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Husband commits suicide after causing an accident in which his wife and two children died

General News Husband commits suicide after causing an accident in which his wife and...

Zambia Police

A mother and two of her children have died on the spot in a road traffic Accident along Niko Namakaka road in Namwala district.

Namwala District Commissioner, Mary Sakala, identified the deceased as Orin Mukwempa Chikampa aged 22 years of Chikampa Village in Muchila Chiefdom in Namwala district in Southern Province and her two children namely Joseph Chikampa aged 16 6 years and Joe chikampa aged 1 year 8 months old.

ZANIS reports that the DC confirmed that the accident happened yesterday at around 17:00 hours after the vehicle a Toyota Hilux Registration number ACC 3402 that was being driven by the husband to the deceased Kesary Chikampa lost control and overturned.

Ms. Sakala stated that Mr. Chikampa aged 31 years later fled the scene and committed suicide after realizing that he had killed his wife and two children in the accident.

The DC has since appealed to motorist against over speeding and further urged the public against driving if not competent.

And Namwala District Medical Director, Daniel Kabamba confirmed receiving the four bodies at Namwala District Hospital which are laying at the Namwala District Hospital Mortuary awaiting postmortem.


    • Yes sir, in medical terms, its wrong to establish that it was the car accident that killed the victims. But its things like bleeding caused by the injury due to the accident, lack of breath due to suffocation etc. That is why there is need for a postmortem so that the cause of the deaths could officially be established and recorded. Tebatumpile iyo, there are rules and traditions to follow. What if the husband was just killed by the beatings from the wife’s family and they pretend that he hanged himself? These things have happened before. So a professional medical report supported by a post mortem comes in handy in such circumstances.

    • Very sad news.

      Driving is serious business.

      It only takes a moment to lose control.

      May their souls rest in piece.

    • @ 1.3 CHARLES MUSONDA …cant agree with you more, if you want to prove your point just come to Choma. Tonga men are the most shallowest, slow thinkers on the road. How they got their licences shocks me. things that happen on the roads in Choma can shock you. A car cuts in front of you and this Tonga guy maintains speed at 10km/h, starts talking on the phone, playing with his girlfriend in the car. In the morning during rush hour, these fellows dont understand that, they drive at 10KM/H causing traffic for no reason, Zebra crossings are points they want to show their pedestrian relatives what it is to be bantu yomwe as they give too much room to pedestrians forgetting they are on the road.

      if you want to see clueless drivers, come to choma you will be shocked with things that happen on…

  1. This is what happens when you have a useless party in power like the pf which has failed to ensure facilities and support services for people undergoing grief. Mental instability is a big thing although visionless governments will never understand this.

    • It’s clear? What you’re reading is what has been thought to have happened. A blow to the head may seem like it’s what killed someone but it could have been that the victim had hbp which caused his arteries to rapture just when he saw the punch approaching. Let the post mortem and forensic investigation determine

  2. So at 22 the woman had a child aged 16 years old while the husband was 31.
    Am not surprised, HH will agree to this and take me to the Concourt.

  3. Very sad indeed.
    The article is badly written as the write did not take care of the age difference when writing this article

    • wat weed have pipo smoked? or it is too hot and u begin to experience flash backs?? were have read that the boy was 16? and if he was 16 then wat? how abt if he was her step son? this is a sad development, and ur comments should therefore be condolences to the affected family!!!

  4. Ba LT please u are really embarrassing the whole Zambia 22 years old mother having a 16 years old child? How possible is that 6 years child to have a child?go thru b4 u publish the news bafikala

    • young man what is your UPND membership number?This is a routine check as we have alot of thugs claiming to be upnd members in order to tarnish our name

  5. Useless reporting, of useless DC. In Zambia you do not have to be overspeeding to have an accident. Your roads are kak and there are no signs alerting anyone to road conditions at all. Even speed limits are guess work. There is this useless attitude that everyone must “make a plan” when they are in unknown territory. Mwe mbushi mwe!

  6. @Wajimona: Now Zambians agree that we are unfortunate in this Country where politics are concerned. How does an accident bring in HH. Secondly when you read this article they wrote 16 years but cancelled or crossed it off and put 6. This is what I am reading my self. Now this PF Wajimona goes to pick a wrong thing and aligns to HH. You are not normal. Repent before it is too late for you for hating HH for no apparent reason.

  7. Comment:
    Only God knows, leave everything in his hands and control, let’s not blame each other for their death…

    • not for the man who ‘allegedly ‘ comitted suicide,his fate was already decided when he ‘allegedly’ took his own life.there is no forgiviness for that sorry to say.

  8. Comment:Too too bad the man really loved his family so much he couldn’t believe there are all gone in a flash. May God receive there souls in Jesus’ name~~AMEN

    • not for the man who ‘allegedly ‘ comitted suicide,his fate was already decided when he ‘allegedly’ took his own life.there is no forgiviness for that sorry to say.

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