FDD president Edith Nawakwi
FDD president Edith Nawakwi

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi has charged that the introduction of the 30 Ngwee per day tariff on internet based phone calls by government is outright theft from the people.

In a walk-in interview with Q-news, Ms Nawakwi who has been out of the media limelight for a while has accused government of colluding with the three mobile phone network providers to steal from the people.

vlcsnap-2708-03-30-02h20m09s479She says the introduction of the 30 Ngwee tariff on internet based phone calls is illegal without parliamentary approval.

Ms. Nawakwi who is also former Finance Minister says government cannot introduce a tax midstream without the authority of parliament.

She has since demanded that the tariff be done away with forthwith.

Ms. Nawakwi says the Minister of Finance and the Attorney General should have advised Cabinet that tax cannot be simply introduced without consulting the people’s representatives in parliament.

The FDD leader adds that the concern of government should be the cost of doing business in the country especially by phone.

And Ms Nawakwi says contrary to assertion, internet based phone calls are not free.

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  1. If a government tries an idea that fails, someone wasn’t doing their job. Whereas if we don’t try some ideas that fail, we’re not doing our jobs ~ Bill Gates


    • This chap is full of misplaced political utopia…he is what is called an educated foooooooooooool!


    • I feel sorry for the average Zambian.

      Maybe this will teach them to vote properly next time.

      How do you honestly vote for a drunkard riffraff and expect heaven on earth?

      You get what you paid for in life, and this is what Zambia has ended up with.

      Total manure this government


  2. The fdd life president, wamuyayaya. She is best known for coining the “FTJ IS A THIEF” adage and vigorously fought his third term bid. But, alas, she’s in her third term in her own party, isn’t it ironic?? That’s why Changala was commenting about Zambia sliding back into a one-party state-here’s why. Political party leaders who believe democracy only applies to ruling party leaders not them!! They will spend their careers attacking those in power while ignoring their undemocratic and dictatorial tendencies.



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