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FIFA bans Kalusha Bwalya for two years for receiving a bribe

Headlines FIFA bans Kalusha Bwalya for two years for receiving a...

Football legend Kalusha Bwalya (Zambia) addressing a press conference at United Nations Headquarters in New York USA on Thursday 16 June 2016 ahead of the Permanent Representatives' football tournament to promote peace and development. The Permanent Missions of Zambia and The Netherlands co-organised the tournament and the press conference. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe
Football legend Kalusha Bwalya

World soccer governing body FIFA has banned Zambian football icon Kalusha Bwalya for two years from all football-related activities (administrative, sports or any other) at both national and international level.

The FIFA adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee banned Kalusha, a member of the executive committee of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), for two years after concluding its investigations.

“The investigation against Mr Bwalya was opened on 28 February 2017, and focused principally on benefits that Mr Bwalya had received from Mr Bin Hammam,” a statement from FIFA read.

The adjudicatory chamber found Mr Bwalya guilty of having violated art. 16 (Confidentiality) and art. 20 (Offering and accepting gifts and other benefits) of the FIFA Code of Ethics.

A fine in the amount of CHF 100,000 was also imposed on Mr Bwalya.

The decision was notified to Mr Bwalya today, and the ban comes into force immediately.


    • Very embarrassing for Kalu, he was an icon of African football… Wanting to get rich fast without working hard for it will always explode back in your face

    • Yali ni kongole waufwa?
      Try telling that to FIFA!
      How I wish these political id!ots would be scrutinised at international level for all the bribes!

    • He remains a legend. He is the most famous Zambian ever. Outside ZAMBIA,immediately people know you are from ZAMBIA, the question they ask is how is Kalusha Bwalya.

    • Dr. Sifuchu Sipinya – not anymore…it takes a lifetime to build a reputation but just one minute to destroy it. He will not be on the guestlist of those FIFA ceremonies and you know how he likes selfies and coozing with the A lists.

    • He has to maintain that lifestyle with that Muzungu wife who likes posing on social media! Mwasebana ba Kalu, typical Zambian!

    • BOOOM !!!
      He did the same while running the Zambian Football Association, you defended him as usual blindly. As he is used to taking Zambians for granted, he goes to do the same internationally, bad luck for him…Boooom he is banned. And SHAME to Zambia.

      Are you going to ask for evidence ???
      I don’t care how he contributed to the Zambian Football, the fact is he is one of those ……

    • I blame all this on Kalu’s Love for white women out of his own inferiority complex. The divorce with his Belgian wife virtually left him bankrupt and financially desperate. And to worsen matters, he’s now married to another white woman that loves him for her easy access to soccer contracts. Sadly, she’ll now also kiss him goodbye – simumbera aBemba!!!!

    • Lipkwa – Only you believed the Great Galu…he couldnt afford to buy back $5000 to a loanshark where is he going to find money to payback $80K.
      If only Kamanga was brave enough to open the books on AFCON 2012 Win expenditure you would be shocked.

      Its that mentality like yours that doesn’t get us anywhere, you DONT take responsibility for your own deeds. You are always looking to put a blame on external factors.
      Cut that crap !! My wife is white, does that make me to be corrupt or asking for bribes, no?
      Don’t defend him, by insulting other mixed marriages, it’s him to blame because he has just learned from the environment he lives in.
      In Zambia, no one would have touched him, because of the mentality here. Being a thief has become the accepted norm of the Zambian society. Period.

    • @ Kodos, Banned by who? Edgar and Kaizer????lol.. Kalu will still be a hero in Zambia were you praise thieves crooks as long as they can buy you a beer. His behavour in Zambia is normal, so no SHAME at all. When you meet he you will still tell him..”Ba mudala mwaliboomba, Ba mudala muli baume imwe, ati shani ka beer?” And he will feel good about himself and feel what he did is honorable .. What a rotten group of people Zambian are..

  1. This is very embarrassing to say the least. The fall from grace for a legend in African football.This is a telling lesson that you can not take everyone for granted. Here in Zambia we failed to do anything even the fake ACC, but the whites have shown us how it is done. Two years from all football related activities. No more parading yourself with world stars any more. What a shame of humongous altitude.

    • He will now go running into politics as no one will want to work with him in football…ACC have one again made to look foooolish with their useless questioning they had with him a couple years ago.

    • ….And we know which party he will be joining…he actually took dununa reverse to the next level in combinations with those balls

    • “HH is a Man of Integrity!” Larry Mweetwa. If Kalu was found with a case of a bribe it is the same as HH who is guilty of INSIDE-TRADING which basically is bribing and stealing. If HH were in the USA he could be in JAIL TODAY. But UPND because it is a COALITION OF TRIBALISTS wants to amplify Kalusha’s bribes more than HH’s brikes because HH is a TTOONGA. You tribalists Ha-sick.

  2. Oh my God ,Zambia making headlines for all the wrong reasons.Kalusha Bwalya shame on you for further soiling Zambia’s image right after GRZ’s illegal deportation.

    • A person with integrity can …if you are easily swayed don’t think everyone is like you. This is how ingrained corruption is in our country we have a lot of people with such rotten mindsets as yours!!

    • jay jay it is because Kalu supported Lungu in the last elections hence the wounds are still fresh in UPND

    • The Trumpet – who Great Galu supported in 2016 elections has no impact on my decision…I never supported his administration as far back as 2008..just go to the LT archives as far back as 2009 and you will see my stance on this crook.
      Look what he did to the 2012 AFCON win money …there is nothing to show for not even a training pitch for the national team all the money went to their allowances and to his partners in RSA. This is a guy who used to reside in RSA and manage FAZ from SA…flights and accommodation paid for by FAZ. If we had a professional security wings they would have asked FIFA to avail investigation file on him so they can arrest this Galu.

    • @The Trumpet.. This is a childish comment, Kalu was found guilty by FIFA; so should you support his wrong doing because his political choices in the last elections were similar to yours? What is wrong is wrong my friend and FIFA did not charge him because he did not support UPND. Your comment is really childish

    • @ManB
      excuse this Trumpet guy, for his ignorance. one would think to be abroad he will look at things from a different perspective, and an intelligent person would not make that relationship.
      ALAS!! he remains the same

  3. Well, not surprised at all, it was a matter of time, you can’t trick everybody all the time and truth does catch up. The young man did really abuse the system in Zambia with impunity and thought he could take his bad behaviour to the world stage. Finally the chickens have come home, and he shall remain a convict of corruption for ever, I see ACC following through on this one as well.

    Anyway, officially join PF and politics, don’t see your role in Football ever again

  4. In any other organisation that Qatar World Cup in 2022 should have been cancelled …its marred with corruption and moreover the place is not conducive for playing football.

  5. Poor chap. So those stories that he was soliciting for money from players if they wanted to play the Chipolopolo could be true?

    • Yes but your ACC couldn’t investigate him because he was friends with PF. Now FIFA with no political bias in Zambia have shown you who Kalu really is..

    • Fifa bans all government from interfering with football administration. Please go back to basics. The investigation by ACC was going to be meaningless. Besides the bribe was not given by a Zambian official. Upnd no wonder you can’t even field a candidate.

  6. I challenge ACC to follow up this matter ….let this Galu be an example and now the silly Kamanga looks foooolish for not exposing the corruption in the Great Galu regime.

    • The version of Hatribes in the Hatred mantra of Mapatizya formula. The goodness is that IT WILL NEVER be president!

    • Every dog has his day my friend …he thought he was touchable as he was Sepp Blatter’s African lap dog, now look at them. People like him need football to make a living no one will want his services!!

    • Nothing sad, he had it coming.. if you are doing a girl “live” its not SAD when she comes back pregnant. You enjoyed the act, so deal with it…KALU enjoyed the money with his White wives. I hope he invested it well, but I believe not…

  7. A line in No longer at Ease goes something like “if you want to eat a toad, look for a fat and juice one,” no matter how juice the toad, it always gets stuck on the throat. Appeal, if you feel justice was not done, otherwise apologize to the nation, we will forgive you and remember only the sweet left foot that brought joy to many Zambians.

  8. Ask him to seek asylum in Zambia where the corrupt are called politicians. Alternatively, let him join Kambwili’s Mwamona Invst which received all CB Contracts from Sata. GBM can also offer him a partnership with Sibongile for all ZESCO contracts.

    It’s field day down here.

  9. Great Footballer, who put Zambia on the map, but sadly turned into a PF cadre, & we all know what virus P.F carries.

  10. Suspended for breach of confidentiality and “accepting gifts and other benefits” . NO MENTION OF OUTRIGHT BRIBE OR ANYTHING OF THAT SORT

    • Really laughable …I give up surely what do you think that translates to? Even this you want to debate…oh my god

  11. Which bribe was FIFA referring? Was it the $80 000 that he deposited in his account way back in 2008? FIFA furnish us with more information so that we can take legal action against Kalu.

    • Go and read the article yourself dont be lazy…do you know who Mohammed bin Hammam is? Start from there and add one and one together

    • But why should FIFA furnish you with information, just kick a.s.s the ACC to do what they are supposed to be doing?
      Request no 1, to stop using the excuse that the people should provide evidence, and you and me know that Zambians are cowards, they still live in the era of “special branch” or CID, so they are scared to report anything. Any your politicians are using that knowing very well what they will achieve.
      Pressure should be on ACC.

  12. Not that I would shield corruption at any time but the entire FIFA body is fully immersed in acts of bribery.
    There is evidence of huge sums of money flowing to Sepp Blatter, Franz Beckenbauer and other officials before the World Cups were hosted in Germany and Russia. While the small fish get exposed, big fish like Blatter can still swim around freely as was seen at the just ended World Cup in Russia when he was rubbing shoulders with other officials backstage.

    • I just have to read the first sentence and i know where you are going….its like a person who starts a sentence by stating that they are not racists but…
      Do you know where Blatter is? No one wants to touch him with a barge pole…

  13. A SAD INDEED FOR ZAMBIA!! When you travel in most African countries, Kalu is still remembered, FAR BETTER KNOWN THAN ALL PRESIDENTS WHO HAVE SERVED AFTER KK!! When you mention Zambia, most of them exclaim, “Kalusha BBwaliya ..or Kalusha Walyaa”!! This event is quite a subtraction to our National scores!!

    • @28.1 Jay Jay, Unless you have a personal grudge against Kalu or any Zambian that has contribute POSITIVELY to elevate the World’s knowledge about Zambia, you would be happy with this news!! When Kalu and his colleagues played and brought happiness to soccer lovers and to the our Nation, we felt proud about it! The opposite can only be true under these circumstances. I feel sad, the same way I feel when a Zambian is caught with drugs or found with any serious crime outside our land. The same feeling I get when a Zambian killed or robbed in foreign lands!

  14. Imwe akapolo, look into the mirror before you castigate great Kalu. Start with why you are here so much trying to discredit everyone who has done better than you. Lets wait and see how Kamanga suddenly became rich and took over FAZ with impunity. Kalusha Bwalya however his human flaws, is and will continue to be a legend “mwe bana ba mashilu imwe, mwe finangwa bonse ba kontwe.”

    • Wemwana we shilu niwe makaka who refuses to call a thief just that!
      Eh ninshi chakukalipa? ni wiso kalusha atini?

    • In all honesty you should know that Kamanga was well off before he joined FAZ…what you should be requesting is transparency and accountability from his administration instead of blind bootlicking and worshipping

  15. Its a sad day for the blinded.
    Galu was doing toilet management at FAZ and GRZ couldn’t touch him. Just look at Kazala and you will know the bigger picture in FAZ before Kamanga took office.

  16. Jay jay and I agree here. We have always told you Kalu was a problem to Zambian football. Selfish Pompous and stood in the way of the other Zambian greats. Let us celebrate God and Zambia’s economic works, forget idol worship of people like Kalu. He never even won the Africa cup. Zambia has more things needy than football.


    • Point of correction is that there is so much football being played in China so don’t say no football is there. However, it is sad to see Kalu being embroiled in corruption at FIFA. Very embarrassing indeed. I thought ba Kalu was a top guy with zero corruption in him, now I know why Charles Musonda says uyu muntu mubi sana.

  18. Very bad image for Zambia , tis why anyone wanting leadership is always 1st tarred with untrustworthiness. Kalusha you’ve scored 10 own goals.

    • HH the thief’s time is coming! UPND is not about ruling it is about TRIBALISM! It is the most tribal group EVER!

  19. “A fine in the amount of CHF 100,000 was also imposed on Mr Bwalya”. FIFA should have banned this stinking thief from all football for life. The fine too is way too lenient, they should have charged him a million US$. And of course he will remain a hero in the eyes and head of Luapulans, that’s how they considered Chiluba even after it was confirmed he plundered Zambia. Ka Chiluba, buying 250 shoes, tuma nukachas, 400 suits with matching ‘bambas” and also plundering aMwanza’s Regina in the process infecting her with stinking killer AIDS! Ka mushumfwa.

  20. HaBanda you Ha Right! HH is stinking with Cow dung! He will NEVER equal Kalusha no matter how much you stretch the privatization thief!

  21. It is a lesson to all thieves. It does not pay to steal, time has finally caught up with thieving Kalusha. He is even lucky to receive a 2 yr ban rather than a life ban.

  22. $ 100,472.220 = k 1,006,573.78 ZMW
    big fine indeed for great kalu.
    Go claim some from ur stay at Pamodzi hotel.

  23. The comments above have left stunned as i ve come to confirm what i have always believed that a zambian is a very devilish jealous being. What has kalu done to deserve all this kind of filthy evil mouthing by petty minded pipo whose only reason for talking about him, is that, he is more famours than parents of the same toddlers making noise above.

    Tu JAYJAY and other hungers around, why been so personal? Find something else to talk about. in other countries, kalu would been defended by his compatriots. here in zambia petty tribal, jealous, PHDs, and other good for nothing pipo are all out to finish him off. kalu earned his name, also tell your sheki sheki, chibwantu drinking patheti fathers to earn theirs.

    Nindhrama za nyoko kalu anatenga. Imwe tuwiso tucita fye ubuchende

  24. Funny how Kalu’s disgrace is linked to HH or Edgar……!!!!!!

    Analuvyanya and he is paying the price for it….

    we all luvyanya.. we just havent been caught yet…

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