Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ZAPD) in North-Western Province is happy that most people living with disabilities in the region have benefited from government empowerment programmes.

ZAPD Provincial Coordinator, Osco Moondoma told ZANIS in an interview today that government has made headways in improving the lives of people living with disabilities in the province through various initiatives which are yielding positive results.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Moondoma cited the Social Cash Transfer Scheme as one of the initiatives that is helping beneficiaries with severe disabilities sustain their lives.

He stated that empowerment funds from the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) which people living with disabilities have accessed over the years have enabled them to start up business ventures.

“On average, beneficiaries of these funds have put them to good use. For example, Holland Disabled Association got a loan in 2011 and constructed a shopping complex in Solwezi which is helping its members to earn a living,” said Mr. Moondoma.

Mr. Moondoma said the beneficiaries of the loans from CEEC are making progress in paying back the money to the organization.

He stated that other empowerment programmes which have benefited persons with disabilities in the province include funds disbursed to them through the national trust fund for persons with disabilities.

Mr. Moondoma said 80 people with disabilities in Solwezi and Mwinilunga districts have so far benefited from funds from the trust.

He encouraged people with disabilities to make efforts in accessing government empowerment programmes adding that, these opportunities are for everyone regardless of their physical abilities.

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