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PF Government will soon resort to printing money-HH


UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has warned that the PF government will soon resort to printing money due to the economic meltdown that the country is facing.
Mr Hichilema said Zambia is in a serious economic situation than what most people realize.

He said due to over expenditure, the PF government will have no option but to resort to printing money in order to bridge the financing gap.

Mr Hichilema said with the recent downgrade of the economy by rating agencies and the failure to secure a bailout package from the International Monetary Fund, the PF government will find it even more difficult to attract credible investment into the economy.

He observed that the only option will be to print money which will result in over inflation and cripple the entire economy.

“I am warning the Zambian people today, the same way in warned them in 2012 over the debt situation and they called me bitter. What is happening today? The same things I projected. Now we are in an even worse situation, we are in a serious economic meltdown and people should be braced for harder times,” Mr Hichilema said in an interview.

Mr Hichilema explained that the Zambian economy is stressed because most of the revenue is not invested in the productive sector.

“In the national budget, you have over 50 percent going to pay roll related costs which is basically consumption and a further 25 percent going to debt servicing and interest payments. That means 75 percent of the budget is already taken up by those two activities leaving you with just 25 percent to try to grow the economy by up to 7 percent which is impossible and this is why the economy can only grow by 4 percent, meaning we are struggling to invest in education and health and job creation activities,” he said.

Mr Hichilema stated that government has over employed a lot of PF cadres in parastatals and fired qualified Engineers at ZESCO and replaced with PF cadres.


    • This will have to happen otherwise govt operations will just ceaze. No one schooled in economics can disagree with HH. The PF have two choices: to print money or raise taxes.

    • Very true…signs and indicators are all over that Zambia is in serious economic problems, have you ever seen a situation where people are being hunted in their homes for Taxes. Brace and brace hard for times ahead. I am PF but on this one, I wont be blinded, I will support HH – I will always stand on the side of the truth. Mulimbe…Mukose bane

    • Raising taxes is not an option because they will now stifle the remaining businesses. They could resort to printing money if the situation is as bad as what HH has described.

    • No matter how you hate him take note of a very important point he has raised that goes beyond caderism.

      “Mr Hichilema explained that the Zambian economy is stressed because most of the revenue is not invested in the productive sector.”

      “In the national budget, you have over 50 percent going to pay roll related costs which is basically consumption and a further 25 percent going to debt servicing and interest payments. That means 75 percent of the budget is already taken up by those two activities leaving you with just 25 percent to try to grow the economy by up to 7 percent which is impossible and this is why the economy can only grow by 4 percent, meaning we are struggling to invest in education and health and job creation activities,” he said.

    • PF00Lish Govt used to get loans when kwacha started to bleed. Instead of improving productivity.

      Its payback time now, the chickens have come home to roost. Its time to tighten belts even more tight till belt gets swallowed in flesh, bane.

      PF economic mismanagement at its worst. No fiscal discipline, no monetary policy, no exchange control on Chinese, Lebanese. As long as they have range rover, a mansion, a block of flats, all is well for them.

    • To say 50% of the budget is salary-related expenditure is probably an understatement. Moreover, when you add other personnel-related costs such as per diems, workshops/seminars, fuel costs, maintenance of vehicles, etc, the consumption budget is huge. And civil servants have created all sorts of avenues for lining their pockets. For example, the numerous workshops/seminars are rarely held in Boardrooms or in Lusaka city boundary. They are held in Chongwe (Mica Convention Centre), Chilanga, Chisamba and Chibombo. Choice of these places is deliberate; they are outside but near Lusaka (and workshop participants do not have to stay there) and therefore are paid huge amounts of money per day. Put all these together, you will see why the budget is under serious stress.

    • It’s called Quantitative Easying (QE) and it works. The US Treasury did this for 8 years straight from 2007 and generated $2.4 Trillion in goods and services.

      It pulled the US economy out of doldrums and for an economy worth $18.7 Trillion it worked just fine by keeping fed lending rates low, inflation was kept in check.

      The dynamics for the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise may be different and QE may be the last resort but the EU and US have used this very successfully.

      Margaret has to make sure inflation and lending rates are totally under control.

      No worries there and whatever must be, must be … let’s roll.

      Chief chicken little, double h aka hetch hetch privatized your assets for his pocket. Unless you diversify your economy, “your copper” which was sold by FTJ and double h won’t be bailing you out anymore.
      ECL is on top of things. He will sort this thing out soon.

    • Ba HH naimwe when BOZ announces that they are introducing new K5 and K2 notes with security features and will not wipe out the old notes already in circulation and instead will let them run their natural circulation life ….it simply means they have already started printing more money to cover for the glaring domestic deficits

    • @1.9 B R Mumba, Sr
      Yes. The US Treasury does print money (QE). However, this strategy is oftenly used to influence the supply of money in the economy to promote noninflationary growth also known as stimulus packaging.

      In other words, there has to be an increase in economic activity commensurate with the amount of money that is printed. Otherwise, printing money to pay off the debt, say Eurobond repayment, and budget deficts, would make inflation worse.

    • There is no truth in the statement:

      “…you have over 50 percent going to pay roll related costs which is basically consumption and a further 25 percent going to debt servicing and interest payments. That means 75 percent of the budget is already taken up by those two activities leaving you with just 25 percent to try to grow the economy…”
      I feel this is an exaggeration. He claims that he got it from the budget. Which one if I may ask?

    • @Ze Biggy … not exactly, for instance the current income per capita in the US is $53,128.54 and QE was pumping in $89 Billion a month into the economy with a job creation impact of $1Million per every job created.

      If you consider the income per capita alluded to above, this means they were spending a million dollars to achieve taxable income at $53,128.54 per year.

      Also, you statement is contradictory because your second paragraph is a diametrical opposite of your first one. Whichever way you look at, QE is inflationary in nature that’s why you have squeeze the other end by setting fed rates to control inflation.

      It’s a balancing act!!

      Whinnying Is Not A Winning Strategy ~ B R Mumba, Sr.

    • Continued …

      Also, in reference to debt, despite the fact that the US economy only produces $18.7 Trillion in total goods and services, its total national debt as of April 30, 2018 stood at $21 Trillion.

      The debt is stratified as $15.7 public meaning it includes monies it owes mainly its citizens in form of treasury bills, munis and other debt instruments.

      Another $5.3 Trillion is intragovernmental, including debt to other countries, the largest of that being China. Our total goods and services are currently at $25 Billion and our total national debt is less than $8 Billion give or take.

      All things being equal, our debt situation is better than the US as a percentage of GDP. What is needed is focus and Margaret is equal to the task.

      Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of…

    • Now that’s how a president talks. I feel bad that people can’t see how blessed we’re as a nation to have a person like HH wanting to lead our country. In other countries, a person of HH’s caliber would’ve been getting consulted on a lot issues but here people choose to call him a bitter politician. HH is not a bitter person because he has enough money to live the life of the queen of England. In my opinion, He’s just a patriot who wants Zambia to be a better place for everyone to live in.

    • Bank of Zambia recently announced that they are putting new security features on the bank notes, that’s the money they’ve started printing

    • @1.14 & 1.15 B R Mumba, Sr: I don’t quite agree with your simplistic approach to QE. Often times, QE is regarded as a last resort to stimulate spending in an economy when interest rates fail to work. You have given the US example. The QE you have alluded to did arise due to near-zero rates, together with cash hoarding by individuals, corporations and commercial banks. This resulted in liquidity being trapped in the banking system, and contributed to the 2008-2011 financial crisis. To help unlock liquidity and encourage banks to lend, rounds of QE were embarked upon in the US (QE1 was started in December 2008, and QE2 in June 2011). Central Banks had to purchase EXISTING government bonds (gilts) in order to pump money directly into the financial system.

    • @1.4 & 1.15 Continued: For example, as the MPC of the Bank of England stated in 2009, their view was that once Bank Rate had reached 0.5% it ‘…could not practically be reduced below that level, and in order to give a further monetary stimulus to the economy, (the MPC) decided to undertake a series of asset PURCHASES…’ In QE, you do not print money from NOTHING. You print money premised on ASSETS.

      Applying QE of printing money from nothing, Uncle Bob in Zimbabwe tried and failed….put simply, you need to assets to print. As for the US-China example of debt, again it goes back to assets. The US may be the most indebted nation, but the question is: what assets does it hold?

    • @Ze Biggy … I can see that all you have is a theoretical understanding of QE and have no clue on the real dynamics and machinations involved.

      For your own information, I was one of the 20 Executives at Citigroup privy to the daily M3 Money Report in 2007 and witnessed first hand real movements from M3 to M2 and finally M1 in liquid assets.

      This movement was necessitated by CMBS toxic assets that had been created due to virtual future earnings due to securitization from unqualified individuals and business loans. These were non-performing financial derivatives.

      The M3 movement was primarily a market reaction to safeguard investments from highly speculative to safe havens and in most instances just cash as savings.

      So, investors and thrifts preferred cash holdings as opposed…

    • Continued…

      So, investors and thrifts preferred cash holdings as opposed to certain stocks, bonds and other financial instruments among other things thus the ensuing market crush.

      Your monolith approach to such a complex situation shows you don’t even fully understand why the fed rates remained at 0.5% for so long.

      I am not here to walk you through all the complexities and dynamics of QE so, I will just leave it at that. Google your rest through to your satisfaction and you won’t understand all matters pertaining to the crux.

      When it comes to Zambian Assets, our total combined mineral reserves are in trillions of dollars, still unexploited.

      Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us ~ B R Mumba, Sr

    • That’s what some of us mean when we say BRM is the most seasoned blogger at LT. Look at the detailed analysis with verifiable facts and figures. Not even HH is this guy’s match. Now for some low lives, they are just ready now to insult me for praising their secret admirer. They wish every day they could blog like him.

      Go ahead. Insult me and I will just laugh it off


    • Then go and ask IMF for an informed analysis please. Let us all Zambians, both the opposition and the ruling party do freely their analysis. Please address the issue objectively, and not politically. I am pro-government , and I am actually serving in government; I am SEEING the effects of the current state of affairs.


      By Mweemba Habazoka

      The United Party for National Development (UPND) was formed in December 1998. The Party turns 20 years old in December 2018. Today its desperation has reached an all-time high because time is running out for them to either deliver the country or their soul. The patience of their 20-year-old-financiers have continued to wear thin and thin by the failure of the party to deliver as per their promise despite the financiers’ unwavering financial commitments that resulted in its leaders’ immense wealth which they stand to lose as per deal they signed almost 22 years ago in the run up to infamous privatisation exercise in Zambia. The UPND is fixed between the rock and the hard place as on one hand, Zambians have refused to toll their line while on the…

  1. Money printing will be a disaster aka devaluation and Turkey bailout is a dead end street.Its times like these that I miss the prudent economic stewardship of Rupiah Banda.

    • Correction!
      If RB had followed through with the plan LPM had started, we would not have kicked him out in 2011. In other words, ba RB became so corrupt destroying all the gains we made with LPM and Magande! If RB was a performer, he was going to be retained in 2011. If RB had done his fair part, PF would not have walked the corridors of power!

  2. Very clear analysis of the economic situation by HH – just like IMF, World Bank or ADB will tell you. If you doubt ask these experts for their advise. Don’t just argue because our Party is different from his Party.

  3. Underfive, we know ALL that, it is not rocket science. The problem is that we also know that you are not the alternative leadership that we seek. Let a credible opposition come on the scene and we will know what to do, NO lectures from you tribal anti easterner, anti Zambia please!!!

    I for one wrote you off the very moment in 2006 when you were politically born by the hands of that tribal midwife Ackson Sejani who said and I quote again : “Upnd shall only be led by a tonga”.
    I have told you repeatedly that we may consider forgiving you if you apologised for that. And what do you? Go ballistic with more tribal sentiments, Nsenga rats, chieftainness mukuni in tow, Namwala tribophobia. And to crown it all you will “fight” corruption with a known corrupt running mate. All those…

    • “He observed that the only option will be to print money which will result in over inflation and cripple the entire economy”

      And people say this Kaponya (HH) is an acclaimed economist and businessman..?

      “the ONLY OPTION will be to print money”

      UPN Decline
      UPN Deceptive

      We should have executed this cheap Machiavellian thug at Mukobeko.

  4. Above comments Paint such an accurate picture of Zambians; they will hate you for telling the truth.
    They prefer someone who tells them lies, like more money in your pockets in 90 days, something which has never happened anywhere in the would even at the peak of industrialization in the western world! Such infantile magical thinking. Wonder why prophets are making it big in the country?


      double h aka hetch hetch privatized your assets for his pocket. Unless you diversify your economy, “your copper” which was sold by FTJ and double h won’t be bailing you out anymore.

      Chief merchant of death. Prophet of ill will.
      Stories that make them happy is a failed Zambia. Are they normal?
      The ballot will continuously elude you.

  5. Ironic! While his party is falling apart he choses to go in front of the nation to publish lies and uproven allegations. Councillors in upnd are defecting to PF, there’s a strong word on the ground that some mps were on the verge of abandoning upnd, then the unthinkable happened-in all it’s entirety, upnd bumbled the Kasanengwa by-election byfailing to field a candidate and tried to blame the PF!! It seems hh has kept his supporters interested by duping them and it surely is fading fast…

    • This has nothing to do with politics its the economy being talked about here and it will affect any body please people for once let us be serious . Denial kills

    • ….how do you influence the economy if you can’t get into political office??? Last time i checked, it is politicians who approve budgets and make decisions about our resources. In a democracy, opposition is “govt-in-waiting” not some independent grouping of economic messiahs; Their conduct is detrimental to our nation!!

    • Ba Zambian citizen, bu mbuli.
      Ati “U.P.N.D councillors all over the country are detecting to P.F. Nikalibe ku wonapo bu shilu like P.F Cadres exhibit!!

    • Pay no mind to theiving money in our pocket in 90 days caders…..they are eating with lungu and don’t see the struggles of the common man….

    • @Keleni: no wonder upnd is disintegrating, this loser bonehead of a president says anything and you believe it?? Look at basic indicators like inflation and exchange rate and what does it tell you??

    • Citizen

      If the basic indicators are anything to go by , how come no one will give zambia a bail out , not even the IMF ????

    • Dream land chicken littles.
      Don’t mind these “Sky is falling baby boomers” They sound like the world is coming to an end in 2000 before then, alas, we are in 2018. How mellow is the sound of a failing Zambia to them, so they can capitalize.
      Last time I checked, we were so terrified about the economy even when LPM was at the helm.
      Good thing is the majority of Zambians are going by their day to day business. Only double h with his business economics is afraid of the unknown.

  6. Wee Put Damiano -Very true…signs and indicators are all over that Zambia is in serious economic problems, have you ever seen a situation where people are being hunted in their homes for Taxes. Brace and brace hard for times ahead. I am PF but on this one, I wont be blinded, I will support HH – I will always stand on the side of the truth. Mulimbe…Mukose bane

  7. People are refusing to accept the truth because it’s coming from HH. We are in serious trouble and there’s no denying this fact. It’s about time people recovered from their never-ending post-election hangovers. Our country is in a serious mess.

  8. PROPHET OF DOOM KAINDE AT IT AGAIN!!!!We thank God that even himself knows that Zambians call him a BITTER MAN!!!!Since 2006 when HH was introduced to politics by fellow tongas,he has never said anything good about mother Zambia or offered any solution!!!All he does is wishing Zambia hell-WHAT A CLOWN!!!Look Kainde,”no weapon formed against Zambia shall prosper!!”We’ve big brains in Govnt with PHDs in Economics from Western Universities and not your ka bachelor degree in economics from UNZA which you have never used in your life!!ALL YOU KNOW IS KEEPING CATTLE-PERIOD!!!
    Whether our economy collapses (God forbid) or not,WE SHALL NEVER VOTE FOR YOU AS YOU’RE NOT AN OPTION!!!PF Govnt is on top of things!!JUST RETIRE FROM POLITICS KAINDE BECAUSE YOU’LL NEVER RULE ZAMBIA!!!Come 2021 ni…

  9. “HH WILL DIE A BITTER MAN” says tayali. This tribalist HH just criticizes without providing solution and takes delight in whatever calamity that falls on this country. I have never heard him give credit where it is due. HH for your own information even when the economy is down on its knees you are a still a political reject, the Zambian people will never vote for you. Remember we have survived such situations before, in 2015 we had, as a country, experienced harsher economic shocks than these such as high currency exchange rates, interest rates, high inflation rates, loadshedding, army worms, high prices etc but people still voted against you. Better we suffer a little than voting for a bitter, tribalist, white color thief and Satanist yourself.

  10. Please tribal cadres remind this Kainde that Zambians do not vote for PF mostly because of economical issues.There many factors at play.Look,our economy has been bad since 2012,but still PF has keep on winning elections.DO YOU KNOW WHY?Majority voters live in villages or compounds who know little or nothing about the economy Kainde preach about!!!MOREOVER,WHO TELLS HH THAT HE IS THE ONLY ZAMBIAN WHO CAN FIX OUR ECONOMY BETTER THAN ALL THOSE WITH PHDS IN ECONOMICS CURRENTLY WORKING IN GOVNT?Kainde should stop insulting all of us as we are more learned than him!!His tribesmen (who worship him) have made him big headed!!!!If he cannot run his “cuundu chaitwa” UPND party properly,how can he run Zambia?TELL KAINDE THAT WE ARE WAITING FOR HIS RECORD 6TH DEFEAT IN 2021 AND HIS LAST LOSS FOR…

    • My friend you are not talking to the information given in the details but showing us zambians that you hate HH. That is your problem. We want you to contribute to the debate of how we can move out of the economic merce mind you, it is real no jokes about it. Whether you hate him( HH) or not what he has said is true.

  11. I hate tribal politics and comments because the people who will suffer are our children people let us preach one Zambia one Nation. This is our country and we have no other home apart from this country. I think here HH is concerned like any other citizen there is no need for anyone to start calling him tribal names actually those that continue to call him tribal names are the ones who tribal. Please please let us stop this foolishness

  12. Instead of Kainde talking about his UPND which is losing members on daily basis,he is busy wishing mother Zambia hell!!For sure this man is a satanist.UPND is on free fall…..WANYEKA MUNZI…candidates are running away on nomination day.Those are the problems Kainde must be addressing.Today his UPND is the most hated political party in Zambia especially in 6.5 provinces!PF Govnt have done huge projects across Zambia and still doing them,so we really appreciate that!!GBM IS NEXT TO FORSAKE THIS LOSER(HH)-WATCH THE SPACE!!!so you can hung with your bitterness Chilema who cares!!!

  13. On this platform people who are partaking in the looting of this country are of course supporting the wrongs of the PF regime. It is normal. They are doing it only for their own well-being, not for Edgar Lungu.They will certainly ditch him after he leaves state house. Ask Rupiah Banda. Is he still surrounded by those that were worshiping him when he was in state house? The answer he will give you is a categorical NO.Time is ticking

  14. “ONLY A DONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani. HHTake a leaf from what has happened in Zimbabwe, despite economic hardship the country is going through people still voted for the governing party ZANU-PF. The people of Zimbabwe know that the boy Chamisa is a western sponsored puppet just like you are sponsored by the foreign agents such as Anglo America. You have already mortgaged Zambia to your foreign financiers in return for our minerals. Therefore, Zambia under your leadership can be worse than it is now because you can sell everything in this country like you sold the mines to pay back what you owe your foreign financiers. The devil you know is better than the angel you have never seen.

  15. AGONY is “doing same things politically since 2006 (i.e;wishing Zambia hell) while hoping for diffirent results after elections”.HH should know that this strategy has failed him and he must change by becoming part of the solutions which all Zambians need.Atleast he has stopped calling ECL names,so he must go further by offering solutions to the challenges we are facing as a country.Evil politics will never take HH into state house!!SO BO KAINDE,BE PART OF THE SOLUTION AND THAT WAY YOU WILL WIN MANY UNDEVIDED VOTERS!!

  16. For real lets just prepare for hell. For the first time he is not talking tribalism which is good. Yes he is very right on this one. And do you know where the money that they have been borrowing going. In their pockets. Finance puts money aside for a project and they scoop it for their pockets and ask the Chinese to borrow from their country to complete the project. How do you trace such embezzling. Yes you see the project but you also see the nkongole in between money is missing and deleted from Finance records. What remains is the kaloba from China to replace the missing cash.

    • Very much correct my dear and for that same reason just wait for two years our country will be full with Chinese.

  17. The only time, that the ignorant will realize the truth is when he or she is in that very situation being talked about. In short in the minds of the ignorants every thing is good for them, they don’t foresee what will come next. But as I have examined the history of Zambian ???????? politics over the years , the following has the ignorant (cadres), they think they are doing a divine duty to instruct the brave what to do, and the brave they think are doing the divine duty to accept doing what they are told. But when they dance ???? in political rallies what they are suppose to do is to appeal to the emotions of the electrorates is demagogry, I think countries such as ours require a careful thinking, people should see there leader serious. The state which her people are still in the constant…

  18. Politics aside…HH on this one he is very true , Zambia needs a lot of help no wonder ECL asked the Turkish Government to help us pay back the loans.

  19. I just wish for the love of god HH leaves the political arenas for PF and lungu ….you broke it, you fix it….. HH pleas concentrate on enriching yourself from your businesses , leave the theives to do more dunnuna reverse….maybe a more federal system will result from this mess if PF are left to carry on beyond 2021…let the theives lead them selves.

  20. HH is very politically dull.
    He thinks he can scare voters into voting for him.He is crazy.
    Let him tell us his solution since he thinks he is the ONLY ONE who can reason economically.
    Government is teamwork NOT tribe work.

    • Teamwork that has lead to a situation where iou are begging for a bailout and no body wants to Give you a bail out , not even IMF ?

      Ati team work….

  21. What I wanted to hear was a confirmation if indeed Hichilema released K120,000 to Katuka and Nkombo for the Kasenengwa by-election. I was wondering what moved Garry Nkombo to report Banda to the Police, it seemed laughable but now it’s making sense. Nkombo and Kakoma may be hiding the K118,000

  22. Unfortunately you NOT any alternative

    Self centred
    Privatization guru
    Burning markets
    Ill wish er

  23. Pf is weak. Unfortunately there is no opposition in Zambia.

    U5 can and will never wrestle power from PF.

    UPEND must swallow this bitter reality.

    He can churn out wind of change

    There is no wind of change apart from SP

  24. He cannot churn out wind of Change.

    Is he the only wise man is SP.

    THE only reason you cling to him because you know hes the best chap to execute revenge.

    Very vengeful especially after chimbokaila

  25. The solution to the economy according to hh is to start printing money….and his fellow under5s are happy that hh has made sense in his observation.

    • Hehehehe…. oval …..

      Watch lungu start printing money….

      We told you so….ahhhh that feels so good. Now let’s see PF dance dunnuna begging for a bailout…

    • The only solution is to milk and squeeze every ngwee out of the citizens…then make them dance dunnuna reverse.

      Zambia has lost a chance to move out of third world status….how can you be building roads like mad yet you have no industries ? You build roads so the millions of unemployed , unskilled loafers to looter on ?

    • The trouble in Zambia is we look at tribe when looking for solutions! Mwanawasa was an accidental President in that Chiluba had to rig elections in favour of Mwanawasa against Mazoka. The rest of the presidents we have ever had have only come from the Northestern Block. For some unknown reason, the Northeastern block won’t listen even to brilliant ideas from the former Barotseland block! That is what has kept our country backward! The solution lies in the Northeastern block! Listen to other people’s ideas irrespective of where they come from! If HH was a northerner or easterner, he would have served this country already by now! Unfortunately, some of us have blood from the two blocks and we know the tribal and ethnic hegemony at play in Zambian politics! Wako ni wako means = I can only…

    • Wako ni wako means = I can only vote for my tribesmen and women and my Mbuyas! Because of these deep ethnic divisions in our country, the best way forward is to come up with a Federal State! Let each province be Self-governed! That is the only solution!

  26. Those who always want to oppose everything HH says for the sake of opposing, do a simple analysis. Go to Toyota Zambia or any shop. Compare the price of goods in December 2017 and August 2018. Man: Don’t use mealie meal as that is a political commodity! If you are a good and honest analyst who keeps track of your receipts, you will see that the prices have more than doubled! If your Corolla Oil filter was k69 in December 2017, expect to spend K165, Air cleaner that used to cost K278 now costs K761! You can’t blame Toyota! If your total bill for a full service kit was K2,000 in December 2017, expect to spend K4,000 now just to service a Corolla! It’s the reality of our harsh economy and businesses have to survive! We must all remove partisan lenses and see for ourselves the true reality…

  27. We must all remove partisan lenses and see for ourselves the true reality even if it’s coming from someone you don’t like! The way we punished MMD in 2011 was to vote for PF that MMD dreaded! We will do it again!

  28. Of what benefit is the truth if I doesn’t bring forth the solution.. This’s the same as telling your friend after he’s fallen in a ditch, that ‘I told you not to keep walking close to it..u see u’ve fallen in’. Without giving him any formidable advice on how easy and safely he can come out..

    • Tell us what you will do to correct situation.

      Thats the only way we can consider you. At least chamisa promised to turn vic falls into LasVegas. Thats how he got votes in urban areas.

      U5 has no solution pe pe musankwa

    • How can you give solutions when the people incharge and their supporters think they are right and there is no need for solutions even while begging for a bailout ?

    • The solution lies in the ears of the Northeastern block! Listen to other people’s ideas irrespective of where they come from!!!
      You were warned by many non-PF persons against unbridled debt contraction! Even our former Finance ministers sounded the warning but you looked more at their tribe than what they had to say! You took tribal offense! IMF and World Bank warned PF but PF became paranoid and thought the two institutions were hired by HH to discredit the PF government! Now that the SH1T has hit the ceiling fan, that’s when you want solutions? Too late!

    • ECL said he has no vision but you still voted for him and true to his word things are in a mess.HH has expounded the economic parameters currently at play. If he can analyse the situation then he is also able to give a solution. It is time we tried him and see what acumen he is made of and only then we will be in a better position to judge him. This is not the time to play politics of tribalism but to save Zambia and the onus falls on all of us or else posterity will judge us harshly.

  29. Some cadres never cease to amaze me. They are saying HH should offer solutions. But as far as I know, HH has been consitent on one thing. He has always said and I quote ” DO NOT BORROW MONEY FOR CONSUMPTION. BORROW MONEY AND PUT IT IN DEVELOPMENTAL PROJECTS LIKE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES (VALUE ADDITION). Unless you have just landed in Zambia.

    • Iwe MONEY has already been borrowed and consumption. Whats the way fowad now to make good

      These capital projects were started by sata who you now praise and miss day and night.

      Yet you called him urine bag at zwd and wazzed whole night when he died

      Yes sata and chikwanda messed up in 3years and ecl is trying to correct.

  30. Give them a solution HH. You are an alternative government. Don’t just wait for 2021 or plot one.
    If your solution works, you will get a plus

    • Hh can not give solutions to people who think they are on the right track and think there is no need for solutions…..

  31. The reason PF continue winning despite their dismal performance in the economy is because their large support base is among the rural and uneducated people who are very patriotic when it come to voting. On the other hand alot of educated people agree with HH on many things but unfortunately they dont vote and are doing nothing to influence the uneducated masses.
    PF has succeeded in hoodwinking the people that HH is a Satanist and tribalist and unfortunately some gullible Zambians have bought that. It is no longer the issue of being UPND but a patriotic Zambian.It is time we salvaged what has yet remained as Zambia before we are sold like scrap metal to the Chinese.

    • I thought HH was in the forefront selling mines. What role did HH play in privatization? Zambians do not have short memories. Zambians also seem to remember how HH failed to answer how he became rich. This very thing of calling other uneducated is the same reason hh keeps losing.

  32. Zambia needs atleast $500 million for a massive targeted skills training programme to plug the import holes then move to exports……$500 million to train the unemployed school leavers then targete to open selected industrires industries. Train people so we don’t import any GRZ uniforms and any work cloths , electrical sockets- all imported electrical goods to have sockets fitted in zambia , light bulbs , solar power systems.
    Forget about expecting foringners to do it for you….with a marshal plan like this expect more than a million people added to real employment , cut of imports and exports upping….

    • Chinese are already doing that in Zambia.

      Today computers design and one computerized machine can replace 5000 youth per hour

      Give us workable solutions.

      500million USADOLLAR . Who will pay back

    • Imwe ba it’s political…..

      What are Chinese already doing in Zambia ? Making blocks ? I told you the Chinese will not make anything in Zambia that is exclusively made in China….they will not take jobs away from China. They will only start local manufacture if there is a local company already in that field …..only to eat into that pie and take some of that money back to China..

      Do you know the knock on benefits to having textiles made in Zambia using Zambian cotton , from farmers to dye manufactures ?

      Who will pay back $500 million ? Well who will pay back the bailout funds Zambia is begging for ?……instead of building any more roads invest in skills training to cut imports and start exports….

  33. @Kanitundila:ALL I CAN TELL YOU IS DREAN ON!! If you still dream that your Kainde can win in the North and East in 2021 where he has never won since 2006,then Chainama hospital is your next home!!With the massive projects PF Govnt is doing in the North,CB,Lsk and East,your HH will suffer a huge defeat in 2021!!Am slowly seeing HH dying with his ideas like late Dean Mung’omba minus entering state house!!!In case you dont know,all urban contituencies with high number of voters in Zambia are under PF.Then in Luapula,Nothern,Muchinga and Eastern HH’s UPND is very weak,meaning a PF presidential candidate will win in almost all contituencies in 6.5 provinces!!Registered voters in Western and N/Western are too few.Southern votes can be cancelled by Eastern votes for PF.In short,in 2021 PF is…

  34. “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says sejani. Njimbu you are correct HH is not a presidential material

  35. Its a shame HH is not telling his dull educated pipo that the current economic challenges are in every nation including the US which owes China trillions.
    The Zambian govt has many solutions on the table.
    The debate is simply about which solution will have minimum impact on economic growth.
    Several positive steps have already been taken(u must be UPNDEAD not to see that).
    What HH is suffering from is chronic weak leadership.
    If our country is already in HELL ,why does he want to preside over it?
    Is he admitting its possible to get out of this HELL of his and him and his tribesmen are the only ones who know how?
    Anyway, he has never run any economy in his life before?
    Not even the IMF can predict the economy(they failed to predict the 2008 financial crisis).
    HH couldn’t even…

    • Let’s not compare western economies to our own. If our situation was fine, why are interest rates so high, currency took a 10% hit, asking turkey to refinance a eurobond, more taxes, more printing! Japan has debt over $10bn but assets worth $30tn. Zambia has debt over $10 bn and assets worth? Mining assets are not ours which leaves….

  36. Yes I agree we are spending large sums on paying those in government. You the same UPND chaps are day in and day out blaming the GRZ for not creating enough jobs. The Government has built Hospitals, Clinics,Schools and Universities which are manned and YOU still expect lower figures on salary. You the UPND are in the lead asking Government to increase the salaries or the pecks of its employees when the time is ripe for negotiations. Double standards. We can only live this life and the tomorrow shall sort itself. Talking loudly shall not help much but bring back the monies you have outside which you made using a brilliant idea. The government shall get some Tax on it and pay for more road construction works and consequently create employment and make more through Tax again and again.

  37. Njimbu you are really a blessing to this site i can asure you. How come HH has never said anything good of this country since he came to politics ai? how do you aspire for leadership when all you do is being a prophet of doom? HH is sooo sickening. his levels of bitterness cannot be allowed even in the guinnes book of records because they will not believe this doomsayer.

    How do you allow yourself to die with ideas that can applied only when you are in power? mmmmmmm Even former CIA agents are able to review dirty sectrets on their death bed not HH. this man will simply collapse and die with anger one day… very upset with his reasoning’ dont even touch me’

  38. Many moons ago we had interclass football competitions, inter-house and from there players were selected who represented us in the school team. Modobo was not a very good player but he was the food minister and so as he gave choice pieces to the Captain of the team he thought he should be in the school first eleven. He never quiet made it.Ba Modo as we all called him would whenever we had a soccer match continuously point out the mistakes of the number 10 a position he so craved. At the end of the game he would give raving analysis of what the number 10 had done wrong. With team the coach began to believe him; Ba Modo was sent on in one match…it was the last time he featured he was a sorry sight whenever the ball was passed to him

    • I think HH has unmatched bussiness skills and experience compared to the whole of GRZ …..just look at his proven track record….

    • Abena Spaka fimo fimo … Hakalusa’s net worth in 2006 was $350 Million and that was almost 12 years after he took the loot from the Zambian privatization.

      He was reported by Forbes as a potential billionaire by 2009 but today his net worth is only $75 Million … that’s regressive and does not show “unmatched business skills”.

      To investment banker like myself, it simply means he has failed to produce and/or generate legitimate income after his ill-gotten initial start.

      He has not grown his Enterprise as it has diminished due to mismanagement. That’s the last person you want to entrust our $25Billion economy. It might shrink 5 fold the way his business empire did.

  39. You can hate HH all you want but better a pessimist who saves you from hard times than the PF who spoil you with deceitful talk.

  40. It’s nothing worse than what Zambia has been through before. We have weathered worse economic storms than what HH perceives to be a meltdown. We always emerge above the water and our situation today is not different. We are winners and are better off as a nation. God is surely on our side. HH is an alarmist. He sees nothing positive about this country and never will. His political profile is dismal. Politically, he is like a railway wagon parked at a siding, long forgotten and going nowhere. Zambians have parked him there as he himself acknowledges that they called him bitter and for good reason. He is under 5. Once bitter always bitter, all because of one man – ECL. Grow up HH and love your country and we will put you in our sights for the presidency.

    • “…We have weathered worse economic storms than what HH perceives to be a meltdown…..”

      Which worse economic storms , the one where 7 billion was written off ?

  41. I neither agree nor oppose what HH is saying especially that we can now print candidates due to the shortage of educated Bandas

  42. Fellow Zambians, we all know that our economy is not doing well and it is not primarily the way it is managed now (of course it would be much better if it was properly steered by the current govt) but the way it is structured. I have the following suggestions to submit (which I gave to RB’s govt and PF govt also):
    1. Restructure our liquid fuel sector: We are spending too much money on importation of diesel that enters our country by road because Indeni can’t process 100% crude but only a blend of 30% crude 70% diesel. This is insane but because of transport contracts that benefit a few people in power, no one want to be bold enough to do it. Demand for liquid fuel is close to 1.0 million MT per day, diesel only. Factor this in the equation of balance of payment and you will agree that…

  43. Spaka you have valid points w. But that youth entrepreneurship has no space now. Tie and die is obsolete.

    Computers and machine s do everything including farming

    This is digital erra.

    Ask me I will tell you how we can transform this great nation. Just engage me in UPEND.

    Lets meet one day.

    I will give program that will make you win.

    • Political….

      Wether computers do most things , sewing GRZ uniforms are done by machinists in the far East using Zambian cotton, employing thousands. Those same uniforms need dye not tie and dye….
      The fact remains Zambia has a glaring skills shortage of qualified trades people…spending on skills revamp is the fastest way to increase GDP…..

    • If GRZ engaged real development consultants before our building boom , they would have been advised to embark on a massive building skills update to increase local employment and reduce capital outflows… is never too late , any borrowed funds should now be used for targeted skills training and open factories to cut imports and start exports…

  44. At one time we used to follow soccer on ZambianFootball website. UPND online bloggers were there we didn’t know who they were until now! That time they were called BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS. They were against Kalusha and Coach Renard, for years.

  45. HH is not patriotic and he thinks by scaring the Zambians he will win their hearts. No way mr selfish man. If you new a magic way of transforming our economic situation over night, why not open up to the nation you call your country of birth? You can die with your knowledge/magic for all we care. You can’t hold us to a ransom just to contribute to the well being of our country. There are many people out there who helped this country by sharing the knowledge without even asking to be the president. We have a lot of economists in our country and don’t forget that you were not alone at UNZA and not the last. All you know is wishing Zambians hell so that they can vote you. You are not Jesus. Moo mooo moooooo!!!!

  46. It’s irrelevant to read articles from infidels who don’t add any value to our stable growing economy especially from the Zone 6 o underfives. Is he telling us he has a money printing machine in his house and he was consulted for him to make his careless public alarming statement today?

  47. All those who speak evil of others and fail to discuss issues are full of hatred. This is poison and evil is of the devil. You focus on personality and are busy supporting foreigners to wreck our country. Shame on you.

  48. You don’t support HH ninshi you hate him. You cannot support someone but that doesn’t mean you have hatred for the chap. Same as not supporting Edgar. ….it’s not necessarily hatred but just a case of preferences.

  49. Can the people that are close to HH tell him that even TB Joshua has stopped predicting soccer results after a lot of fails. Donald Trump does not even want TB Joshua anywhere near the USA after predicting that her saw a woman winning. How old was HH when we used to queue for mealie meal for days during the UNIP era? How old was HH during yellow Maize when Zambia was in three years of no sufficient rains. Does HH know that the worst cholera that has ever hit a Continent happened in the United States of America. The Tonga God who thinks is more educated than every other Zambian does not seem to know anything. Was HH the only Student in all the classes he has ever attended? Was he even the best.

  50. Reading some of the comments here, it seems Zambia will not develop. Guys, it’s important to acknowledge the truth. Most Zambians’ IQ is very low. Evidence is right on this blog. They attack intelligent arguments and leadership. HH has given you a view that needs further investigation to see how we can avoid the Lungu impending financial and economic implosion. Think for a moment Zambians, think. Stop insulting for a second. This is why HH is a successful businessman. Foresight. Calculating numbers and as we talk, I believe he is changing his money into dollars has kwacha in few days will be trash. Pure trash. Anyway, you have no money to lose.

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