Green Eagles have officially complained to FAZ over the manner in which Football House selected teams participating in the controversial 2018 Barclays Cup

Eagles and several stakeholders have argued that FAZ made a mistake when picking Lusaka Dynamos at the expense of the ZNS club.

Eagles were ahead of Lusaka Dynamos – placed sixth on the FAZ Super Division table as at Week 19 when Barclays Cup participants are supposed to be picked.

“Green Eagles have officially following a complaint lodged by Green Eagles Football Club over the list of selected teams to participate in the 2018 Barclays Cup draws,” FAZ spokesperson Desmond Katongo said in a statement released on Wednesday.

“An Emergency Executive Committee meeting was convened and to:To notify all parties of the official complaint filed by Green Eagles. The matter will be dealt with by the relevant bodies,” Katongo said.

Despite Eagles’ complaint FAZ on Wednesday went ahead to conduct the Barclays Cup draws.

“FAZ has taken note of the various contributions surrounding the controversy and will address the matter as soon as possible,” Katongo stated.

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    • It is clear, Green Eagles (ZNS) are always considered low jobs or class when infact are better than most clubs.
      Lusaka Dynamos was selected because they are called “elite”, high spenders. one even wonders why Buildcon was not selected too.


  1. Recently Aggrey Chiyangi as coach for Green Eagles complained that somebody at FAZ is trying to frustrate the team because he doesn’t want them to play Continental Football next year. Kamanga hates all persons and clubs that support Kalusha Bwalya. Clubs on the Copperbelt refused to support his impeachment motion of Kalusha so he hates them with a passion. Aggrey is a long time member of Power Dynamos and may have been caught up in the web. Kazala of Rangers hasn’t served his despite ACC clearing him of theft allegations. One day Ndanga Kamanga akaponoka



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