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Speeding fine refunds will only apply to Airport road in Lusaka-Siliya

Headlines Speeding fine refunds will only apply to Airport road in...

Chief Government Spokesperson, Dora Siliya has said that the waiver on the speed fines will only apply to motorists that were captured on Airport road in Lusaka because the road had no signage.

Ms Siliya said that RTSA is expected to refund the Motorists that were captured by the speed camera on Airport road.

Ms Siliya who is Information Minister told Journalists at a media briefing that Government is in full support of the roll out of the intelligent traffic management system.

The Minister says RTSA has indicated that they have also started putting signage on Airport road.

She however said that the roll out of the Intelligent Traffic Management System is part of the UN Decade of Action to reduce road fatalities by half by 2020.

Earlier in the week Government directed the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to waive traffic fines slapped on motorists captured on the speed cameras placed on roads without proper speed signage and refund those who already paid.

Minister of Transport and Communication, Brian Mushimba said in an interview that he had engaged RTSA following a public outcry on the traffic fines that had been slapped on speeding motorists captured on roads without proper signage.

Mr Mushimba said that it was unfair for the RTSA to charge motorists for speeding offences when the speed limits were not clear.

The minister revealed that he had instructed the RTSA to waive fines on motorists who were captured on roads without proper signage and refund those who had already cleared their fines.

“In as much as we fully support initiatives by RTSA to ensure road safety, it is just not fair that they should charge motorists even on roads where signage is not clear. For example, Airport Road has no proper signage, so how do you fine motorists on such a road?” he questioned.

Mr Mushimba reiterated that the government was concerned about the increase in traffic accidents but that the Road Safety Management System should be rolled out fairly.

And Commuters Rights Association of Zambia (CRAZ) president, Aaron Kamuti advised the RTSA to separate its function of saving lives from its endeavours to increase its revenue base. Mr Kamuti said that RTSA should differentiate its life saving programmes from its revenue collection mandate.

He expressed concern that the money RTSA had raised from the road safety law enforcement using road side cameras within a short period of time was too alarming.

Mr Kamuti pointed out that RTSA was supposed to bank about K13.5 million from the 45, 000 traffic violations recorded in the first three weeks of implementing the road side camera programme.

He reiterated that the road safety management system should not be aimed at milking motorists of their hard earned money but to reduce traffic accidents and save lives.

Mr Kamuti commended Mr Mushimba for listening to the cries of motorists by ensuring that questionable fines were done away with.


    • She has lost it here. I’m bemused.

      Staying at Pamodzi hotel for three nights.

      I like it here in zambia just a tiny bit.

      Yesterday had sugarcane.

      I’m taking over this Lusaka



    • Under5s as usual usaul will condemn even what is protecting their lives. Low life cretins just ignore these headless maroons.

    • @ PF little d!ck head #1.2

      Do you mean “cretins” and “headless morons”, hanging at the doors and windows of minibuses driven at excessive speed and on the wrong side of the road, going to receive theirs Endemically Corrupt Leader at KKIA?

    • Iwe na iwe theres no such thing as a speed limit on a dual carriageway. These things will be classified according to a number of factors: road’s surroundings, buildings pedestrians etc. A built up area even on a DC will have lower limits

    • Thats because alot of them caught on airport road are ministers and service chiefs rushing to escort the lazy thing to KKIA.

  1. Intelligent traffic system managed by dull and dumb blokes driving Zambia to the edge of bankruptcy.Let’s get a refund of police bribes too Dora.

  2. Well done RTSA for rolling out speed cameras. You can’t be negotiating with drink drivers or those like Mr kamuti representing careless road users. This scheme should now be extended to residential areas as a traffic management tool. We also need CCTVs and other facial recognition technolgy to clamp down criminals on Lusaka’s streets.

  3. Speed cameras are among the best developments that have ever happened in this country. We need sanity on our roads because innocent people are usually the main casualties of careless drivers. We actually need more of them and penalties for overspeeding should be high to deter wrongdoing.

  4. You will keep chasing your ka k300 till Christmas

    They will keep telling you they are waiting for funding.

    Boma ni Boma

    Just forget and observe speed limit next time

    • No wonder there is corruption, Boma ni Boma. Get off your backside, there would have been no independence with your Boma ni Boma mentality.

    • …or Overhead projector. You will soon see a variety of signs popping up depending on who gets a piece of the tender. Just look at the variety of humps we have in the country – some will even disfigure your rim if you are not careful. I also saw dips – such as in Kabulonga – that resemble those animal control dips in neighboring Botswana…

    • I feel you should get more exposure.. rather than just trying to hate or be cadre gain enough knowledge to support your beliefs

    • javatar – am exposed as they come as I have worked with professionals in the Traffic management sector…I can tell you for a fact that is not the universal symbol of a Speed-trap/camera.

  5. Is this camera system a life saving equipment or is the real purpose a revenue generating cash cow? Too many cities around the world have been found guilty of the latter in courts.

    • This money is supposed to invested in our police and police equipment like radios, Patrol cars, side hosters guns..we know that the money will be misappropriated like they are doing with those illegally mounted Toll gates.

  6. In Zambia they don’t even hide the fact that its a cash cow they will even publish figures…mind you they never even put up warning signage before….my advise to Zambian motorists is to purchase a small speed camera detector which is the size of a hands-free kit and is mounted on the dashboard and alerts you in advance when approaching a speed trap laser beam…they cost £9.99 and even cheaper in China.
    These are just thieves who will not even pump this money back but will share it among themselves through proxy companies and their foreign partners.
    Wake up from your docility!!

  7. I see that most bloggers do not even know that the K300 has been charged by the police for over speeding. That is what RATSA introduced a long time ago. I guess because most people never paid the K300 as they simply bribed the police with K50s the fee was not an issue. Now it is an issue because no one can bribe the cameras.

    • You are right …but do police want you to pay that amount? Its an issue now because the money is now going to bigger crooks like Soko and his paymasters and proxy companies in the PF…this govt has time and time again showed how reckless they are with resources…last time they borrowed money, no took money or misappropriated funds from Toll gates to fight cholera.

  8. Considering the number of conflicting statements that have been issued on the same subject within this short period of time, I ask the Zindaba Soko and the 2 Ministers to shut up and let Bowman handle the matter. He’s more effective and better than the combined trio

    • Zindaba Soko is ill-qualified for that job where has he worked before that has modern traffic management systems he is simply learning on the job like ZAMTEL boss Sydney …it would have been cheaper hiring an experienced expatriate on a 5 year contract instead all these costly corrupt 25 year deals signed by Soko and the crooks at State House.

  9. Speed limit should apply on all the roads throughout Zambia. Motorway maximum speed 110 km, Normal roads 90 km maximum, roads in Residential areas 40 km

  10. No need to refund the motorists. No need for RATSA to put warning signs for speed cameras. What is the purpose of warning signs? Motorists will reduce speed where there are warning signs and speed where there are no warning signs. #Lukanga, maximum speed in Zambia for our bad highways should be 100. I agree with 40 for residential.

  11. This is not even about the UN Decade of Action to reduce road fatalities by half by 2020….This is a fundraisng venture in readiness for the 2021 elections. Government is surely in support because they know that Lamise will give royalties to the powers that be.

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