UPND picks UNZA Don for Kasenengwa

UPND Deputy General Secretary Patrick Mucheleka and Chairman for Agriculture Levy Ngoma unveiling Dr Banda at the UPND secretariat
UPND Deputy General Secretary Patrick Mucheleka and Chairman for Agriculture Levy Ngoma unveiling Dr Banda at the UPND secretariat

The opposition UPND has adopted Dr. Faustin Banda as its candidate in the forthcoming Kasenengwa Parliamentary election slated for September 6th,2018.

Announcing Dr Banda’s candidature,UPND Deputy Secretary-General for politics Patrick Mucheleka says the candidate was adopted after a vigorous process at all levels of the party and was confident of the choice.

Mr.Mucheleka said the party was confident of performing well in the election as it has adopted a viable candidate who is not only a native of Kasenengwa but understands the challenges the people were faced with.

He further appealed for a violent free election to allow for a huge voter turnout unlike the trend in the past elections characterised by apathy.

And Dr Banda prayed for a violence free election as the people of Kasenengwa were naturally peaceful people.

Dr Banda, an Engineer by profession is currently the Acting Head of the Department of Geomatic Engineering at the University of Zambia.

The Kasenengwa seat fell vacant following the death of Victoria Kalima.

Dr Banda contested the same seat in the 2016 poll and amassed 1,371 votes losing to eventual winner Ms. Kalima of the PF who had 12,494 votes.

Meanwhile, Only two political parties have so far expressed interest to contest in the Shikombwe Ward by-election in Mangango constituency in Kaoma district, Western Province.

The two political parties are the Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND).

And the District Electoral Officer Namukolo Kalufwanya who is also Kaoma Town Council Secretary has confirmed having received notification from the two political parties.

Mrs Kalufwanya disclosed to ZANIS in an interview that the two candidates will file in their nominations tomorrow, Thursday August 9, 2018.

She explained that her office does not expect any political party to conduct any campaigns until the candidates have successfully filled in their nominations, after 15:00 hours tomorrow.

Meanwhile Acting PF District Chairman Kelvin Kalimbwe confirmed his party’s participation in the by-election but could not disclose the name of the candidate.

And UPND District Chairman Andrew Kakumbi also confirmed his party’s participation in the by-election but also withheld the name of the candidate.

The UPND candidate is expected to file in his nomination between 10:00 and 11:00 hours, while his PF counterpart will file his nomination between 14:00 and 15:00 hours.

The two political parties have since pledged to conduct their campaigns in a peaceful manner.

The Shikombwe Ward by-election fell vacant following the resignation of UPND Councilor Kalenga’s Kalenga, who joined the PF.



    • Kekekeke, UPND are annoying, how can we help them think?
      The guy AMASHED 1300 votes, Vick (rest well) got 12500. And you bet on him?
      Worse PF has a Banda and you feature a Banda too, you risk people voting for wrong Banda.


  1. Can we please see these mushrooming political parties like EEP, MDC,……also contest in this by-election, otherwise, they are a waste of space and should be deregistered.


  2. UPND will win this seat , PF lost it by Adopting a RAINBOW party man who JUST switched to PF at adoption even PRESIDENT KABIMBA is not aware of this , ON NAMES , THE UNZA DON is very popular he even beat AUCSENSIO BANDA of rainbow by far , all these candidates have been recycled, but Dr .FAUSTIN BANDA is an Elite person having stayed in UK , 20YRS and avails himself to Help kasenengwa people , wow black people’s affinity to choose a wrong from a right is amazing, here is the chance to liberate yourselves kasenengwa.


  3. Adolf and your great bag of maize you go and uproot a geometric engineer from were we need him most to run for an election? Are there no ‘economic’ managers who can win this race for you? Anyway you will shed tears once again even if they be ‘croc’ tears, you will shout at staged rallies ‘don’t just laugh at my jokes vote for us’ you will cry “rigging” you will even allege “too much money was used”…..but the end result? You will lose again…enjoy the losses…until you start to listen to the voices of reason.


  4. The problem is not UPND. its this engineer of a human being who doesn’t even know what he wants. Surely, even useless counsellors are busy swinging like monkeys from a sinking branch to a more buoyant branch. Its true wisdom is not intelligence. Chifyalilwa bane. By the way he is an engineer in what……….. because we have not seen any thing engineered by him. This Banda thing from UPND staying in Lusaka is one important weakness on him. Mbuya apapena yaluka.


  5. I hope he will get back his job at UNZA, in case of a loss. But this thing of asking working class people to resign their jobs before they can be adopted to contest an election is one of the reasons why we do not get that many credible people to contest. It simply means only unemployed or self-employed/ business people do dare. It excludes intellectually capable people to run for office. Why can’t the law be changed so that working class people take, say, unpaid leave of absence and, if they win, they either resign or retire from their jobs. If they lose, they return from leave and get back their job. Afterall, it is normally just three months period.


  6. The UNZA Don has chickened out fo fear of losing both, his job and election. Some told him it’s laughable to ever dream of winning in Kasenengwa aginst PF.


  7. This candidate has gone AWOL….I dont see UPND winning this seat after lazy lungu has made couple of trips here in the last two months even sent the wife to do some charity work. If I was the busy foools in UPND i would pass and focus on leadership issues within the party starting from the top.


  8. Dr Banda, as a piece of advice, go back to shouting in class and getting paid for that instead of you going to put yourself in front of another lose, you cant even see beyond your books honestly? Bwelelani ku ma chooko chabe, you will just loose a job and never get it back and your wife will run away…ask Canacius Banda for advice!



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