Nkandu Luo commends China for support in education

Fisheries and Livestock Minister, Nkandu Luo
Fisheries and Livestock Minister, Nkandu Luo
Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo
Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo

Higher Education Minister, Nkandu Luo has praised the Chinese Government for supplementing government’s efforts in the education sector.

Professor Luo notes that China has provided scholarships to many Zambians in various fields besides agriculture, construction, manufacturing, information technology, and engineering among other key economic sectors.

The Minister said the bilateral ties that have existed for many years now have culminated into benefiting the people alongside cementing and strengthening relations and co-operation between Zambia and China.

She said this in Lusaka last evening during the return of 67 and the departure of 41 Zambian students that have benefited from Chinese Scholarships.

This was in a speech read on her behalf by Loans and Scholarships Board Chairperson, Penelope Mapoma.

The Minister challenged the students to make a positive impact to Zambia’s economy using the gained knowledge.

And Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, Jie Li disclosed that over 4,000 Zambians have benefited from his government in various fields.

The Chinese Envoy pledged to continue assisting Zambia especially in the education sector.

He further disclosed that there are over 1,000 investors from China that are investing in the Zambian economy thereby making it grow.

And Zambia China Old Students Association (ZACOSA) President, Friday Mulenga said education is the best equalizer in one’s life.


  1. We are the most blessed people in the world, today we thank you China tomorrow will be thanking the Turkish government and the next time will be thanking God.

    Ask not what China will do for us or what Turkish government will do for us but what can we do for China and Turkey.

    Leadership is needed to take us into the future.

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