state benefits those who are supposed to make a decision on the reforms!!

  6. Ama Zambians, someone is trying to improve customer service imwe ati fyonono. I know many people dont like this guy but give praise where it’s due. This is a good start. All ministers should be doing this.

    • This is cheap politicking and cheap scoring points by lusambo …..if is serious why not take the management of RATSA to task , call a meeting and make sure it does not happen again ?

      This is like lungu wearing gum boots collecting garbage but does not ensure systems are in place to collect garbage after he goes back to statehouse……cheap photo opportunities …..

    • 100% in support with Bowman. Anyone who has to deal with RTSA can testify that this institution is rotten to the core.

    • Bowman Hakainde (BH)

      And it will continue to be rotten….nothing is/was put in place , just cheap politicking and photos on haphazard visits..

  7. The work culture in Zambia, or is it lack of it, is a problem. It needs a wholistic approach (I am not sure what this means). Isolated intervention is good, but not enough to create a national impact. Workers in public institutions whose mandate is to serve the general public have tended to deliver services only to those who can whisper a reward to them. Some of the queues you see are deliberately created to cause panic, resulting in people parting with money in order for them to jump the queue. But, there are also challenges faced by some institutions such as inadequate human and financial capacity. Some workers’ attitude in some of these places is indeed upsetting.

    Leaders need to find time to engage management structures to find out the problem instead of publicly castigating…

  8. Do you want to know why only one counter is working? The truth is there are more than 10 counters operating. ..of course outside the premises. They create congestion so that you are forced to go to the ” other counters ” where you pay an extra K100 for services.

  9. Even the environment inside RTSA offices leaves much to desire! The offices look as if they were last used two years ago! They are denting the image of government offices. Can the people concerned do something. This morning I went to RTSA Lumumba road to collect my driver’s licence. I was attended to within 10 minutes may its due to Bowman’s visit. The other time I visited the same offices in May this year, we where few who were on the queue, but it took not less 25 minutes to be attended to. Honourable Bowman continue with you work at least government workers who have been relaxing can sit up.

    • Next week it will be back to normal minimum 30 wait….just a photo opportunity by these people….nothing is left in place to work and no one is accountable….

  10. So now an entire Minister must move around to get people (who passed interviews for the jobs they have) to actually work properly!? Why did people stop wearing diapers kansi? Ifyabupuba fye mu calo shuwa! And those institutions ACTUALLY have supervisors, managers, foremen, etc. Atase! Ifyabupuba!

  11. We are tired of seeing these cheap photo opportunities by these people…..what have you done lusambo to make sure this does not happen again ? Have you called RATSA management for a meeting to iron out these issues , of course not. You lazy oppotunistic moron….

    Just cheap politicking and cheap point scoring…….like your boss lungu wearing gum boots cleaning garbage only to not leave any systems in place for garbage collection when he goes home…the very next week garbage piles up again….

  12. An action plan bwana Minister is what we need not mere talk about the problems at RTSA like you are one of us here bloggers! By the way, there is also the issue of network which those RTSA workers blame. 9 counters only 1 working which has network of at less than a snail’s speed.
    Alot needs to be done to improve service delivery in almost all departments!!

    • That is the problem …they can see issues but nothing is being done to ensure it does not happen again. Just chewing travell allowances and waisting grz fuel for cheap points and mere yapping no action….

  13. Bwana Lusambo: Your are the type Ministers we want in this country. Deal with them starting from the very boss: people must under standard that Zambia needs hard workers not those who wait for money at month end and are always on whatsap.

  14. Sure Ba RATSA where are the driving licences …. I still drive around with a temporary driving licence this is too big to take care of. every time i call 983 to check if the licences are out.The anser iam given is there still not out .. Atleast a driving licence is easy to carry in a wallet.


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