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Government has raised K2.2 billion from toll fees-Chitotela

Headlines Government has raised K2.2 billion from toll fees-Chitotela

The Shimabala Toll Plaza
The Shimabala Toll Plaza

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela has disclosed that over K2.2 billion has been realised from toll fees since the introduction of toll gates in 2013.

Mr. Chitotela says part of the funds has been used for constructing and rehabilitating some major roads across the country.

He named some of the roads under construction as the Chingola-Solwezi road, Chinsali-Nakonde road, Chama-Matumbo road, Feira-Luangwa road, Katete-Chadza road, Kawambwa-Mushota road, Chipata-Vibwa road, and the Monze-Namwala.

Others roads includes Kafue-Mazabuka road, Masangano-Luanshya, Livingstone-Sesheke-Kazungula, Chibombo-Kabwe, Ndola-Kitwe-Solwezi road and the 900 kilometer Lusaka-Ndola dual carriage way.

Featuring last evening on ZNBC Sunday Interview programme and monitored by ZANIS in Lusaka, the Minister said government is transparent and wants to be accountable to the Zambian people who are major shareholders.

He said government is conducting massive road construction, maintenance and rehabilitation, in a bid to open up the road sector.

Mr. Chitotela added that the Africa Development Bank has given Zambia 35 million United States dollars for the rehabilitation of the Kafue-Monze road and Inyasi Holdings Contraction firm has been engaged to carry out the works.

Mr. Chitotela disclosed that 3,000 kilometers road stretch is remaining from the link Zambia 8,000 thus creating thousands of jobs for the Zambian people.

And Mr. Chitotela says it is government’s vision to implement the Pave Zambia 8,000 as well as Lusaka 400 roads in order to link the country through a robust road network.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chitotela said his ministry will next year build 20,000 housing units to benefit civil servants with decent accommodation to cushion the huge housing deficit arising from population growth.

The Infrastructure and Housing Minister said Bauleni, Chibolya, Kuku and Misisi compounds would soon be modernized.


    • We do not need Chitotela telling us. We need an annual report that should be audited annually.

      We don’t need you to tell us anything, we shall question you when the auditors are finished with the reports… NOT YOU Chitotela.

    • That’s why Lungu is saying that he does not need government to build him a house after his presidency because he is pocketing all the money from toll and amassing any corruption money that comes his way.

    • That is Day Light Robery and that is money extorted from poor people who are already overtaxed. You are paying Toll Fees and PF use that money to bribe defectors instead of maintaining Mazabuka/Kafue Road that brings business.
      This is a SH.IT Govt basically

    • but what about the countless feeder roads that are in a terrible state. please work on those as well as the run down roads in the residential areas of towns and cities as well as the terrible roads in townships and compounds which don’t have drainage and lead to cholera and you the govt begging for Aid from the US and UN the same donors you have been condemning over the Biti saga.

  1. Just Ronald Chitotela annoucing this you can be guaranteed that these monies have already been misappropriated.

    • HaTRIBES HaNegativity! Tribal Coalition! It will NEVER BE President in Zambia! It is unlikeable and unelectable because of TRIBALISM. and of course Childish like this guy on #3.

    • In Zambia KK and his UNIP sought to build no nation of equals from the very beginning. Kaunda tiered Zambia’s tribes into trier one and tier two and perhaps tier three, the same way colonial society was tiered into Whites on top, Indians/mixed ancestry in between and Africans at the bottom. And this is how they allocated air-time broadcasts in local languages at Radio Zambia. It is what makes this girl Sharon post the things she posts but she doesn’t know it. She thinks every critic of PF is a Tonga and a member of the UPND. This conclusion is mine and I came to it after interrogating Zambia’s history and UNIP govt policies.

  2. We hear how much NFRA is collecting from the toll gates. Can we also hear where the money is being channelled.

  3. “…given Zambia 35 million United States dollars for the rehabilitation of the Kafue-Monze road and Inyasi Holdings Contraction firm has been engaged to carry out the works….”

    Is this the same company giving land to lungu in swaziland ?

  4. But look at the state of most roads in the country. At least when there were no toll gates these roads used to be maintained.

  5. THis is a joke – we want an independent audit done on the toll fees and where the money has gone ! STOP LYING TO US !

  6. We also need to know how much the Zambia Police traffic section has collected all these years since they started mounting road-blocks, and what the funds have been used for.

  7. Lusaka – Ndola Dual carriage way is a loan in the sum of $1.2 billion dollars, further in they constructing the chibombo kabwe road, doesnt it fall under the dual carriage project. someone enlighten me is there is another road linking chibombo and kabwe.

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