Former Luwingu District Commissioner Mambwe Katontoka has denied all the signatures appearing on the payment vouchers issued to Costaver Malitati and chisungusho contractors a company owned by her husband.

This is in a case in which Mrs Katontoka, is facing eight counts of abuse of authority of office contrary to section 21 of (1) (a) of the anti-corruption Act No. 3 of 2012.

Particulars offence are that on dates unknown but between 1st January 2012 and 31st December 2013 in luwingu, Mrs katontoka during her tenure of office as Luwingu District Commissioner allegedly abused the authority of her office in the manner she awarded eight contracts worth K91, 685.00 for the supply of various goods and services to her husband Mr. Costaver Malitati.

Mrs. Katontoka allegedly awarded three contracts in the name of Mr. Costaver Malitati’s and five to Chisungusho Contractors a company owned by her husband.

Appearing before Principle Resident Magistrate, Vincent Siloka, Mrs. Katontoka 45 of Maiteneke Township was yesterday 21st August 2018, found with the case to answer on all the eight counts of abuse of authority.

In her defence, the former DC explained that at the time her husband showed interest in the projects awarded by the DC’s office, she wrote an internal memo dated 15th May 2013, where she decided to abstain and officially declared interest since her spouse bided for the works.

‘’I have decided to abstain and officially declare interest since my spouse’s company has submitted a bid for the workers,’’ read the later in parts.

She further stated that, the memo was addressed to the District Administrative Officer, Deodetus Musungwe, who was the Finance Committee Chairperson at that particular time.

Mrs. Katontoka said the signature which appeared on the payment voucher and internal memos approving the payment for costaver Malitati and chisungusho contractors a company owned by husband were not hers.

But when asked by the Anti-Corruption State Advocate, Don Chiwala if she reported the matter to any police station that there was someone masquerading as District Commissioner signing financial transaction on her behalf, she responded that she did not do so.

She was later issued with a plain paper to append her signature which looked similar to the signatures she was refusing on some financial documents.

The matter has been adjourned to October 08, 2018 for continued defence as she is likely to produce two witnesses.

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  1. Arrest her why denying if she didn’t sign she could have reported the matter to police for someone signing on behalf of her without her knowledge


  2. Guilty as charged.

    The memo was intended to deceive and deflect attention from her.

    If you dig deeper, you will find that her bosses were complicit.

    The ACC should however focus on Lungu and bigger thieves in government.

    Do not forget Imbwili, Rupiah, late Nsanda etc. etc.

    Yes even the dead have left theft crumbs. The Nsanda family are living it too large.


  3. Don’t be surprised after leaving office ECL will also sent authorising purchase of 42 fire tenders and put the blame squarely on the minister or PS.



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